A short poem on Orphan

Hum sabhi ke upar maa baap ka saya hota hai isliye hamein koi pareshani nahin Hoti parr  unka kya Jo anath hote Hain jinke upar Maa baap ka saya nahin Jo log man baap ke pyar ke liye taraste Hain. Aaj main ek chhoti si poem likhi hui hai ek orphan ke upar. Let’s see  aapko pasand aati hai ya nahin.

I wish she could stay with me,
I wish when i am afraid of fear she could console me saying you should have no fear till I am here,
i wish she could feed me with her hands,
i wish she could sing lullably for me,
i wish she could help me to chose outfits for me,
i wish she could scold me with love,
i wish she could make me sleep in her laps,
i wish I could enjoy with her,
i wish i could take selfies with her (as a part of memory),
i wish i could stay longer with her,
i wish i could call her my mother.

i wish he could call me as his little princess,
i wish I could play hide and seek with him on sundays ,
i wish he could teach me sports,
i wish i could spend a lot of time with him,
i wish I could make him happy and stress- free when he returns from the office,
i wish i could him as my ideal and my superman,
i wish he could narrate me a story when I am going to bed ,
i wish he could clear my maths doubts,
i wish he could save me from my mother’s  scoldings,
i wish he could play indoor and outdoor games with me,

I wish I wasn’t born as an orphan…

  1. Charms22

    Beautifully written👏🏼👍🏼

    1. Anaishaa

      Thanks charms22

    2. Charms22

      You are welcome😀

  2. Hey , cherry is it u ?

    1. Anaishaa

      Yes anushka its me your cherry .

  3. Anushkasingh2527

    Hey ,cheery is it u ?

    1. Anaishaa

      I am sorry for replying you late sis but no worry my exams are over we can talk as much as we want.,.

    2. Anushkasingh2527

      No its okay ,that s great that ur exams are over.

  4. Amazing poem! Feelings described well..🤗🤗

    1. Anaishaa

      Because it is my Passion. and thnq for such a nice reply…

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