A reporter and a Business tycoon – episode -18

18- feisty

Twinkle –

I entered my room after greeting everyone. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving to Ooty. Riyan and Rashi wants a destination wedding and no other place can be as perfect as Ooty. It’s a place blessed with nature’s beauty. Everyone are excited and maybe I’m too or not. I don’t know. I should be excited. I had dreamt a lot about Riyan wedding. Like I’ll be doing lots of shopping, teasing him to death, participating in every ritual not missing anything, but I’m not so excited now. Almost shopping done by yesterday and these days were hectic with shopping. As priest had said marriage will be in a month then our parents decided that it will be in three weeks. And almost one week four days have passed and I didn’t talked to Kunj or listened his voice. On that very day of Kunj’s departure Riyan called me informing about his marriage. I was so happy for him yet so sad by Kunj’s stunt. I tried my best to ignore him but I’m failing very badly. I don’t know why it hurts this badly when he is away? Why my heart is desperate to see him and hug him?  Why can’t I get him out of my brain? I have lots of things to take care of, but my brain got struck on that very person who don’t even have decency to inform his wife about his decisions. Again this thought made my stomach churn inside. See as I said. I can’t take him out my head. I’m thinking about him more than necessary. Why?

There was soft knock on my door bringing me out of my own world. I opened door and Riyan stood there with a worry on his face. I opened door wide enough for him to enter. He studied my face a while and then entered. I had not said anything related to Kunj and acted normal but Riyan’s stare is screaming otherwise. He sat on my bed and I followed him.

“everything ok? ” he asked me. I nodded not looking at him.

“Twinkle from your last departure to Sarna house I’m noticing you. You don’t seem yourself. You are always lost in your thoughts. You are here yet you are not. ” before I can say a word he bet me by saying

“don’t you dare to say the crap of ‘I’m ok and all’. I can read you like a open book. I know something is bothering you and I’m perfectly fine if you don’t want to share it. I’ll be waiting for the moment you want to share. I want to remind you that you always have me no matter what and you can share everything with me.” he said. I looked at him. He is the best buddy I have in my life. I thought I was acting great but here, I failed in front of my own bro who read it but I’m thankful that he is not pushing anything. I just don’t want to share anything right now. I know that there is something which is bothering Kunj and I need to discuss with him before jumping onto any conclusion. My words can’t make him do such thing. There is something which is much more deeper about which I’m unaware. I’ll wait till the day he will open up to me.

“Twinkle where is Kunj? ” asked Riyan and I looked on dazed. I don’t know what to answer. How can I say to my brother that my husband left me without informing his whereabouts? He even ordered me to not to contact him. Great.

“Is he not coming to marriage? I thought by now he will be coming but he is not here. ” I want to say everything to Riyan but I just can’t spoil his excitement for marriage just because of one stupid misunderstanding. I know how to deal with it so instead I said.

“he is busy with some meeting and went London. He will be directly coming to Ooty. ” I half lied to him. Kunj don’t even have slightest idea of Riyan’s marriage and I don’t have guts to inform him after his words of not contacting him. I tried a few times to call him but his words still reminds me how he wrote those words. Just harsh. Riyan phone rang and he went to attend the call. I thanked god silently as I’m in no mood to talk with anyone specially not lying. I looked at my phone but kept it aside and tried to sleep as I hardly get sleep now a days.

Everything and everyone are set to go. We are all ready to leave for Airport. Don’t know why it feels so wrong that I haven’t informed Kunj about Riyan’s wedding. What if he doesn’t inform me but I’ll do. While debating I don’t know when I pressed his number and kept phone near my ear. My heart started to beat fastly and I’m unaware why? One ring! Two rings! Three rings!

I was about to keep the call when I heard his voice. My husband, who is just stupid, at least that is what I think so.

“hello Twinkle.” I closed my eyes hearing it after these many days. I didn’t know that I was desperate to listen to his voice. It took me a moment to respond.

“Kunj.” I spoke after gaining grip on myself and I swear, I’m gonna lose it any second. It’s so hard to keep my emotions at bay.

“How are you?” after listening to him my voice croaked. Don’t Twinkle. Just don’t let your emotions out.

“fine.” I bet he must have guessed till now how I’m.

“are you ok?” That’s it. I lost it.

“I hate you Kunj. You left without informing me and even ordered me to not to call you. Do you know how it feels when someone avoids you? You are avoiding me for such a mistake. I know I did it but you also no less, you left without informing me. I hate you and I’m not gonna talk to you again.” with that I hung up on him. I sat there. It’s such a horrible day. I’m hardly trying to be normal in front of everyone but every now and then, my relatives asks me about my husband, bringing everything in front of my eyes directly. I wiped away my tears. Enough is enough. This is my Riyan’s, my bro’s marriage and I will enjoy it. I can do it and I will do it.

