A reporter and a Business tycoon – A Twinj ff – Episode-13

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13- Memories and missing.

Twinkle Pov –

I and Riyan reached my maternal home in a hour. He rang doorbell and mom opened door for us. She looked at me like she is dreaming. I gave her a smile and crushed her into a hug. She hugged me with in millisecond. I felt her shoulders’ shaking and it didn’t took me a second to understand that she is crying. It made me cry and I remained in her embrace for a while. We broke our hug and she looked at me like I’ll disappear or she is dreaming about me.

“Twinkle. My child. You are back. ” she placed numerous kisses on my face.

“why you took so time to come to your mom? ” she asked. I looked at her with painful eyes. After marriage I didn’t came to my maternal home to complete my post marriage ritual of visiting my home. On that day I waited for dad but he never showed up. I understood that he didn’t want to see me.

“mom I” before I can complete Riyan spoke.

“as you all left a reason for her.” I can sense mock in his voice.

“Riyan it’s not like that. ” before mom can complete he dashed inside.

“forget him. You come. ” mom took me inside.

“come have breakfast. ” said mom. I looked at dining table and there placed my favorite dishes.

“mom you know that I was coming? ” I asked her.

“I made it Twinki. ” said Riyan.

“you what? ” I asked in horror.

“I made them for you. ” he repeated but this time a little slow and loud so that I can register everything.

“are you planning to kill me for marrying without your presence? ” I asked him horrified. He rolled his eyes.

“shut up drama queen. “

“seriously Riyan. I’m so sorry, I don’t want to land in hospital. “

“lame Miss. Taneja. Oops sorry. Mrs. Sarna. “

“really Mr. Taneja. “

“you both will just fight or you both will have your breakfast too? ” asked mom. I took my seat while Riyan took his seat on my left and mom on my right.

“see you lost your weight. You are looking so thin. ” said mom keeping a morsel in my mouth.

“mom stop kidding. She gained weight. I even wonder how Sarnas are tolerating such a foodie. I bet they must fed up with this girl. “

“I’m not a foodie. You are the one. ” I retorted back.

“no you are. Common accept it. “he said.

“Riyan shut up or else. “

“or else what?” he challenged me.

“or else you will complain to your husband ha? ” he said.

“no I’ll complain to dad. ” I replied back and that’s when I noticed dad’s absence.

“mom where is dad? ” I asked her when she is about to keep next morsel.

“he is at office. “

“is he still angry with me? ” I asked her and she froze for a second. So he is!

“forget all this and have your breakfast first. ” she said. I nodded my head in no.

“I lost my appetite. ” I was about to get up but Riyan pulled me back.

“but have this gulabjamun. I made it specially for you just the way you like. ” he said.

“I’m full. ” I commented and he made a puppy face.

“huh no one loves me in this world.” he said.

“where does that come from? ” I asked him boggled.

“god see after marriage my sister changed completely. Before marriage she used to have her favorite gulabjamun like its the only thing she wants in her life and now she is behaving like she doesn’t care about it at all. Moreover she doesn’t care about me. ” he blabbered. I looked at him confused.

“I’m not getting anything. “

“oh my god. My sister lost her brain after her marriage. ” he said dramatically.

“Riyan. Just shu.. ” he placed a gulabjamun in my mouth. I closed my eyes as that sweet hit my taste buds.

“hmm. ” I moaned enjoying it’s every bit.

“how is it?” asked Riyan.

“awesome. “

“pleasure is all mine. ” In this way I enjoyed a lot with Riyan and mom. They pampered me a lot. Mom doesn’t allow me to any work and Riyan,Β  he just irritates me. Even though I complain about it, only I know how much I missed him.

Finally, it’s the time of dad’s arrival. I’m pacing back and forth in hall. I haven’t met him for two weeks. I just can’t wait anymore.

Door bell rang and I rushed towards door with the same excitement when I was a kid. I used to wait for dad in hall and when he enters I used jump into his arms. After job I was the one who came late. I opened door and looked at my dad. He looked at me like he is dreaming.

“dad. ” I whisper hugged him. He didn’t hugged me back. It pricked my heart. He entered inside. Once he settled on couch he asked me.

“when did you came? “

“morning dad. “

“did you informed your in laws? ” I nodded my head.

“good. ” he was about retire to him room but halted when I spoke.

“dad come and have dinner. I made it. “

” I already had mine. ” he replied coldly. Tears formed in my eyes.

“nothing happens if you have a little.” came Riyan’s voice.

“Riyan behave. ” warned dad.

“I’m already but you.. ” before he can say a word I held his hand and nodded in no. He sighed.

