A strange mental asylum Part 1(ShreNal SS)

 A strange mental asylum Part 1(ShreNal version)

I dedicate this SS to my friend adhiammululu who wanted me to write a ShreNal version of this concept which is taken from a movie.Those who have watched the movie would have guessed the movie after reading this chapter.But kindly don’t disclose it.Because those who have not watched the movie won’t be able to enjoy this story if you disclose the details of the movie.I thank my dearest friend Sydell for this beautiful cover page.

A middle aged woman named Shubhavi entered her house.She was shocked to see her family members dead.She could see blood flowing.She saw a young girl holding the knife and looking at the blood stains on it.

Shubhavi cried hugging her.

“Nitya…what did you do?”

Nitya was expressionless.

Shubhavi snatched the knife from her and threw it away.

Nitya looked at the blood stains on her palms.



A mental asylum in a jungle.A girl looked above painfully as if she was missing someone.

She was none other than Nitya.A lady nurse named Supriya went near Nitya with food.

She:You did not have anything.Eat baby.

Nitya was silent.

She:Can I ask you something?Whom did you kill?

Nitya stared at her angrily and pushed her.That lady ran away in fear.



Hearing the calling bell ring,one couple opened the door.They were Dr.Tej and his wife Swetlana.

They could see a young man at the door.

He:I am Dr.Reyaansh Khurana from the psychiatric department of Medical college.

Reyaansh showed them his identity card too.

Reyaansh:I have been sent here by the government for inquiry.It’s been heard that this mental hospital is not normal and strange incidents are happening here…like many suicides are happening here and skeletons are found near by.

Tej:Mental patients stay here.They have a tendency to commit suicide.So how are we at fault?These are not in our hands.

Reyaansh:But it’s your responsibility to make sure that your patients are safe.That’s what a responsible doctor who runs such a hospital would do.

Tej-Swetlana were silent.

Reyaansh:There is a rumour that you give extreme shock treatment to your patients.

Tej:No doctor.I don’t do it.The patients over here are the ones who lost their mental balance because of their tragic past.So I erase past from their memory by hypnotherapy.

Reyaansh smirked.

Reyaansh:Sorry Dr.Tej.I can’t agree with your method.I am not convinced yet.

Tej became dull.

One girl came near Reyaansh and stared at him.She was holding a knife.

She:Go and escape.Otherwise you will be finished in 2 days.If you want you take this knife for self defense.

Reyaansh was shocked.


Supriya came and dragged her away.

Reyaansh:What was that girl saying?This place is not safe?I will be killed in 2 days?

Swetlana:Sorry doctor.She is a mental patient named Rani.She is very violent too.That’s why she was holding a knife in her hand.

Reyaansh:How can you all be so irresponsible and careless?Because of your carelessness,the patient is holding a knife which is very dangerous.She is not in her senses.Anything could have happened.Very bad.

Tej-Swetlana did not know what to say to defend themselves.

Reyaansh:Arrange a room for me immediately.I need to check this hospital as a whole.

Tej:Sure doctor.Swetlana…show him his room and take him for a round.


Swetlana went to arrange the room.

Reyaansh stared at Tej and said:Look…if I find anything suspicious,I will report it and that will be the end of this hospital.

Tej became nervous.


Swetlana gave a room to Reyaansh.After Reyaansh freshened up,she took him for a round.

Reyaansh met some mental patients there.

He saw a middle aged man making portraits.

Reyaansh smiled.

Reyaansh:Good that you guys are allowing your patients to do whatever they like.

Swetlana smiled:We always give freedom to our patients.We treat them like our family members.Hope you will understand it soon.

Reyaansh smiled:If it’s true then it’s good.

Swetlana:His name is Moloy.He makes many portraits.He has sixth sense.I mean he can predict future and he hints that through his paintings.

Reyaansh was shocked.

Reyaansh visited other patients too.

Reyaansh:Are you all really happy here?If you have any problem,you can share with me.

But none of them said anything bad about the treatment they get there.

Swetlana smirked and remembered how she tutored them to say good about the hospital.

