A Royal Love Story (Riansh) (IMMJ 2) Chapter 3

Chapter 3

R’s pov

I still remember that day when Ansh gave me this rings from that till now I always wear it … See my obsession towards it I never let anyone touch it … Till now , not even didu and sejal has the right to take it in their hand …..

I am fool na it’s not my…. still I feel like it my .. it belongs to me …

Remembering the time back when he gave me this ring and … I .. I gave him the key of my bracelet…….




” I will always wear this ring … But this is the key of my bracelet …. Promise you will keep it till , we meet each other again … ”

Taking the key he smiled and I reprociate it ….. ” I promise I will never let it lost … ”

And then he left the room and sat in the car he was unaware that I was watching him from the window….

I was there till the car went out of my sight ….

And from that day the Rai Singhania palace was closed and from then badima and maa not allowed me and didu to visit there …..

Ha … Ha … Ha … I know I am laughing because .. although badima and maa not allowed me to visit Rai Singhania palace I used climb the walls to get in Ansh room ….

I know it’s weird but I know climbing wall I had taught to climb trees , wall …. And I know swordmanship too…

But will he still have my key ??? ….

Why would he keep ?????

No , he should have or else I will never trust anyone bappa …. Plz bappa …

I trusted him … And he would have….




“Riddhi … khayalon ki duniya se wapas aa … ” And again my thoughts were broken by sejal I don’t why always … She disturb me ……

[ ” Riddhi … come back from the world of thoughts … ” And again my thoughts were broken by sejal I don’t why always … She disturb me …… ]

” Riddhi …. meri baat sun warna main tujhe chhodungi nahi … ” And started throwing pillow in my direction … ” Seju you ” and started I running behind her …

[ ” Riddhi …. Listen to me or else I will not leave you … “And started throwing pillow in my direction … ” Seju you ” and started I running behind her … ]

Few minutes later ….

” Bas kar Riddhi , I am tried … bas yarr … ” ( panting )sejal spoke and sat on the sofa ..

[” Plz enough .. Riddhi, I am tried … Enough yarr ” ( panting )sejal spoke and sat on the sofa .. ]

I also sat beside her and asked why was she calling me ….

And suddenly she jerk and spoke that word which gave me a mini heart attack …

” Are Riddhi teri badima ne …. tujhe phone kiya tha , … yahi batane mein tere pas aayi par , tu toh apne khayalon mein thi …. aur phone cut gaya …. ” And I gulped my saliva ….

[ “Hey Riddhi your Badima …. had called you , … I came to tell you , but you were in your dream land …. and the phone got disconnected ….” And I gulped my saliva …. ]

But my devil friend has a smirk on her face …. This girl I’m going to kill her … but , first badima will kill me … I have to call otherwise tomorrow will be my funeral …

My phone and dialed badima’s number I don’t know but my heart is beating but not in a normal way …

Oo no badima , picked the phone ..

” Khamma Ghani badima , ” ( namaste badima ) I said , with all strength …

” Ghani khamma …. Why don’t you pick the phone …. Hmm ” badima uttered ….

Now I don’t know what to say …. Idea !!!!

” Wo badima , kal hum Raat ko late Tak padhaai Kar rahi thi isiliye hum abhi so gai the …. It won’t repeat next time … ” I spoke to convince her ….

[ ” Actually badima , yesterday I had studied till late at night. That’s why I had nap …. ” ]

And she convinced …. Great ruhi … I patted my back … Because no one things I am grown up … hhhggg …. Especially didu ..

” Ok , I will call you later … ”

” Ji badima ”

Thank god I handled the situation but this sejal needs punishment ….

Eating popcorn … Wait seju …..

” Seju you !!! I am not gone a leave you should have told me na … ” I grabbed the pillow and started beating her …..

” Sorry … Sorry maf karde …. meri maa plz ” Sejal , while hidding behind sofa …..

[ ” Sorry .. sorry I am really sorry .. ” Sejal said , while hidding behind sofa ….. ]


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