“dad you can have a little for the sake of our happiness. It doesn’t harm you. ” he said and his voice held anger.

“you all have it. ” with that he left to his room.

“come. ” said mom.

“no mom. I’m full. ” I went to my room and buried my head in pillow. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked at Riyan who is looking at me with pain.

“have dinner. ” I nodded my head in no.

“if you won’t then I’ll lock you in this room just the way you locked our uncle when we were kids. ” he said. I looked at him and we both bursted into laughter remembering our childhood incident.


I was about seven years old.
I came home after school. It’s weekend so my excitement is at peaks. We are planning to go out tomorrow. I went to my room and got freshen up and ran to Riyan’s room. I thought he must be playing but instead he was sulking in bed. I went to him.

“what happened Riyan? ”

“you go from here Twinki. I don’t want to talk to anyone. ”

“why? ”

“you just go. ” he said. I thought he must be upset because may be mom hadn’t allowed him to play. I went down to mom and that’s when I noticed Ranvijay uncle. He is brother of god knows my mom or dad. I hate him. Not only me but Riyan also. He is dominating. He always rules over us.

“hi Twinki. ” he said.

“don’t call me Twinki. I’m Twinkle. Only my brother calls me that. ” I said.

“oh really. I don’t care. ” I was about to answer but mom came.

“you came back Twinkle. Go and have snacks. I kept it on kitchen’s counter.”

“Twinkle is learning bad manners Leela. You should teach her some manners. ”

“I don’t want any such. ” I ran to kitchen, took mine and Riyan’s snacks and ran to his room.

“Riyan. That Ranvijay uncle, I just hate him. ” I said munching on my snacks.

“even me.” he said.

“are you upset because of him? ”


“why? ”

“forget it. What you will do? ” he said.

“I’ll come in a while. ” I said. I went down and said that I want to show something to him. He followed me thinking may be to again scold me. I took him to store room and locked the room doors. He banged for a while and I closed my ears.

“this is for upsetting my Riyan. ” I mumbled and ran to Riyan room.

“why are you smiling like an idiot? ” he asked me.

“nothing. ” I replied.

After an hour we went down. Mom asked me about uncle but I nodded my head innocently. My dad heard some banging voices. We all went to store room and dad opened door.

“what are you doing here? ” asked dad startled.

“this Twinkle locked me inside. ” he replied. All looked at me while I looked down.

“is it Twinkle? ” asked dad. I nodded my head in yes.

“we are sorry on behalf of her. ” After so many apologies from mom and dad he left. Dad and mom scolded me for half an hour. I went to my room and Riyan followed me. He said something.

“wait a minute Riyan. “ I took cotton out from my ears.

“now say. ” he was looking at me like I had grown horns.

“what’s wrong? ”

“you didn’t heard a word dad said? ” he asked looking at me.

“nope. ” I replied. He looked at me for a while and started laughing. I joined him in second.

“you are genius. ” he commented.

“I know. ”

“why you did that? ” he asked.

“because he made you upset.” I replied.

“for that you locked him?” he asked.

“yes. ” I replied proudly.

“you are best sister ever. ” he hugged me. That uncle got punishment from me but we also got punished. Our outing got cancelled. After that he never dared to mess with us.

Flashback ends.

that was the best memory.” I said.

“indeed it is. ” he agreed. We had our dinner feeding each other cracking some stupid jokes.

“how is Kunj treating you? ” he asked.

“good and you know he is such a caring and understanding. I think I like him. ” I said. This is what our relationship is. I never hid anything from Riyan. He knows everything, even my crushes too. He is my best friend.

“he seems like a nice person too. What about your in laws? “

“they treat me like their daughter but they are not so good towards Kunj. I don’t know why?Β  Maybe because of our marriage incident. ”Β  I said.

“don’t worry everything gonna be fine. ” he said.

“have you called Kunj?” he asked.

“no. “

“call him. I know you are missing him so much. “

“Riyan it’s nothing like that. “

“really then why your cheeks got turned pink? ” he pinched my cheeks.

“shut up. ” I swatted his hand away.

“fine have some lovey dovey talks with your hubby. I wont disturb you, I’m leaving. ” he winked at me. I throwed a pillow but it never hit him. I looked at my phone. Should I call him or not? I’m already missing him. Is it clearly written on my face that I miss him. No why it would be?Β  Maybe Riyan is just saying casually. Is Kunj also missing me? I looked at watch. It’s 10:00pm. He must be home by now. I’ll call him. I took mobile into my hand and it started ringing showing the person’s name about whom I’m thinking like a maniac.

“hello Kunj. “


Here I end it.

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