A Shivika OS

Does it really matters this much to him?
Is it so much important to him that he keeps it above our relationship?
Does he value those things so much that he doesn’t care about what’s between us?
Why is he doing all this?
What does he want?

Sitting before the dressing table while putting sindoor(vermilion) on her forehead her mind was continuously asking her these questions.

Why? Why is surname, lineage, bloodline so important to him? And most of all why is he doing all this besides her back?

She questioned herself, “did I make a wrong choice? Did I fall in love with the wrong person? Someone for whom lineage and bloodline is everything. I wouldn’t have even come to know that he was trying to dig out my past if it were not for Pinky Aunt.”

Pinky passes by the door of Annika’s room pretending to talk on phone. Pinky in a loud voice, so that Annika could hear says, “Ohh my Maata, my heera beta purchased the orphanage to know about her, first he mistook her to be grand daughter of Tarun Viren Bajaj the industrialist but when he enquired him about the same he was told that he picked Annika from so near a temple she is not related to him. Today also he went early this morning he is devoting too much time to dig into that girl’s past. I don’t know where she came from.” After seeing the reaction on Annika’s face Pinky went away.”

Flashback ends.

She looks at his room, on the bed, the place where she while sitting on his lap narrated him her painful story. “Does my pain not affect him. Is he also like others. Like those people who would judge me based upon my birth. How are you different from others Shivaay. Today I shall confront you for this. I want answers Shivaay. You asked me for time so that you could change yourself and I gave you but this, I didn’t know you were utilizing this time to dig out my last so that you could also throw me away like others or walk out of my life whenever you like. This is too much Shivaay. you will have to answer me today.”

She moved towards her side of bed and sat resting her head on the bedrest closing her eyes trying to gather all her questions together. There is a knock on the door, she knows its not Shivaay so she opens her eyes to find a maid who asks her to go join the family on the donning table. Annika refuses to go saying she has no appetite. Maid goes down.

Shivaay enters OM, joins all on the dinner table, he finds Annika missing and is about to ask for the same when Tej interrupts him discussing some business issue. They have a long discussion the discussion goes on along with dinner and both(dinner cum discussion) end together. Then he asks if Annika left early from the dinner table. He is informed that she didn’t join the family in the dinner saying she was not hungry at all. Shivaay thinks what could be her problem she normally avoids food only when she is upset over something. He quickly moves towards his room along with a tray of food in his hands.

He enters a and finds her sitting on her side of bed resting her head on the bed rest. He calls out her name but she doesn’t responds. He keeps the food tray aside wondering how can someone sleep like this. First he thinks to make her lie down properly on the bed then he thinks he should wake her up and make her eat her dinner else so that her health is not affected. He calls out her name again but no response. This time he yells, “Annikaaaa”. She wakes up with a jerk saying, “what, where, when, did something catch fore.” Then she looks at him waving at her. He says, “you forgot to eat your dinner.” She looks at him then recalls the day’s incidence, Pinky’s words and she narrows her eyes and says, “no I didn’t forget to instead I didn’t want to have dinner.”

He too narrows his eyes and says, “that’s what I want to know. Why? Why did you not eat dinner? You don’t wanna get ill, do you?” She looks at him and says, “why Shivaay? Why are you doing all this?” He says, “because you are my wife, now sit and eat, else I will have to feed you.” Annika says, “I am not hungry and I will not eat anything until….” She couldn’t complete her sentence and Shivaay stuffs her mouth with food thus making ‘until’ not clearly audible. She tries to a question him again but the same happens, her mouth is stuffed with food before she could say something. The same process repeats four to five times and then she looks at him, looks at the care her husband takes of her, looks at the love he pours on her and questions herself in her mind. “Annika what were you thinking, he cares for you so much he is not the type of a person who may leave you whenever he wants to. But why is he trying to dig out my past.”

Her trail of thoughts is disturbed by his voice, she hears him say, “Annika open your mouth” She looks at him and follows. Shivaay feeds her dinner and she keeps staring him without blinking her eyes. Shivaay notices this. Shivaay in his mind says, “Annika I shall never let you face any hardships again, yes name, lineage and bloodline is important for me that’s why I am trying to dig out your past. I am sorry for that but its for both your and mine better future. Once I find out you lineage I shall disclose everything to you. But please trust me till then.”

Shivaay’s trail of thoughts is disturbed by Annika who says, “its over” Shivaay is shocked and says, “What????” with multiple expressions on his face and shock above all. She says, “the food, its over, you are feeding me with an empty spoon now ” Shivaay looks down and then looks at her and says, “yeah, yeah I knew it was over. You drink water. I shall change and come.” Saying so he takes out his night suit and goes to change.

Annika on the other hand is in dilemma whether to confront him or not. With these thoughts she goes and lies down on the bed again, She feels Shivaay coming so she pretends to sleep. Shivaay sees her, he has seen her sleeping so many times that he could easily predict if she was sleeping or it was a presence. She was wondering that why is she pretending to sleep. He lies down on the bed besides her and stares her. She was sleeping with her back on his side. As soon as she realized that he has lied down, she opened her eyes, looked at the clock waited for ten minutes, then assuming that he must have slept she gets up, puts her legs down the bed and is about to stand up when she feels a grip on her right wrist.

Shivaay was awake all this time and was staring her and when she got up he understood that something is wrong and when she was about to get up he held her by the wrist and pulled her towards himself, thus making her fall over him. He was lying down on the bed and now she was on top of him, he asked her, “what s wrong Annika. Where were you going” twisting her arm behind her. Annika says, “I was going to the bathroom.” Shivaay twisting her other hand behind too says, “you are lying, you were pretending to sleep so that when I fall asleep you can go out of the room. I know you very well Annika.”

Annika says, “if you know me very well then why are you doing this Shivaay. Why on earth did you purchase that orphanage from where Sahil’s dad adopted me. Why did you meet Mr T.V. Bajaj? Answer me Shivaay why are you doing all this? Can’t you accept me for who I am? Is family, lineage so important to you that you cannot keep it aside for our relation. Answer me Shivaay.” Shivaay looked at her, her face showed pain, her eyes showed unshed tears. She looked at Shivaay for an explanation but he didn’t say something instead he kept mum. He could not choose between Naam Khoon Khandaan and his Annika. Though he was wondering how did she come to know this as he was hiding the fact from her, he knew already that she would be hurt when she finds it out and that was the reason why he wanted to disclose this to her himself in his own way but now that the truth was out and she was altogether taking a different meaning out of it, it was his duty to make himself clear to her. But before he could say something he felt her free her hands from his clutches. He calls out his name but she doesn’t listen she moves out of the bed shedding tears, goes towards the door that’s when before she could leave, Shivaay pulls her inside and shuts the door.

She asks him to let her go if he considers those things so much important that he cannot accept her. Shivaay pushes her towards the wall and locks he keeping both his hands on each side of hers and standing infront. He says, “listen, you just make assumptions out if everything. You know that name, lineage and bloodline is important for me but you are also equally important to me. I asked you for sometime so that I could change myself. I can’t change myself in a night. Please let it be. Please ignore all this for sometime. I promise that I will make everything fine. Pinky promise.” Saying so, he moves up his Pinky finger, she too does the same. They do a pinky promise and Shivaay asks her to sleep on the bed now. She agrees. Both walk to the bed, lie down. She closes her eyes and he stares her until sleep takes over him.

The end

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