Suddenly Reyaansh noticed a wound on the nurse’s face.

Reyaansh:Who did this to you?Tell me frankly.Did Dr.Tej and his wife do anything to you?

The nurse Supriya:No doctor.I was pushed by a patient named Nitya.

Reyaansh was stunned.



Reyaansh went to Tej’s room.

Reyaansh:Mrs.Swetlana hid one patient from me.Her name is Nitya.Why did you hide her from me?

I told you to show me all the patients.

Tej:I did’nt introduce you to Nitya as she is not considered as a patient.She is my daughter from my first marriage.

Reyaansh was shocked.

Reyaansh:Then why is she put in a cell?

Tej:Her condition is complicated.

Reyaansh:Show me.I want to see her.



Tej took him near Nitya’s cell.Reyaansh saw her through the window.

Reyaansh:Open the door.

Tej:It’s better not to go inside doctor.

Reyaansh:Do what I say.

Tej opened the door.Reyaansh went inside the room.


Nitya looked at Reyaansh.


Nitya looked at him angrily.

Nitya:Did you also come to ask me who I killed or how many people I killed?Then my reply is…

Nitya pushed him hard and Reyaansh fell down.

Tej smirked.

Tej:Now did you understand why I told you not to enter this room?

Slowly Reyaansh closed his eyes.He had fallen unconscious.



After some time when Reyaansh opened his eyes,he was on the bed.

He saw the nurse Supriya there.

Supriya:Nitya attacked you also.Right?She is highly dangerous.She killed 4 people…that also her own family members.

Reyaansh gave a shocked expression.

Reyaansh thought:Nitya’s condition may not be good.But I am sure about one thing.She is not Tej’s daughter.If she was his daughter she would not have been ignored and put in the cell as if she has to be isolated from everyone.But why is he lying that Nitya is his daughter?What is he hiding?

Reyaansh was walking on the corridor looking at the 4 walls.

Suddenly he heard a screaming sound.He was shocked.He followed the sound and reached near a room.

Reyaansh:Somebody is here.But who?

He saw an antique cupboard near by and searched for the key there.But he could not find anything.He shook the cupboard.A key fell down from the top of the cupboard.Reyaansh took the key with a smile.

He opened the door and went inside the room.The room looked very strange.It was completely dark.

Suddenly he heard a voice.He was shocked.

  1. Revu

    I got the movie which you have written this short story. But as you said I won’t disclose the name of the movie. That movie was very much thrilling and the lead actors did their best. You have recreated that experience very much well here. The first scene of Shrenu introduction was very shocking, I am surprised to see Swethlana married Tej and they were running the asylum. The way girl came with knife and telling Reyansh go and escape was stunning, Reyansh interrogation was good, Tej’s reactions were written so well, shocking that Nithya pushed Reyansh too. Supriya nurse was good, last part was thrilling. Hope Reyansh will find truth

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.Actually long ago I posted a ff on 22 FK on my friend’s request.But I made many changes.The malayali viewers discussed the upcoming story in the comment section with non malayali viewers n they were disappointed without knowing that I had changed the story of the movie in my ss.That’s why this time I requested the readers not to disclose the name of the movie n its story in the comment section.

      i have started a thriller on prarish too.plz check.

    2. Revu

      Prarish – which pair is that ?

    3. Jasminerahul

      Rishab and Pratha from Naagin6.Simba and Tejasswi.

    4. Revu

      I haven’t watched the serial doesn’t know about this season. But will read as it;s written by you.

  2. Ishana_stories

    I know which movie this is from and im really excited to red the shrenal version of it!!! I love how you wrote those incidents here and im looking forward for some of my favourite scenes to be shown here in shrenal version too!! shocked to see that tej married svetlana. Reyaansh interrogations and him asking the patients was good. I liked supriya character. Shocked to see nithya pushing reyaansh.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.But plz don’t expect much.Bcz though the story is same,I will be making slight changes in the shrenal scenes.So you may not get the same favourite scenes of yours.

    2. Ishana_stories

      As long as you are writing it, i know i wont be disappointed at all!

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