A Secret of Sanchi (New Mode) Introduction

Hi, I am prema Mohan I already update a post with a title a secret of sanchi

Sorry guys I have took too much time for my update I lost my previous account so now iam created a new one now I get some time I decided to continue the track here the small recape of my previous track

( sanchi pragya and isha as besties joined in sdch in the beginning a mysterious man travelled in middle he get revealed as our kabir that was done by a incident Done by ria then ria admitted in a mental hospital for a treatment in ooty and also I have introduced new batch students because now our gang all are becamed as docs )

Here the small characterisation

Dr. Sanchi.   : a very good Doctor and Dr. Kabir’s wife

Dr. Kabir.     : a strict and carrying doc and a very good husband

Dr veer.        : a jovial and very good doc pranks totally gayape but comedy and hazy mazak only deeen son

Dr. Malhotra.:  Deen of sdch a very good person

Dr Pragya.     : a cute doc bestie of sanchi in a relationship with veer

Dr.  Isha.         : she also bestie of sanchi a very good doc in a relationship with sidh

Mr. Sidh.        : a business man  and isha’s mangethar

Kusum            : Dr. Kabir’s mom

And 3 boys and girls I have introduced already in my last track

Pls guys I want your help plz comment can I continue this track or not

If you want a clear story track you can read my previous track also so plz plz plz. Comment

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    Pls continue this track. Seems to be so interesting.

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