A reporter and a Business tycoon – A Twinj ff – Episode-14

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14- Bad omen

Kunj Pov –

I reached home after a tiring day. Today I had a lot of work and it drained me completely. I entered our room hoping to see Twinkle’s face. It became my habit now. I entered only to welcome by a silent room. Normally till the time I reach home, Twinkle would be always busy in surfing channels. I thought she was in washroom. I was about to knock on it that’s when my senses returned. She is not here. She went to her maternal home. That’s the reason why it feels so empty. I looked at phone which is showing 9:45 pm. Never in my life after joining office, I returned home early. I always kept myself busy with some or other works.

But things changed after my marriage. I started to come home early only to have my dinner with Twinkle. I’m the one who used to live in silence and now loves to listen to Twinkle’s banter. She is doing things to my heart. I don’t want to admit but in this period of two weeks I have fallen for her. Yeah. Me. Kunj Sarna who took the oath of not falling for anyone is finally in love with my wife. I never thought after that incident I’ll be able to love someone. At the time of marriage I thought that- will I be able to give her that happiness of being my wife? I always cursed dad and situation for bonding me with her for eternity but now I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for those things. I don’t know whether Twinkle loves me or not but I’m in love with her. From morning I’m waiting to return home to meet her forgetting the fact that she is at her maternal home. What are doing to me Twinkle? I was never this excited to return home. I was not like this. I left living my life. I was living for name sake hoping that someday everything gonna change. No one took care of me from years. No one thought about me. No one made my heart to race in marathon. No one brought happiness to me with their simple smile. No one became this important to me in a less time. But you came and things started to change. I’m started to wait to return home so that I can be with the one who cares for me which is miraculously you. I have started living my life. You started taking care of me. When you touch me, my heart participates in a marathon race. You have became important part of my life. I’m feeling things which I never know are existed in this world. My whole world lits up with your one smile. My tiredness vanishes after getting a simple glance of you. I love to listen to your continuous banter. I love to spend time with you. I love to be with you. I love the way you are. I don’t know whether I’m sure about this decision of loving but love just happens. It doesn’t asks anyone’s permission before entering into someone’s life or heart.. It doesn’t knocks your heart before staying in it for permanently. I remembered our hug. Our first hug after marriage of today’s morning. That moment I felt like world stopped around me and only thing mattered to me was you Twinkle.

I looked at my phone. I looked at Twinkle’s face which is my wallpaper. She is looking outside of window enjoying the cold breeze. I took this photo without her notice. A thought crossed my brain.

“should I call her? ”

I pressed her number but thousands of thoughts stopped me from calling her. What if she is with her parents spending some quality time? Ignoring all other thoughts I pressed green icon. First ring. Second ring. Third ring.

“hello Kunj. ” came her voice. I felt happiness passing through my heart.

“you know I was just about to call you. ” she said and my heart danced listening that she hadn’t forgot me.

“hello Kunj. You there? ” she asked.

“yeah Twinkle. “

“where are you? ” she asked.

“at home. Just now I have reached. “

“oh then had your dinner? ” she asked.

“not yet. “

“huh Mr. Kunj Sarna. I left you for a day and you are neglecting your health. God. What should I do with this boy?” she said and I smiled hearing her words. I bet now her hand must be on her forehead.

“I’ll have it later. “

“no no not at all. I wont trust you. You have done PhD in not taking care of yourself. ” she said.

“really I didn’t know that. ” I said amused at her words.

“well I know as I’m the one who observed it. “

“OK I promise I’ll have it. “

“hmm. Wait. How you will have alone? ” she said. I forgot that now a days I’m having my dinner with her that I forgot to have it lonely. No worries. I’ll skip is like before.

“I’ll manage. ” I lied.

“you are not a pro in lying Mr. Sarna. “she said. I looked shocked ahead. How on the earth she knows I’m lying?

“let’s do a thing. You go into kitchen and fill your plate and come back. Till then I’ll wait for you. Keep call on hold. ” she said.

“no Twinkle. You must be tired. You got to sleep. I’ll have it. “

“I’m not asking you Mr. Sarna. It’s my order. Now shoo and come fast. I don’t want to wait for too long to talk with my husband. “she said. My heart swelled in happiness.

“ok. ” I kept phone aside and went down. I filled my plate and returned back. As said she was waiting for me on phone.

“hey. “

“so you are back? ” I kept my phone on speaker. She started blabbering about some or other thing. I had my dinner listening to her melodious voice. She asked me about my day and said about hers. While talking she admitted that she missed me. But I didn’t pointed it out as it makes things awkward. I finished my dinner and kept plate aside.

I laid on bed still listening to her. I started telling her about the act that Uv pulled. I didn’t get any response from her. I heard snoring.

