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‘I saw him lying down tiredly after working washing the dishes , he always indulges in things that makes me go crazy on my nerves,” Papa! how many times I told you that you shouldn’t do any work! Why aren’t you listening to me ???” . He pulled me near him and held my arm,” Princess my life is monotonous! Budds I need to enjoy please book a ticket to Paris! I wished to go there with janki but unfortunately ………. ” his throat dried up as he swallowed saliva to soothe his throat what about his heart ? ‘

I placed my palm in his hand assuring him,” Mama will be always be with us! She will be cursing us for us disturbing her! Let her enjoy and we’ll disturb her later! By the way when are we leaving to India ???”

“We ??? ” he sounded puzzled.

“Yea papa you told me we are going to see dadi and dada there and now what happened to you ???”

“Yeah I do remember but it’s you the one going to India and not me!”

“Why is that so????” Ragini freaked out .

“Dadi maa wants to see you and I don’t want to come there and get squeezed up in Janki ‘s memories! He turned and saw a lady ‘s photo hanging in the corner of their room adorned with the garland brightly .

“I wish mama was there with me when I was born so that I would have drenched in her love! But you never let me feel that way and that’s why you are my special one pops! I really love you!” She kissed his cheek and he hugged her protective .

“What would you do when she leaves you papa ?? Anyway one day she has to marry someone and leave this house and I am awaiting for that day!” Arjun entered the room and smacked her head ( Ragini ‘s brother played by karan jotwani )

“Hey! It’s my house! Let my husband be matrilocal! I am okay with it! What’s up pops ???”

“Yeah arjun! I ‘ll never leave my rags! Don’t build castles in the air!”

“No one is there to support me!” He whined and pouted like a kid.

Ragini went and hugged her brother ,” I ‘ll really miss you bhaiyuu! Take care of pops and if you need anything think about me , I ‘ll be here within a second!”

“Are you a fly??? That you will fly here at any time!”

“It’s a bad joke!” She sighed and began to cry ” I ‘ll miss you so much”

“Princess shouldn’t cry ” he smiled and pulled her into his embrace .

Her report card remarked ,NAUGHTY STUDENT! Arjun smiled through his tears!

First day sight caught My attention , my cute  little sister tied her little curls into a pony with a blue ribbon! She dressed in a cute blue frock frilled with lace in a rose design ,  with blue socks and blue shoes! When she was in class 1 ,
“Rags come here! She shuffled into small steps and stod in front of me smiling shining,” bhaiyuu! Am I looking cute???” She turned and blinked quickly . I broke into peals of laughter ,” you are cute my darls!” He kissed her forehead .

I held her hand and pops didn’t allow to leave her even for a minute ,” what will I do without her aju???” His eyes turned wet .

“Pops! You ‘ll get used to it! It’s just the first day!”

Shekar bent down and kneeled in front of rags,” see rags if you don’t like the class or the teacher call me quickly I ‘ll come and pick you up! If anyone troubles you then punch him or her on his or her face! “

“Pops! Chill! I ‘ll go now!” Little rags held aju’ s hand and started walking . She turned back and waved her hand when he started crying , tears fell down continuously.  Rags left arjun ‘s hand and ran to her father only to wipe his tears and kissed his cheek ,” Pops! I ‘ll come soon! Don’t pops never!”

I saw rags running out of her class! It hasn’t been seconds that I left her inside her class and now she is out! I neared the classroom when I found her class teacher yelling at her  . The time I neared her she tugged her delicate thin hand inside my elbow curve and stood beside me and complained , ” bhaiyuu I don’t like thus granny! I don’t want her to take class! See she looks old but she is wearing frock like me! This doesn’t suit you oldie!” She suddenly left my hand and ran away . I just mouthed a sorry to her ma’am and ran behind my bunny!

How am I going to be without her? She always grabs my chips and eat it! Pulls my ear and run away! She had saved me many times from my dad ‘s punishments! Our dance , funny moments! Watching films together till studying and playing etc etc etc.,’

I felt an arm encircling me from my back and I know that touch I can feel it because she is my life! But the irony is that I never confessed because I felt rags would feel bad about me of loving her friend! I tried to maintain distance but she doesn’t! Yes I know she likes me! I controlled myself and broke the hug ,” myu what are you doing ??? ” I straightened myself and eyed her bluntly!

“Errrrr arjun I know you are hell worried for rags! She isn’t a kid arjun! Just chillax buddy!” She blew her nails .

“Myu! Are you in your senses??? How would rags survive in a place where she isn’t used to earlier ??? Besides she doesn’t know anyone in India! It’s easy for someone to advice randomly but do you know how it feels ????” He lashed out at Myrah Iti_Myrah and turned to the other side . She stood in front of him , “I know arjun that’s really bad! But I am there for you naah! Then why are you worried ???”

He was taken aback by her statement ,” what ???? ” he sounded suprise .

“Not….nothing I never meant that! Okay I should leave know! See you then in the airport! Bye for now! ” she stuttered and ran off quickly avoiding embarrassment .

I dressed up in a Olive green shirt and a punch up floral skirt! Was munching up nachos and watching emotio-drama what my brother was up to! I really don’t know how come myu is coping up with my brother! Yuck! She has a bad taste! But what to do? He is my brother though! My mind wandered round and round about how is India gonna be? Like I have visited India when I was a little one by 5 or 6 years not Sure! My pops was going on advising like don’t drink outside water , drink RO water and don’t party too much till 11:00 as Indians don’t party much till night! But that’s  evening time for me! I used to drink a lot and wander somewhere until aju brings me home by 3:00 AM! I am feeling really nauseated with the feeling of getting away from dad , aju and mayu!

Myu (Iti_Myrah) is my sweetheart! The one whom I love the most! Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything. Same thing with her! She is those matured ones whom you can trust blindly! We used to share every thing in our lives and every possible gossips! Still she didn’t open up about her love confused relationship with aju! Everyone can see her love for aju! It flows as it’s evident! But she still fools around him!

Myu came up to me as I pulled for a tight hug! I don’t wanna leave her! Best friends for 7 years! ” Ragini don’t skip your breakfast! Get up early , exercise for an hour! Don’t mess up  your cupboards! Wash clothes and utensils properly! Keep up your timing! Establish your empire and then only I can come to you! But you know what I really miss you baby bear!” She broke the hug and a lone tear escaped our eyes! I wiped them off and we both closed our eyes to leave off our tears that flowed like anything!

“Enough of your girly things myu! That doesn’t suit you! Behave like a guy as you do it!”

“Youuuuuuuuu!” She chased aju and started laughing.

I came out of the rest room wrapped up in a towel . My mom came rushing to me and panted ,” sanskar it’s late for your flight ? Please beta get ready or else dad ‘ll blast out! “

“Why would I??? My beta worked all night and completed my work for next 6 days! He is my ladoo! “

ladoo! The name bought him many memories clouding up his mind! The girl dressed in cotton small fitting dress with fancy ribbons and shoes and socks matching her dress colour with a kerchief pinned to her left side! Why am I thinking about that chipkali! Urhhhhh!’ He stamp his foot in floor hard while his mother gave a suspicious look  .





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