A reporter and a Business tycoon – A Twinj ff-episode -12

12- Brother.


Twinkle Pov-

It’s been a week for my marriage. Thinks are going well and I’m getting myself adjusted. Everyone are so lovely. Mom and dad are still giving cold shoulder to Kunj. I need to talk to him about this. This can’t continue like this. They need to know it’s not his fault, even he deserves love. I’ll ask him to sort it out. Mine and Kunj’s relation. Well, we are friends but I started to like him. Yeah finally! me, Twinkle Sarna likes someone for first time in my life. After that incident, I used to hate business tycoons’ but Kunj changed my definition. I loved it this way. I mean he is so kind and caring and there is something which always pulls me towards him. I got ready to leave for office. I asked Kunj to drop me as my car is having some trouble. I went down and Kunj is waiting for me at dining table. He still doesn’t have his breakfast with his family but on my insistance he is having with me only for today. All already left for their respective works. So, now only me, Kunj and workers are present. After finishing our breakfast with random talks, we stood from our place to leave. Kunj went near door but I stood there as my dress dupatta got struck with chair.

“DISHOOM.” I heard a sound. I looked at the source only to see Riyan. I looked at Kunj who is holding his jaw.

“DISHOOM.” Riyan throwed another punch at him.

“How dare you to marry my sister?” he yelled at Kunj. I ran towards them. I held Riyan hand to stop him but he jerked me away. He grabbed Kunj’s collar.

“how dare you?” with that he jerked him away. Kunj got his head hit to wall.

“RIYAN JUST STOP IT.” I yelled at him and he looked towards me. His eyes softened.

“Riyan.” I ran to him and hugged him like there is no tomorrow. Riyan hugged me back. I stood in his embrace for few minutes.

“I’ll kill this jerk.” He was about to go to Kunj but stopped when I came in middle. I looked at Kunj, his eyes held some pain. I frowned at him.

“Twinkle move.” gritted Riyan.

“No. First listen to me.” I almost begged.

“please then do whatever you want. Just for once listen to me. Please Riyan.”

“ok.” I asked Kunj to sit and he just obliged like he had nothing to say.

“What do you want to say?” he asked me glaring Kunj. I sighed.

“Riyan. It’s not what you are thinking.”

“care to explain.” he asked coldly.

“Riyan he married me with my consent.” I said.

“No, he trapped you.”

“no.” with that I explained him anything. I sobbed remembering all those stupid words of those women.

“How dare they say such cheap words to you? I will kill them.” with that he is about to stand but I grabbed his hand and nodded my head in no. I explained him remaining stunts of my dad and everything. I need to share this with someone and Riyan is not only my brother but also my best friend from childhood. Atlast I felt vulnerable and started crying. He pulled me into hug.

“shh Twinkle.” he whispered sweet things in my ears. After composing myself, I looked at him breaking our hug.

“This much had happened and you didn’t thought it’s important to inform me.” he said. His voice laced with disappointment.

“you were on your bussiness trip and I know how important it is for you.” I said. He looked at me.

“nothing is more important than you Twinkle.” he said cupping my face.

“I’m sorry Twinkle. You went through all this and I was not even aware about these things. I wasn’t there for you when you need me the most.”

“don’t say that.”

“Trust me if I was present at that time then I would have never let happen this.” he said.

“I know.” He looked at my face and studied it for a while.

“are you happy?” he asked me. I nodded my head and hugged him. I felt relieved after sharing everything with him.

“come let’s go home.” he said from nowhere and I looked at him confused.

“what? I want to spend some time with you. I not even teased you sis let alone enjoy your marriage and top of that I need to share many things. I want to spend sometime with you, my little sis.” he said.

“are you ordering me?” I asked him narrowing my eyes.

“ofcourse any doubt. And had you ever seen me requesting you?” he asked me raising his brows.

“except in the case of Rashi.”

“at that time…”

“at that time what?” I urged him to continue.

“are you coming or not?” he asked me.

“what if I say no?” I asked challenging him.

“then my dear sweet sister, it won’t take me a second to carry you. And trust me, in this case not even your husband can save you from me.” he said rolling his sleeves.

“That is kidnapping and you are not going to do that. Are you?”

“test me?”

“you are bad.” I whined.

“go and change into casuals. We are going home and that’s final.”

“as you have left any choice for me.” I rolled my eyes.

“get ready. I’ll come in 15 minutes, I have some work here.” with that he kissed my forehead and left. I looked at Kunj who is smiling at me. His face held different kind of emotion which is hard to understand.

“sorry Kunj. My brother is over protective about me.” I said breaking ice.

“it’s ok. Even I would had done same but you never told you have a brother?” he asked me. To be frank, whenever I was about mention about my brother some or other thing interupts us.

“maybe I never got the chance.” I replied. I looked at his forehead and from the right corner, blood is oozing out.

“oh my god!”

“what happened?” he looked at me confused.

