A new year which i cannot forget! An Avneil FS


It was 31 st december  when  i reached   pune  nd was staying at xyz resort , i can’t believe that finally i made my  wish come true  of leaving all alone without phone without any anyone . after reaching pune i checked into my room nd just  thought to spent that night sleeping while everyone were partying. u guys might think how boring or stupid i am but ya that’s me avni . i thought explore resort next day as everyone would be partying but ……as god  doesn’t wanted me too stay alone that probably i guess. The resort owner organized a new year party nd every guest had to be a part of it like what the hell man can’t person be alone nd celebrate it . so , i thoght to go for half nd hour nd come back to my room . the party was quite gud anyway , i enjoyed my dinner nd was my way back to room where i got bumped into few jerks …. nd i had to run away wearing those block hills and black gown .

avni : god why i wore these things i should have wore my sneakers and jeans -top

{ while running to hide from those jerks }

nd suddenly someone drag her nd takes her to other direction

avni : hey ,who are u ? nd where u taking me ?

guy : just calm down i am saving u from those jerks

avni : hey wait

{ nd they both stoped nd look back to check are they following or not }

guy : i think we can stop nd go back ,i don’t see those ppl following u

avni : go back …! do u even remember the direction we came how will we go back

guy : ahh…! i don’t ….i just wanted to rescue u nd so i took this way

avni : what the hell man ! now how  should i go back …..it’s all because of u

guy : excuse me …ek toh help karo upar se yeh sab suno

avni : haan toh help kisne maangi thi tumse

guy : i think we should just stop fighting nd try to figure out how should we go back

avni : hmm…

guy : by the way i am neil nd u ……

avni : not interested …yeh koi situation  hai kya introduction nd all dene ka just thnk how should we go back …

guy : ok so miss not interested ….i think we should wait till mrng here only

  1. Kira

    Hello from avneil ff writer it was an amazing one ??? keep going on ? well can u plz tell me the full form of FS ..I sound crazy ???

    1. Arshiya_princess

      Thank u so much ?nd FS means..few shots

    2. Kira

      OK thanks ????

  2. Arshiya_princess

    Guys the next part was uploaded first so don’t get confused

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