A RiAnsh os ( bakwaas os ) ( my imagined scene)

It’s starts from makar sankranti track,
Riddima is packing her stuff , her everything , which is just related to her , only riddima , not RIDDIMA VANSH RAISINGHANIA !! , After packing , she locked up the suit case , she descended the stairs , while makeoup queen ishani , shona ke pyaari ladli chachi , old is gold  thoda sa bold dadi , boss ki chamche of course angre , dreaming king ( always dreaming of becoming the king of raisinghania empire ) aryan , atlast , egoistic theory king ( always not knowing complete story , listening half story and making the other half in his own theory ) vansh are watching her leave , ( the confrontation scene of riddu , like I am leaving this house , won’t you say anything ?? , Wanna know full ? , Just watch ep 166 )
She was about to leave , but stopped and she stared the makar sakranti fire , which is burning , she instantly went there ,
” People & puranas (history) say that in this makar sankranti fire , we should burn the things , which are not needed and are useless in our life , there are a few still left to burn , even after you burned the things of mine MR.Raisinghania ”
She said and opened her suitcase , and took out a few things , first vansh’s gifted VR ring , next the golden rose & gun (gifted on wedding night ) his gifted orange frock (on the day when ridz first time got shot by gun to save vansh) , his gifted dancing doll , next his mom’s anklets , next love symbol pillow , next his gifted diamond bangles (maybe on karva chauth ) ,  next   vansh’s gifted yellow saree ( maybe at the glass house ) , she thrown them fire , and then she looked on something , ” maybe this is also not needed , and why the hell it’s needed , when my husband claimed some random girl as his wife , she said and then took of it and thrown her ” NUPTIAL CHAIN (MANGALSUTRA ) , in the fire , while all left horrified by her move , and she left from there , ” Aayi riddima jaisi hi , chal rha bhi riddima jaise hi , par uss waqt ek motive ki saath aaya tha , aaj bezzati , dard , ghaon , ki saath chal rha hoon ”
The end , wanted this scene in serial too , but as all know , there nothing happens what we want , so what we write fanfics and os on them ,
important note :-
If you are a true rianshian , then list out all the things , which vansh gifted to riddu , and do tell me , did I miss anything in listing

  1. DDD

    Awesome dear ❤️ I think the red churies when she gets Vansh case file and Vansh have arguments with Riddhima.

  2. AarushiSoni

    Oh amazing ❤️

  3. Amazing

  4. Dancing girl in heart box and amazing

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  7. Japjot Kaur

    Beautiful dear

  8. Palak14

    Amazing 😍

  9. Prabhleen 😊

    Awesome OS ✨

  10. Vansh also made her wear red Bangles on navratri and gave his mother’s lehenga to her for dandiya session which later he gave it to that chipkali ahana

  11. Sumisha

    Awesome dear

  12. Awesome

  13. Parita

    Amazing one…not bakwas!
    This scene would have been great to watch❤

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