A rikara story – laal ishq (PART-5)

Laal ishq:

It has been one month since rikara fell in love and started to date and when gauri finally realised happiness and love does exist however what rikara didn’t know was that a secret relationship could go so far.

And no, not marriage.

Something else.

Friday 16th March:

Gauri was waiting for Om in his studio, he came smiling but his smile disappeared seeing a plaster on gauri’s forehead.

Om: gauri, what happened to your forehead?

Gauri: nothing. I by accident bumped into a wall.

Om: gauri I am not stupid. Ajay did this?

Gauri nods.

Om: gauri, why do you let him do this to you? Why are you still staying with a man who treats you like trash?

Gauri: I don’t know.

Tears came rolling down. Om wiped them and kissed both of her eyes.

Om: rono maat. Now smile.

Gauri lightly smiles.

Om: good girl.

He kissed her forehead.

Om: Accha ek Kam karo, let’s go out somewhere today.

Gauri: ok.

She turned but just then she slipped. Om grabbed onto her waist to stop her from falling but it was too lae. They both landed on the floor and because gauri’s hand knocked down a can of red paint, red was all over the floor but they didn’t care. Some red was on gauri’s face and some on her hand. With a mischievous gleam in her eyes, she smeared some red paint on Om’s Face laughing.

Om: haha very funny.

He got some red from the floor and caressed her cheeks with it. Then he smeared some on her upper Lip laughing .

Om: now you have a red mooch.

Gauri: what?

Om: one minute.

He slowly managed to get some of it off and then said: red mooch doesn’t suit you.

Gauri giggles. Om grabbed her hand and made her smear some red on her face

Oh saathiya female and Male version in background:

He slowly caressed her chubby cheeks with red paint as he pinned her against the wall and as her hair flew in the heavy breeze.

Om: what happened gauri? Why are you shy?

Gauri: you are so shameless.

She stood up and tries to run but he stood up and grabbed her arm tight and twirled her around bringing her to him. He bit her earlobe as he kept his hand around her waist smearing paint there. Gauri slowly got red paint on her hands and kept it on his stubble cheek.

Om: now meri Chiraya has become bold.

Gauri smiles and giggles lightly.

She slowly put more red paint on his cheek and Om caressed her entire waist with red paint. Then he left trails of kisses on her neck as she grabbed his hair in a handful getting paint on it. Slowly both knelt down.

Red paint was all over the floor and as Om marked gauri’s neck, her leg, by accident, kicked the other cans of paint but they didn’t care. They were more happy with their love making or laal ishq ????❀️

Gauri: stay within your limits Mr omkara Singh oberoi else this Chiraya will become more wild.

Om was shocked hearing such words from his sweet innocent gauri. Slowly she kissed his cheek and this made Om leave small red paint marks trailing from her face to her neck as their hairs flew in the heavy wind.

He was about to grab this opportunity and took her lips into his.

An hour passed but it felt like forever no one will know what started laal ishq but all they knew that it was going too far.

He slowly entered her and the scene went black.


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