SCENE 1: Shreya hugs Vansh…

Shreya: I knew you would be surprised!!

Vansh: But why did you come suddenly?

Dadi: Vansh, you should be happy that she is back and instead you are asking her these all questions?!

Vansh: Sorry dadi, shreya i have some work so i will be back in the evening, we will talk later…

Riddhima’s pov: Why do i feel like, he is not at all happy that she is back?! Does he even love her? I don’t care, i have to save this girl’s life from a monster like him!

Siya: Riddhima, what are you thinking?!

Riddhima: Nothing, i was just wandering that how did your brother fall in love with a girl like shreya! I mean he is quiet and composed and shreya looks like a hyperactive girl….

Siya: Oh! Come to my room, i will tell you their story…

They go to siya’s room..

Siya: So basically, theirs is not a love story, 1 year back…Dadi was adamant on getting Vansh bhai married and after seeing soo many girls she chose shreya and they were supposed to get married, but Bhai asked one year time, so we postponed it, but shreya comes here in a while to meet Vansh bhai! But she went away for a while for her job and she is back today….

Riddhima: Oh!

Siya: Yes!

Ishani knocks..and comes in..

Ishani: What are you doing with this cheapo?!

Siya: Ishani, please…

Ishani: Anyway, shreya wants all the family members to come down, she wants to discuss about something…

Siya: Ok!

SCENE 2: Everyone comes down including Riddhima…

Shreya: *looks at Riddhima* Who are you? Wait, let me guess you are staff right? I thought i said only family members…

Dadi: Shreya, Riddhima is staff, but she has been like a family member, you can tell what you want to tell in front of her..

Shreya: Dadi, Vansh wanted 1 year of time, and i have respected his space and his decision and i waited for 1 year, and even achieved my goals in that time….but i know about his past like you said Dadi that Vansh had a girl in his past and is still hung on her,and in a situation like that i understand that even agreeing to me marry me, was a tough call for him, but now i can’t wait anymore, i want to share my life with him and give him all the happiness he deserves and try to make him forget about the past which you told me about! So i am willing to propose to him again, in the evening when he comes home, and ask his personal opinion about marrying me!

Dadi: Ok beta! We will give you both the space to discuss about this, afterall, it’s your lives…..

Shreya: And a small request dadi, i want you all to go out this evening….

Dadi: Sure beta….

SCENE 3: Everyone is leaving including staff…..

Dadi: Riddhima, where will you go dear?

Riddhima: Dadi, i will go back to my flat, because Vansh sir has told me to stay until i get alright, and now i am perfectly fine, so i will leave…

Dadi: Ok! Shall i tell anyone to drop you off?

Riddhima: No Dadi, i have to pack my things, so it will take a little time, you leave…

Dadi: Ok…

Dadi leaves…

Riddhima’s pov: This is the correct time to go and find the reports….but i have to wait until everyone leaves….

Shreya is waiting for Vansh in the hall and she has decorated the hall with flowers and lights…..and Vansh comes in….

Vansh: What are these arrangements for? Any party is going on?

Shreya: Yes! It will soon turn into a party, if you answer a question…..

Vansh: What?! What question?

Shreya: Vansh, i have a waited soo long to do this and today i believe that it’s the best time! I have waited soo long for a perfect man to come into my life, and you came in as more than a blessing and i can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you….

Vansh: Shreya, what is happening!?

Shreya: Vansh, will you marry me?!

Vansh: Shreya, it’s already decided right?

Shreya: Vansh! That is what is the problem, it’s a decision taken by your family, and not by you, and don’t worry i will accept any decision you take today! 

Vansh: Shreya….i…i..don’t know….i mean…YES! And…i am clear about it…there is no change in that….

Shreya: If you were clear, then it would have been a direct yes and you wouldn’t have took soo long to answer Vansh, i understand…..reply me with a clear answer and a reason by tomorrow….

Riddhima slowly goes to Vansh’s study room…

Riddhima’s pov: Today, i will be closer to the truth and destruction of Vansh! *opens the cupboard with locker* What the hell!! Where is the locker?? Damn it!! Where could Vansh probably hide it?? His room? I need to check…

Riddhima goes to Vansh’s room and starts looking around when she hears footsteps…

Vansh:*enters the room*

Riddhima: *hides behind a chair* Oh NO! What is he doing here? When he should be with shreya?

Vansh: What should i answer? I mean everyone wants me to get married to shreya! And shreya also loves me, but why my heart is at a chaos when the answer is sooo clear! Do i also love her? NO! But should i marry her? YES! But  why should i marry her? Because it’s best for everyone and and for me also, how long will cling on to the past?!

Riddhima’s pov: Past?! What past??

Vansh: *opens a drawer and reads a book*  I think so, i should say yes! And Dadi, is always happy when she is around!….

Vansh leaves the room, to meet shreya…

Riddhima’s pov: What is book  did he read? Looked like a personal diary!….

Opens the drawer and holds the book…..

Riddhima: God please forgive me! I know it’s personal, but if it has anything to do with abhi, i have to read it…

She opens the first page…

” October 11th.

Dear diary, 

Today was the first day i saw her! She was practicing dance performance for a cultural event, and she was looking really like a goddess in that costume! I always felt like love at first sight happens when a person sees someone and it starts of with attraction and slowly develops into love, but when i saw her, the first thing i felt for her was devotion, which gave me goosebumps, which was followed by fear and belief! Belief that i will get her and fear that i will loose her! I know, i know you are wondering what her name is! i also don’t know that! But soon, i will introduce her to you, and you know the first person i told this about was kabir! He was shocked first, that i fell in love! But let’s see! 


Riddhima: Were Vansh and kabir that close? That he told about this all to him first? Then what happened?


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