SCENE 1: Riddhima asks varsha a favor after Vansh leaves from the hospital…

Riddhima: Varsha, i know, about your patient, doctor confidentiality and all, but can you please show me who the patient is?

Varsha: Riddhima, but your husband has strictly told not to allow anyone, and if i show you it would put my job in jeopardy!

Riddhima: Ok fine, don’t show me directly, but you can show me a photo right? Just click a picture and show me!

Varsha: So you are spying on your husband huh? Don’t worry, its not a girl who is admitted, its a boy..

Riddhima: Varsha!! Please, you will not understand the situation i am in, so please..

Varsha: Why are you pleading so much? Don’t worry give me 10 minutes i will be back with photo, and until then you can go and meet your asha auntie, she is awake it seems..

Riddhima: Oh, i forgot about that! *she goes to meet asha* 

Kabir: Ma, how did this all…

Riddhima: Kabir, don’t ask her these questions now, she is not well…

Asha: who..who is she?

Kabir: Ma, she is riddhima, remember i told you about her??

Asha: Ri..rid..riddhima..

Riddhima: *holds her hand* Yes auntie, i am riddhima..

Varsha: Sorry, to disturb you but may i talk to Mrs.Riddhima?

Kabir: Why doctor? Is my mom going to be fine?

Riddhima: Kabir, relax, it’s not about your mother, i asked the doctor about a consult for Vansh’s grandma, so don’t worry..

She comes out..

Riddhima: Photo?

Varsha: Ok, relax, *she shows the photo* So? Do you know him?

Riddhima: rishabh???

Varsha: Rishabh? Wait! Isn’t he the guy you told me 2 years back, he tried to propose to you, but later backed off?

Riddhima: yes, he is the one! So, that means he meant to say Vansh only that day on the phone…


After 4 months of abhi’s death…riddhima was still depressed..

Rishabh : *calls riddhima and his voice seems to be breathless as if he was running* Riddhima!!

Riddhima: Rishabh? What happened? Why are you talking like this? Are you alright?

Rishabh: abh….abhi..*their seems to be disconnectivity in the signals*  Va…ra..

Riddhima: Rishabh, you are not audible! Are you alright? where are you?

Rishabh: I..i..am..in.. AHHH!!

Riddhima: Rishabh?? Rishabh are you there? can you hear me?

Someone else from rishabh’s phone: Hello?

Riddhima: hello? Who is this? This is my friends phone! He was talking to me, please give the phone to him…

A guy: Mam, your friend was in a accident, we are taking him to Continental hospitals, please come fast..

Riddhima: Wait, wait, actually i am not in the city, can you tell me which branch?

A guy: Main branch..*cuts the call* 

Riddhima: Oh god, what happened so suddenly? Who can i call to take care of him until i come there…*thinks* Nithya!

Riddhima informs nithya and books tickets for flight to banglore…

SCENE 2: Riddhima reaches the hospital…

Riddhima: *in the reception* Can you tell me which room no. can i find Mr.Rishabh? He came in yesterday for a accident case? 

A lady: He was just discharged even after clearly warning about his condition, and recommending not to take him…

Riddhima: What??

she goes out and finds nithya…

Riddhima: Are you crazy? Why did you take rishabh away, when they said it’s not needed?

Nithya: It was not me! It was someone else!

Riddhima: What do you mean by someone else? How can someone come and take him away? What the hell is going on? Will someone explain it to me? *turns towards the receptionist* And you! How dare you? Will you send a patient, just like that with some random stranger?

Receptionist: Sorry mam, but we saw the photo of the same person in his phone, while trying to call you, and the person told that he was his friend, and wanted to shift somewhere better…

Riddhima: What?? Which photo?

Receptionist: Mam, the phone also he took away…

Just then Riddhima’s phone rings…

Receptionist: That guy! The guy in your wallpaper, he was the one, but he had full beard…

Riddhima: What? *she sees her phone* Are you sure was it him? Look carefully?

Receptionist: Yes mam..

Riddhima’s pov: Abhi? How can he?


Varsha: riddhima? *shakes her waking riddhima awaken from her thoughts* Are you okay? Is he in danger?

Riddhima: I, i need some space, i will talk to you later..

She leaves from their while thinking deeply…

Riddhima’s pov: So nithya, was right, rishabh was along with Vansh, but why?? 

SCENE 2: Riddhima reaches home…

Vansh: Finally! You are here, ready to go?

Riddhima: Where?

Vansh: Gifts! Donations? Remember??

Riddhima: Vansh, i am not feeling good, please will you do it?

Vansh: Not feeling well? Are you okay?

Riddhima: Vansh, please, i need some time alone and then i will feel better i guess..

Vansh: Ok, i will go…

He leaves..

Riddhima: Rishabh is safe! He is alright, vansh is taking care of him, he is protecting him! But from whom? And how did he know about rishabh? Why did he take him from the hospital in banglore and shifted him here…how does vansh even know about Rishabh? *she feels a slight headache and decides to take a tablet and opens the drawer, and finds vansh’s diary* His diary! I have seen his diary’s  pattern, he writes down only about the days which were shocking or were really precious to him, if something big like this happened, he might have wrote about it! *she opens the book* 

“Dear diary,

8th January

I came back from london today, not because i wanted to, but because i was needed! I was needed by my family, as today Papa died of heart attack, they expect me to take up all the responsibilities, i am scared! I..” (its not the end of the entry here)

Vansh: Riddhima?? What are you doing? You are reading my diary? So you are back at spying on me! That’s what i wondered, why such a sudden change, in my dear wifey! But looks like sweetheart, that was all an act isn’t it? So how far have you come in reading my deepest darkest secrets? Read riddhima, *she nods negatively in fear and tears rolling down her eyes* I said READ! Who knows what you may find next, maybe who all i murdered…come on sweetheart read…

Riddhima: vansh….. *she notices the gun in his hand* I can explain…but please don’t kill me!

Vansh: Oh sweetheart you will explain and it will depend on your explaination whether i have to kill you or not?! So EXPLAIN!!

Riddhima: *she is silently sobbing, but her tears are visible* I was just…



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