“good night Twinkle. I love you. ” I said and hung the call. I looked at her side. Among both of us she is the first one who goes into sleep. I acquainted this new habit of kissing her forehead before going to sleep. I remembered our sweet talks and went into slumber. I’m behaving in way which I never even dreamt of.


Another day. Quite hectic but I’m habituated to such surroundings. Still being hectic I completed my work and reached home by half past eight surprising myself. I’m tired. My body is aching for rest. I opened my room door only to find Twinkle there. She like always looking beautiful but her face is blank and her eyes are showing anger, pain and disappointment. Something is wrong. I went to her inspite of her anger glares. I truly missed her and I’m so happy to see her again.

“hey Twinkle.” I said resisting myself from hugging and kissing her to death. She ignored my greeting and continued to glare me. I felt uncomfortable under her gaze.

“umm Twinkle are you ok?” I asked her.

“no.” her voice is stern.

“what happened?”

“like you don’t know.” she spat. I looked at her confused.

“What are you talking about ?”

“Why did you came to that hotel room on that event day?” she asked. Oh! she is talking about that day but why? To be frank, I wont regret that day anymore because it is the day where I got Twinkle and it is the best thing that happened to me. Keeping my thoughts aside I answeres her.

“I saw that you were hurrying somewhere and you looked worried. So, I thought to ask you so I followed you to room. But, when you entered that room a man in mask entered after you by pouring something on his hanky. When I entered, rest you know.” I said to her.

“oh so you are not the one who had sent that mysterious man inside?” ahe asked. What?

“no I’m not.” I said truly but she doesn’t look satisfied with my answer. It hurts.

“Kunj just say the truth.” she said frustatedly.

“I am.” She held me by my collar and for first time she spoke with a high pitch to me.


“Twinkle you want to say that I had done all this?” I asked with pain. Tears formed in her eyes.

“What else you want to listen ha? I trusted you Kunj. I trusted you more than anything. I gave you the place of my best friend, which I never did before so soon. But you, what you did? You sent that boy and next came in. Why you did that? Because of you I got called with names which no one wants to listen in their life. I faced insults. My family’s respect was at stake. My dad, he hates me. He doesn’t trusts me. I feel like dying. And most importantly my husband, whom I thought as my best friend had done such a thing. I hate you Kunj.” with that she fell on her knees and started crying. I wanted to hug her and comfort her but I cant. She doen’t believes me. I thought she does. I knelt down in front of her. I don’t know who misinterpreted her brain but she thinks me as her her culprit. I want to prove myself. I want to say ‘Twinkle what you are thinking is wrong, I didn’t do any such thing.’ I’m not her culprit. I looked at her, who is crying. I want to soothe her but my body is resisting me to do. I cant. She hates me like every other one. I want to voice out my feelings. I want to say ‘I love you and I didn’t to anything. Heck! I cant even think of doing such things to you’. But, my is voice betraying me. Not even a single word is coming out of vocal chords. A pain started in my chest. Same pain which I felt at her time. When I heard those words from her. She also said same words. Her words started to ring in my ear.


I felt my head aching. I stood up and turned over my heels. I dashed out and entered into my car. After bringing it to life I zoomed of. I don’t know where? All I need is peace from this pain. I need to get these things out of my head. I turned on radio and kept it on high volume but it’s of no use as those words of her and Twinkle were still ringing in my ears. My car got stopped or I stopped it infront of bar, I don’t know. But, I reached bar. My feet took me towards it after getting off. As soon as I entered inside loud music had hit my ears and the smell of alcohol made me feel dizzy. Keeping all thise thoughts aside I reached bar counter and ordered for Tequila. Though I never had drink before in my life, I know those names very well. Within half a minute bar- waiter kept it in front of me. I looked at it and again those thoughts started to occupy my brain. I gulped it down and I felt like heat passing through my throat. I closed my eyes due to it’s taste but, I felt good. I ordered for more. My phone started to ring. It showed UV. I don’t want to talk with anyone. I kept my phone beside and continued with my shots. No one loves me. It’s my fault to expect things from people. Now I wont explain myself to anyone when I already know that no one will trust me. I truly loved you Twinkle but listening ‘I hate you’ from you is worst. I don’t think so we will be happy. I should free you from this unwanted marriage. I’ll talk to my lawyer. No one were happy with me in past neither in present nor in future. I should never forget this. I’m a bad omen. How can I forget it when my loved one called me as such. I’m sure after our divorce you will be happy without this bad omen. This bad omen will only bring tears to your eyes and pain to your heart. It’s better we spit up. I know that now I can never admit I love you to you but I truly love you and you are the first and last love of my life. I had planned our future together and it’s my fault. You thought me as your best friend and still you didn’t believe me. It hurts but now we are going to spit up. It’s for our own good. You can leave happily. My phone rang again and it showed Twinkle. I declined her call. She had called for few more times. Somewhere it felt good that she still cares for me. Again my phone rang and it showed UV. I swiped green icon.


Here I end it.

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