SCENE 1: Vansh refuses to attend his father’s death anniversary…

Vansh: Riddhima, please don’t start again..*he was about to walk away* 

Riddhima: Vansh, please don’t walk away, if you walk away every time, then how will we solve the problems, if we sit and talk then i can get your point of view and you can get mine!

Vansh: *sits* Fine then, let’s talk!

Riddhima: Why don’t you want to attend his puja?

Vansh: Like i told, he cheated on my mother and married another woman and not to forget he has a son who happens to be kabir! Do i need it to be more elaborate?

Riddhima: Ok fine, he cheated on your mother, but he loved you equally! He made you what you are now! He shaped you into this individual! Atleast he deserves this, your heart deserves a perfect goodbye from him! Just attend this one time, and give him a proper send off and try forgiving him! and now i will not force, you can join if you want, i have work so i will leave..

Riddhima leaves..

SCENE 2: Riddhima is talking with Dadi..

Riddhima: Dadi, i have arranged everything, don’t worry!

Dadi: Good, then i will call Chanchal and Rudra for the puja..

Vansh: No dadi, this time me and riddhima will do the puja..

Both riddhima and Dadi are shocked..

Dadi: But Vansh are you okay with it? And why so suddenly?

Vansh: Someone told me, we have to Forgive our loved ones, so just following that..

Riddhima smiles…

Dadi: Then fine, come and sit…

They do the puja and Riddhima is in her room, when her phone rings..

Riddhima: Hello?

Kabir: Hey, riddhima this is kabir…

Riddhima: yeah, tell me kabir…

Kabir: Are you free today?

Riddhima: Yes, why is everything alright?

Kabir: I needed someone’s help actually, if you are not free, then i will call someone else..

Riddhima: can you stop with the formality? And tell me what did you want?

Kabir: I am in Apollo hospital..

Riddhima: Hospital? Is everything alright? Are you ok?

Kabir: I am fine, it’s my mom riddhima, *she hears him crying* 

Riddhima: Kabir, calm down, everything will be fine, i am on my way, don’t worry..

She cuts the call, and vansh comes to the room…

Vansh: What happened? Why are you so tensed?

Riddhima’s pov: He will get angry again, if i say that Kabir called…

Riddhima: My friend’s mother is in hospital, she needs me, so can i go?!

Vansh: Riddhima, never ask my permission, go and call me when you want me to pick you up, so that we can go to the orphanage, shall i drop you now?

Riddhima: No! I mean you must have work right, i will manage don’t worry, i will call you to pick me up!

Vansh: Ok..

She leaves..

Vansh: *calls rudra* Any improvement? Why the hell is he not recovering! Shift him to the hospital for a few days…yeah right now! I will be there in 2 hours! Don’t delay anymore, get the tests done, and tell me then! *cuts the call* 

Vansh’s pov: Why do i feel restless, as if something is going to happen!

Dadi: Vansh? What happened? You look tensed…

Vansh: Nothing, i was just feeling restless, as if something bad is going to happen…

Dadi: Don’t worry, i feel like everything is falling into place in your life, i guess riddhima was the best thing that happened in your life, since she has come everything is happening good…

Vansh’s pov: I don’t know about that dadi, she is pretending to be something she is not! She is hiding something, and  am already working on finding it out..

Vansh: I guess dadi, anyway i have work i will leave..

SCENE 3: Riddhima comes to the hospital….

Riddhima: Kabir?

Kabir: Riddhima…*he comes and hugs her* 

Riddhima: Kabir, calm down, what happened is auntie fine?

Kabir: I don’t know, she went to market and accident..

Riddhima: Kabir, please control yourself…i have a friend in this hospital i will talk to her wait..

She meets her friend..

Riddhima: Hi varsha!

Varsha: Riddhima?? What a pleasant surprise! When did you come to mumbai? And you are married also?? When did this all happen??

Riddhima: Take a breath! Calm down, i have been here for a while, and yes i am married..

Varsha: To??

Riddhima: His name is Vansh Raisinghania…but..

Varsha: Oh so you are here to meet that patient? Come i will show..

Riddhima: Patient? Varsha stop, you must have mistaken him for someone else, no one from our family is admitted here, and i wanted to ask you about Asha sharma, she came in this morning, accident case?

Varsha: Oh! Asha *she thinks* Oh yes, she is in operation theatre, she had a very bad blow on her head, they are operating…

Riddhima: I need you to check her position and tell me, she is my friend’s mother…he is already broken, with his brother’s death, if his mother also dies then he won’t be able to take it…

Varsha: Don’t worry, you trust me right, i will personally look into this, go and be with him…

Riddhima: Thanks a lot!

SCENE 4: Vansh comes to the hospital..and riddhima sees him and hides..

Riddhima’s pov: Shit! Vansh is here for me! If he knows i am here for kabir, then he will be angry again…*she hears him speaking to someone* 

Vansh: I am here for Dr. Arjun…

Nurse: Sorry sir, he is busy in a operation..

Vansh: Fine, what about Dr. Varsha?

Nurse: She just went to join him sir…but sir you can meet the patient, they told me that you will come to meet the patient..

Riddima’s pov: So Vansh didn’t come here for me, he has come here to meet a patient? Wait! Even Varsha, mentioned to me about a patient! But who has he come to meet?

She follows him, but someone stops her..

A guard: Sorry mam, you can’t go inside, this area is strictly restricted!

Riddhima: But…

A guard: Sorry mam, this is a private area, no one is allowed!

Riddhima leaves and sees varsha…

Riddhima: Varsha! How is asha auntie?

Varsha: Don’t worry, she is absolutely fine, she will wake up in a few minutes, she is in ICU now…i will talk to you after a few minutes, The Vansh i was talking about is here it seems, i will go and meet him…

Riddhima: Varsha! I need a small favour, you were correct you were talking about my husband only..

Varsha: Oh! Is it? Then come and join me!

Riddhima: No! Don’t tell him i am here, don’t ask me why? I will tell everything in detail, now you go and meet him, i need your help afterwards…

Varsha: Ok…



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