We reached airport, after security checking we departed for Ooty, a place blessed with nature. I didn’t talked much with anyone as I need time to gather myself. I took a window seat and did nothing but listened songs. By evening at 3:00pm we reached Bangloore and from there we left to Ooty after freshening up in a hotel. Another six hours in bus journey. By night we are in Ooty. As I kept my step on land, Ooty’s cold air caressed my face making me shiver. I looked at hotel in which we are going to stay for one and half week. It’s gorgeous. This place is a true heaven. We entered inside and I immediately started adoring it. It’s décor is made up of wood instead of rich interiors giving it a nature look. I entered my room and got freshen up. My whole body is screaming at me to take rest. Long journeys sucks. Without any other thought I jumped on bed and closed my eyes. After one and half week, I’m sleeping peacefully, maybe because of journey I got tired. I closed my eyes blocking every thought from my brain and sleep consumed me.


I got up late today and others’ condition is no less. Journey was enough tiring and this amazingly cold weather is of no help. I got up with great difficulty as I just want to cuddle up in my duvet but I can’t. I’m right, change in place takes away all your negative thoughts. See, I’m not even thinking about that Kunj.

“dumbo! You are doing the only thing.” retorted my inner sense. I closed my eyes and took the longest deep breath ever and calmed my nerves.
Today we are going to visit Dolphin’s nose point. Rituals will start after three days and we decided that , for this three days we gonna visit some of nearby places. And who can say no to such beauty place. I opened my room and stood rooted at my place. I looked at the person, I not even thought that I’ll be looking at his face before a month.

“Kunj.” words escaped from my mouth before I can stop them.

End of Twinkle Pov

Kunj Pov

I reached Amritsar after awful journey of my life. I booked common flight but decided against when I got to know that it’s not going to start anytime sooner. I took my private jet. I never used it unless there is something important, which by god’s grace never came. Today is exceptional. I don’t know all of a sudden I had this urge to meet Twinkle. After listening to her croaked voice I just cant take it. I reached home and as usual there are no one to welcome me. Not that I’m minding as I’m used to it. I literally ran to my room and searched for Twinkle. Where did she went? Maybe office. God knows what came into me that I called Mahi and asked about her whereabouts. I got to know that she took leave for two weeks and I’m unaware of it. Before I can ask further she hung up on me saying something important came. I thanked my fate and same time I cursed it. I’m thankful because Mahi didn’t ask much rather than teasing me saying ‘I can’t even leave without my wife for a hour’ but I cursed as she hadn’t said about her whereabouts. What should I do now? Think Kunj there must be a way. Pinni! My brain exclaimed. After freshening up I opened our closet only to see some of Twinkle’s clothes missing. All negative thoughts started to occupy my brain. Where her clothes went? Did she left me? Why even I’m worrying if she, this is not what I want? But why it feels so wrong with her leaving me. I love her but I don’t even love her that I cant even survive without her. Other side of my brain is saying that maybe she gave her clothes for laundry. Who gives those many? I took a wise decision. Keeping all my negative thoughts aside I grabbed my clothes and wore it in a hasty way. Within two minutes I’m in kitchen in front of Pinni panting like anything. She looked at me surprised.

“Kunj you here?” she hugged me and I responded back.

“Where is Twinkle?” I asked her ignoring her question but guess what?, even she is playing the same game.

“I thought you will not come before a month but you came so early.”

“Pinni where did Twinkle went?” I asked her frustatedly.

“Why do you even care?”

“she is my wife for god damn sake.” my voice came little higher to my liking and I regret it but Pinni seems like she doesn’t cares at all.

“you realised so early that. What a miracle?” I didn’t miss sarcasm in her voice. My features softened.

“I” she cut me off.

” by the way how does this realisation dawn you. Because last time I remember you were hell bent up on not accepting the fact that you care for her. Aren’t you? You even want to divorce her then why her presence or absence affecting you.” she said. Her words hurt me. I know I said all those in haste as I want someone to be on Twinkle’s side. Knowing my family I bet they must be busy to even notice my absence. So, I want Pinni to take care of her. I can trust her blindly with that so I shared everything about my decision but not my reason. She tried a lot to explain me but I didn’t gave any chance.

“poor soul! Do you have any idea how she felt after reading that letter. She was completely heart broken. I have never seen her such vulnerable.” That broke my heart. For a while I just thought about future forgetting present that how my absence would have effected her. Now damage is done, I just need to talk to her for once. I want to apologize.

“It’s better she left.”

