A Royal Love Story (Riansh) (IMMJ 2) Chapter 34


Riddhima’s pov ….


Time , time is not just a word … Our while life depends on time ..


See now I’m here standing in front of my family who are laughing and giggling .. I am glad to be a part of this …


But my trance got broke when ..

” Sweetheart , I can’t handle it more … He is crying a lot .. I’m sure he will kill me by his tantrum .. ” while I chuckled softly at his expressions ..



( Their outfits )


You know about whom is his talking ?? …


” Aaaaahhhhhhnnnn .. ” Omg .. he cries a lot … I immediately took him from Vansh ..


” Aassshh !! Now plz keep this devil with you .. ” Hhh ?? He called my baby devil …


” Vansh you called my sweet baby a devil , Hhh ??? .. don’t dare to say again .. ” I literally shouted at him and pouted at last , while he closed his ears with his hands ..


While here my one month small baby giggles ..



” Aww , my baby having fun , when your dada in being scolded .. Haan !! ..” I asked in childish voice , while rubbing his little tummy …


And here Vansh rolled his eyes ..

” Wish I could have a daughter instead of this devil .. ” he mummured rubbing his back neck .. but I already heard him ..


” Ha ha ha .. bad luck Vansh , because I got my little boy , plus he is so handsome .. ” while Vansh pulled me close to him …


” Van.. Vansh .. ” I stumbled ..


” Sweetheart , after all he’s my son .. ” kissing my neck .. and on this contact I moan .. It’s being more than one year to our marriage , but still his very touch give a shiver to me ..


Vansh ( winks ) : ” Already moaning , atleast wait till be reach our room .. ” I smacked his arms ..


” Vansh we are at temple .. ” , ” O I completely forgot .. ” Vansh said moving a little away from me …


And before he could say something more , mum called us ..


Uma : ” Arre , what are you there , come pandit ji is calling both of you .. ” she asked getting close to us …


” Aa , Riddhima give my little hero to me and you both go and started the naamkaran ceremony of his .. ” continued mum futher , while I slowly kept the baby in her arms ..


My this little baby is now the heartbeat of our family .. mum supported me a lot during my pregnancy .. , not even mum but dad , Kabir , Sia , Angre and .. and Ragini didu and seju .. How ?? .. As they got married to Kabir and Angre … Surprising , isn’t it ?? …


Even During those periods I yelled , cried for no reason , carved and what not .. but Vansh ( she smiles ) he never took it for granted because those time , I was his first and last priority …


That time kabir and Angre both took the authority of.. most of the work ..


I am so blessed to be a part of this lovely family ..


Soon we reach to the pandit ji..


Vansh : ” Pandit ji .. so ?? .. All fine your wife and .. ” I hit him slightly on his shoulder ..


While pandit ji was cube less ..

” Actually , so can we start the process … ” While he nods and slowly sat down taking the place near the Havan Kund .. Thank god he didn’t understood , this Vansh has started behaving like a jerk … ” All your effects .. ” mocked my mind ..


Soon the worship was started I and Vansh was doing all the rituals told by him , while all the family members were sitting back .. and mum is not present here as my little baby can’t afford this flak and the smoke ..


Authors pov…


Pandit ji : ” Now , the baby’s father has to feed the baby with ghee and dahi .. by the golden spoon of your ancestors .. ” and as it was said Uma comes with the baby , placing it in Vansh arms , she took a place beside Ajay ..


While Vansh feed his little baby ghee , then dahi with golden spoon .. the baby makes a weird face when he tastes the ghee … On which Riddhima chuckles , after all he is her son and like mother like son , he didn’t even like ghee same as Riddhima ..


Later pandit ji keeps a dish which is filled with rice grains .. infront of Vansh ..

Pandit ji : ” Now the baby’s father have to writes his name on the plate , and later baby’s bua have to whisper the name in his ear four time … Then the name can be announced .. ” at last completed ..


While Vansh follows the same , and then Sia whispers the name in the baby ears four time and baby smiles all the while , when she did so …


And now Riddhima announce the name kissing her sons forehead ..


Riddhima ( teary ) : ” Aarav , Aarav Rai Singhania .. ”


Actually this name was decided by his wife and Vansh can’t reject his sweetheart’s wish ..


Later distributing the sweet and necessary things to the needy .. they leaves for their home , Rai Singhania Mansion … While Thakur family to their mansion…





In Ajay and Uma’s room


Uma : ” Ajay you remember , the day when Riddhima was punished by Suman Behan .. ” asked dreaming ..


Ajay : ” Which day ?? .. ” flipping the pages of the file ..


Angry Uma snatches the file and say , ” Are you listening me , the day when Riddhima was punished by Suman Behan .. and when I reached the door of the Vansh , I told you that Vansh was flirting with her … From the every day I have decided that riddhima will be our daughter in law .. but that Vijay , thank god that the marriage got called off .. ”


While the Ajay just hummed because from the last year , the day riansh got married , he used to listen the same story ..


Ajay ( yawning ) : ” I’m sleepy Uma … Good Night .. ” , ” Good Night .. ” answered Uma …




In riansh bedroom ..


Aarav was in his curdle sleeping peacefully , while Riddhima was lost in her thoughts ..


That was the time when Vansh came out of the bathroom in just towel around his lower abdomen ..


Taking a quick steps he sat beside her … Breaking out of her thoughts …


Vansh : ” So what where were you lost ?? .. ” asked pulling her while nuzzling in her neck ..


Riddhima ( smiles ) : ” Vansh , what is this ?? .. ”


Vansh( puppy face ) : ” What can’t I flirt with my wife .. ” Riddhima chuckles at his expressions …


Riddhima : ” I’m not in the mood … ”


Vansh : ” Like always , Hhh ?? .. ” turning his face to another side , he folds his hands over his chest .. and faking anger ..


Riddhima smiles at his big boy .. without whom she can’t live .. capturing a naughty thought , she strip herself .. and then pats his shoulder , while he shuffles ..


She again pats his shoulder and when he didn’t respond , she hold his jaw and forcefully Make him face to her ..


The moment he saw her , he was freeze he can’t take his eyes off ..


Looking at his shameless eyes , Riddhima blushes … While Vansh Smirks ….


And then ………..


He fussed his lips on her ……..



Hiiii !!! Guys ….
Hope you like my this nonsense story …

It was great time with you all and now this story took it’s end …

But here I found many friends ..

Don’t worry I will back with a new ff soon ..

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