“you are bleeding.” I made him sit on couch and ran to bring firstaid box. After finding firstaid box, I ran back to him. I took my seat beside him. Taking cotton ball I dipped it in detol. I slowly touched his forehead with cotton ball but backed off when he flinched.

“sorry.” I mumbled and slowly touched it again while blowing air so that he can’t feel much pain. I looked at him and he is busy staring at my face. I looked admiration in his eyes and some other feeling, love. I brushed away my thoughts. Maybe, I’m overthinking. I continued my work slowly without giving him much pain. After cleaning the wound, I apllied the cream and bandaided it. I looked at him and his eyes showed pain. I placed my hand on his cheek.

“it’s gonna be ok.” he nodded his head. I don’t know ehy I said that? It’s just my heart asked me and I obliged. I replaced the first-aid box. When I returned back Riyan also returned at the same time. Riyan looked at Kunj. I thought he will punch him again.

“Kunj I’m sorry.” said Riyan startling him.

“I just lost my mind when I got to know everything. I love this idiot in a way too much that I just can’t tolerate anything. If someone hurts her then I’ll loose my cool. Without knowing whole story I hit you. I’m sorry.” said Riyan and I smiled looking at him.

“hey! please. It’s ok. I don’t really mind it. I can understand your emotions.” he replied.

“why are you like this Kunj? Don’t be like this. I’m liking you in a way too much. I thought business tycoons are selfish and spoilt brats but you, you are here busy in changing my heart and my stupid brain is supporting it. I like you and I know my feelings are more than like for you. But, I’m confused. Do I lo… Hey what’s the big deal in falling for you? You are my husband so no one gonna protest me and I need not to hide it. Woahhh! But do I lov…. I need to figure it out soon.”

“Twinki.” someone yelled in my ears.

“what the hell Riyan?” I literally yelled at him.

“stop oggling your husband, he’s not going anywhere.” he said from no where. I looked at him and realised that I’m gawking at Kunj. My face heated up.

“oh my god! Someone is blushing.” here goes my brother’s teasing session.

“shut up.” I looked at Kunj who is having a slight smile.

“I won’t.”

“shut up or else”

“or else what?” he challenged me.

“I’m going to disclose your biggest secret of loving my bestfriend to dad.” Next moment all colour drained out of his. Yayy! Tables are on my side.

“you won’t?” he asked.

“test me. I would love to.” I’m just enjoying it right now and I glanced at Kunj, who is enjoying as much as me. Good or else I wouldn’t. You can understand.

“what do you want?” he asked defeated. I’m so loving this situation.

“you would give anything?” I asked him raising my brows.

“yeah.” his tone is defeated.

“accept that I’m the best sister of this world. No. No. Universe.”


“fine then I’ll also disclose everything to dad.” he tried to intimidate me but, alas! tables are on my side.

“what? Time is running out.” I continued while tapping my left foot and showing watch on my left wrist. My gaze landed on Kunj, who is looking quite amused. Well, I don’t blame him. He hadn’t witnessed my this side. Sometimes I feel like he is more mature then he really need to me.

“fine.” said Riyan bringing me out of my thoughts.

“what?” I asked him. He gave me a look of ‘are you insane?’ and said

“I’m accepting.” he said.

“What exactly are you accepting Mr.Riyan Taneja?” How I love to tease him!

“whatever you said before.”

“and what did I said?” I asked him innocently.

“stop irritating me.”

“I’m not.” he sighed and said

“fine you are the best sister of this world.”

“excuse me. It’s Universe. I think your brain had stopped functioning.” I commented to which he rolled his eyes.

“yeah. yeah. Universe. Now happy?” he asked me.

“very.” he again rolled his eyes but a small smile is threatening on his face. Mine and Riyan’s relationship is something like this. He knows I’ll never disclose his relationship with Rashi without his consult yet he listens to me. He is the best brother I have but, I’m not going to accept it. I love to dominate him.

“I’ll be waiting in car.” with that he left giving room to me and Kunj. I looked at Kunj who is already staring me.

“take care.” I said.

“have safe journey.” he replied. I nodded my head and turned on my heels. I took two steps then halted. I turned towards Kunj and ran to his embrace. I hugged him by locking my hands around his waist and resting my head on his chest. I felt him stiffening. After two minutes I felt him hugging me back. I don’t know why on the first place I hugged him. My heart wants to and I just obliged. May be because I like him. Whatever the reason maybe but the fact is I’m feeling safe in his arms. It just feels so right and most importantly I won’t return atleast for two to three days so that’s maybe the reason. I broke it unwantedly when I heard horn sound. Kunj looked deep into my eyes and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes leaning to his touch. Wow! It feels like heaven.

“take care.”


Here I’m winding up

Hope you all enjoyed it.

Sorry for being late but I can’t help.

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And thank you so much guys for those lovely comments. They encouraged me a lot and today I’m posting because of those comments and likes.

Love you all.


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