A strange mental asylum Part 2(ShreNal SS)


A strange mental asylum Part 2

Reyaansh was walking on the corridor looking at the 4 walls.

Suddenly he heard a screaming sound.He was shocked.He followed the sound and reached near a room.

Reyaansh:Somebody is here.But who?

He saw an antique cupboard near by and searched for the key there.But he could not find anything.He shook the cupboard.A key fell down from the top of the cupboard.Reyaansh took the key with a smile.

He opened the door and went inside the room.The room looked very strange.It was completely dark.

Suddenly he heard a voice.He was shocked.


Reyaansh turned back in shock.He could’nt see her face in darkness.He took the torch from the pocket and switched it on.Then he looked at her face.He was shocked to see that middle aged woman.

She was Shubhavi.

Shubhavi:I am Shubhavi.Did anyone see you coming here?


Shubhavi:Good.Don’t tell anyone that you saw me here.I have been kept in captive here.Pretend as if you did’nt see me here.Otherwise you will be in danger.

Reyaansh was shocked.

Shubhavi:Did you meet Nitya?


Shubhavi:She was not like this before.After coming here,her condition is very bad.Tej turned her like this.

Reyaansh:How did Nitya land up here?

Shubhavi told him about Nitya murdering her family members.Reyaansh was shocked.

Shubhavi held his hand and requested him:Please save Nitya from here.It’s a request.

Reyaansh:I promise you that I will rescue her from here.

Shubhavi smiled emotionally.

Reyaansh walked back to his room after locking that room.

He remembered Tej talking about hypnotism and removing memories from his patients’ minds.

Reyaansh:So that’s what he did to Nitya.



Reyaansh went towards Nitya’s cell and looked at the guard.

Reyaansh:Open the door.


Reyaansh:I said..open.

The guard opened the door.Reyaansh went inside.Seeing him,Nitya raised her hands to push him.But Reyaansh held her hands stopping her from attacking him.

Reyaansh:I did not ask you anything.Then why are you attacking me?

She was silent.

Reyaansh:Trust me.I have no intention to hurt you.So don’t be angry with me.Consider me as your friend.

Nitya was silent.But her face was calm.She looked at him softly.




Nitya got dressed in a neat dress.Her hair was combed and tied properly.It was all done by Rani.

Reyaansh:Rani,thank you very much for dressing up Nitya.

Rani smiled:Thank you Doctor.I was a beautician.I was missing my work after coming here.Because of you,I could do that again.Thanks to you doctor.

Reyaansh:Why did you stop working?Why are you here?

Rani became sad.

Rani:All are saying that I am mental.That’s why I am here.

Reyaansh thought:Dr.Tej and Swetlana claim that they treat the patients as their family members.Then why the hell are they telling their patients that they are mad?

Dr.Tej came there.He was shocked to see Nitya there.

While Tej was looking at Nitya,Reyaansh said:Look at Nitya.Does’nt she look fresh now?Till now she was looking gloomy because of your wrong treatment.But now I am here.So she looks better now.

Tej was silent.He looked at Nitya emotionally and caressed her.Nitya did not react.

Rani whispered to Nitya:That doctor is really sweet.Right?

Nitya looked at Reyaansh sweetly.

Reyaansh smiled at her.Slowly Nitya smiled at him.



Tej was in his room.Swetlana sat close to him.

Swetlana:Tej,Dr.Reyaansh is trying to outsmart us.It’s dangerous.If he finds out about Nitya,we will be caught.

Tej:Dr.Reyaansh cannot find anything about Nitya as she herself does’nt remember anything about herself.I took 5 years to erase her memories.So whatever he tries,he won’t be able to bring her memories back.

Swetlana smirked.



Flash back…

Shubhavi visited the hospital with Nitya.

Shubhavi asked Tej:Doctor,do you remember Alekh Mittal?

Tej:Of course yes.He has helped me a lot financially to build my hospital.I owe to him.He helped me just because I was his school mate and the hospital was for a good purpose.I had told him that I am so grateful to him that he can approach me whenever he wants help from me.Where is Mr.Alekh?

Shubhavi said painfully:Recently he passed away.

Tej was shocked.

Tej:Oh..I am sorry.

Shubhavi:Nitya has mental illness since childhood after an accident.Though she survived the accident,her mental level changed.So she can’t live alone despite of being very rich.We have no one to look after her. I don’t know how long I will live.Alekhji told me that if anything happens to us,you can be trusted.So I request you to look after her like your own daughter.

Tej was shocked.

Shubhavi gave him a document.

Shubhavi:These are her property papers.All the wealth are in her name.

Tej:I promise you that I will look after Nitya like my own daughter.

Shubhavi smiled emotionally:Thank you Doctor.

Tej:Well…what is Nitya’s exact mental condition?

Shubhavi shed tears.

Shubhavi:She killed her own family members.

Tej was shocked.

Shubhavi:Please don’t refuse to take her responsibility because of her mental condition.It’s a request.

Tej:Don’t worry.I am a doctor who treats dangerous mental patients.So it’s not an issue for me.I will cure Nitya also.

Shubhavi smiled:Thank you so much.

Tej smiled.




Tej:I took Nitya’s responsibility only because she is rich.Now all her wealth is mine.



They laughed.



Nitya was staring at her palms.

Reyaansh went near her.

Reyaansh:Why are you looking at her palms like this?

Nitya:My palms are full of blood.I don’t know from where the blood is coming from.

Reyaansh looked at her palms.The hands had no blood stains on them.

Reyaansh:There is nothing on your hands.No blood at all.

Nitya said angrily:I told you that there is blood.

Reyaansh thought:Nitya won’t believe it if I say so as her eyes are cheating her.

Reyaansh held her hand and led her to the washroom.He washed her hands.

Reyaansh:See…I washed your hands.Now they are clean.

Nitya looked at her palms.Then she smiled at him.

Nitya:Yes,now there is no blood.

Reyaansh smiled.



After some time,another man entered Nitya’s room.

“Nitya”,he called her.She looked at him.

  1. Revu

    Thrilling episode I really liked your writing skills very much. Shubhavi and Reyansh scene was so much striking, Reyansh making Nithya comfortable as a friend was really nice. Rani was so nice to Nithya . Reyansh showing Tej that Nithya looking good was nice. Swethlana and Tej scene was killing, it reminded me Swethlana of Ishqbaaz. I don’t know whether I have liked a lady villain these much but whenever I sees Rehyna in shows her character would be interesting . Nithya telling her hands are having blood was really so much well written. It reminded me of Mac’Bath. Reyansh and Nithya bonding so nice , I am excited to see the new entry of last part.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

  2. Ishana_stories

    Shubhavi asking Rey to take care of nithya was so emotional. rey trying to bond with nithya was good, loving the bond forming between nithya nd rani. the reason why tej has kept nithya has been revealed now. nithya telling her hand have blood, and rey washing it was so good and well written! eager to read next part!

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

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