“No Pinni. Just don’t say that. I know I wanted her to leave but I want talk to her. I want to apologize.” I said my voice full desperation and my eyes were pleading her. Finally, her face softened.

“Kunj, Twinkle is your wife and she has every right to know about your whereabouts. You both must have a fight but it would be wise only if you both sit and discuss your problem instead of running away from situation. For a wife, husband means world to her. She will leave her family, her house and her past life and enters into a complete new relationship, life and family trusting her husband with a hope that he will never leave her side and will lift her whenever she is down. I know yours marriage has happened in not so good circumstances but still you both are bonded in this sacred bond, you have responsibilities towards her. Just think for once how she would have felt when she got to know from others that her husband left without informing. You did wrong Kunj and You need to understand your role and importance in her life. You need to give a chance to this relationship. ” she said. I took a wrong step without thinking and I need to redeem it. I’m thankful that Pinni is saying all those words to me but in real mom is the one who should say this.

“I’m sorry. I will also apologise and make it up to her. Where she went?” I asked in guilt tone. Only thing that’s running in my brain is to apologise her. I will make it up-to her.

“Her brother’s marriage got fixed in this month so all went to Ooty as it is a destination wedding.” She said giving a sympathetic smile. I have no idea about it. Wow! Just so amazing. You are the one who asked her not to call, now bear the consequences. I gave Pinni a thankful smile and left for Ooty.

Next day morning by 11:25am I reached hotel in Ooty. I called Riyan and asked him about hotel at late night. I thought he is going to lecture me instead he teased for giving such a wonderful surprise to his sister. I’m standing in front of Twinkle’s room, debating myself whether to knock or leave it. I was about to hold the door knob, when the door got opened and there stood the person I was dying to see from past one week five days. My eyes were dying to get a glimpse of her. I stood rooted. My eyes got busy staring her, taking every feature. She looks dull yet beautiful.

“Kunj.” my name left out from her lips and I closed my eyes reliving moment. I opened my eyes and was about to say a word when she tried to close the door. Keyword ‘tried’ as I kept my feet in between. She left immediately thinking I got hurt as her features held concern. I danced in my heart thinking that she still cares for me when I gave her pain. Taking it as my chance, I stepped inside. I closed door and went and sat on couch stretching my arms. Her face turned into anger and she stood in front of me in a snap.

“What are you doing here?” her voice is as cold as ice.

“came to attend my brother in law’s marriage.”

“may I know who invited you?” uff lioness mode on.

“I don’t want any invitation as I’m a family and loved ones doesn’t need any invitation.”

“get out.”

“I wont.”

” Kunj you are playing with lioness. Don’t come to me if she rips your head out.” warned my self conscious.

“get out or else.”

“or else what?” I dared her taking steps towards her after getting up. She took steps backward and stopped when her back touched bed. I smirked seeing her in such condition. She looked at her left and started hitting me with pillow. God save me!

“how dare you to come here?”

A hit with pillow.

“how dare you to enter my room?”

A hit with another pillow.

“how dare you to test my guts?”

A hit with duvet.

“you vampire. I wont leave you.”

A hit with duvet. All the time I’m dodging her every hit and this increased her madness level. She took vase in her hand and I gulped down in fear.

“you just wait. I wont leave you.” With that she lifted her hand but I held her hand and got tripped on duvet and we both fell on bed with me top on her. I immediately balanced my weight and looked at her. I looked at those eyes which held so many emotions- anger, love, care and most importantly hurt. It pricked my heart. I stared deep into her orbs. It had some magic because it always hypnotizes me. Cold breeze came and her hairs came on her face blocking my way. I slowly tucked her hair strands behind and I noticed unshed tears in her eyes. I kissed her forehead with my lips lingering there for more than two minutes. I wiped her tears.

“ahmm ahmmm.” we heard someone throat clearing and I looked at side to see Riyan with a teasing smile. I got up from bed and gave my hand to Twinkle but she jerked it away and got up on her own. Feisty.

“sorry to disturb your romance but everyone are waiting for Twinkle to visit Dolphin’s nose point.” he said teasingly. Twinkle turned scarlet and I smiled looking at her.

“If you don’t mind, can I take Twinkle out? You can have her for rest of your life.” It’s embarrassing.

“of course you can.” my voice came. Thank god I thought I lost it.

“by the way are you coming Kunj?” asked Riyan before I can answer Twinkle bet me.

“no RIyan. He just came and he needs to rest.” she smiled fakest smile I have ever seen. I nodded reluctantly and both left. I sighed. I fell on bed. Kunj Twinkle is super mad at you and you need to apologise her too. But I didn’t know that I have a feisty wife.

“serves you right.” I nodded my head in agreement.

End of Kunj Pov-


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