A new year which i cannot forget! An Avneil FS Part – 4

avni then takes a sip of wine nd spits out while neil laugh

avni : yuck ! it taste so bad ……how can anyone drink it

neil : …….

avni : can u stop laughing

they finish their dinner nd were heading towards eachother’s room .

neil : avni  what are u are doing tomorrow

avni : mein kuch bhi karu tumhe kya …

neil : actually woh na mujhe humesha mere trips pe mera assistant DD mere saath rehta hai aur mujhe kisi company ki addat hai but yeh baar meri mom ne usse aane nhi diya as i am workaholic nd mein kaam mein busy rehta hu nd she wanted me to enjoy sometime so

avni : so enjoy it

neil : yaar mein tumhari tarah akele ghum nhi sakta i feel bored so plzz na i will not filrt with u nd waise bhi i am not filrty kind of guy okay i am a sincere guy

avni : mr.khanna don’t u think u are interfering too much in my life

neil : i saved u from those guys u didn’t even thank me for it so for  that sake can i come with u

avni : but ……..

neil : plzzzzz

avni : okay fine meet me at 9: 00 am tomorrow

neil : thank u

nd both goes to their respective room .  next day morning both meet eachother

neil : so what’s the plan

avni : just follow me mr.khanna

both reaches a orphanage

neil : tumhe iska pata kaise chala

avni : isse mein aur meri mom chalte hai ….meri ma ek social worker hai so humare mom inhe chaalati hai though we stay in Mumbai we have our people here  to manage it so whenever i come to pune i visit them

neil : but i can’t see kids or anyone here

avni : they must be doing puja ….everyday  they do puja and sing a bhajan

neil : ten come we will also go and join them

avni : if u want u can go but i  will wait for them in garden

neil : come on na avni  ( nd he holds her hand )

avni : neil….

neil  then goes from their nd joins with kids . after few mins kids come with neil to the garden meets avni while everyone are playing avni notices that neil is not talking to her nd thinks that she shouted on him unnecessarily so she goes to him and takes him a side

avni : neil i am sorry look i know i shouldn’t have on u but look ……….

neil : it’s ok i think i shouldn’t  have forced u

avni : actually i don’t believe in god  ….he has snatched and have showed me   many things when i was only 8 years old

nd she tells everything how asish mehta his dad  never told about them to his mom dhayanwanti mehta nd she made neela to marry asish nd when after marriage she came to know about it she asked asish to come to us nd then one day how asish , her mom nd his brother died in an accident which was done by dhayawanti ……luckily neela was with me and she made dhayawanti mehta behind bars nd took care of me …..that’s the reason i love neela ma so much she just took care of me like her own child nd that’s the reason i don’t want to get married

avni cries when neil tries to console her but

avni : neil can u just leave me alone i will come back in few mins  plzz neil understand

neil : okay i am going  but say me would   ur  neela ma would be happy seeing u stuck over these things ……i know it’s not easy to forget but atleast try to move on it’s not that everything happened is bad u got another mom neela ma who loves u so much nd now ur dadi is behind the bars …..try to move on as it will only give u pain .

neil leaves her while she cries nd remembers everything but she stops crying when she hears neil nd turns

Haule haule tu kadam
Badha meri jaan
Itna bhi yoon na darr
Tere sang main haan chalta rahoon
Jab talak hai bani mujhme jaan

( neil come with kids nd they all dance nd neil makes avni dance too )

Mushkil hai suna ye safar bada
Par sang mein tere mere hai Khuda
Sapna saja hai kal kisne dekha
Phir se naya..

( neil holds her hand nd through his dance nd song indirectly say avni to move on in life )

Chal meri jaan
Chal meri jaan
Soche bina
Chal meri jaan

Jag toh ye hai bada jhulmi sa
Iski na sun ye kisi ka bhi na
Thoda yakeen toh rakh
Mere humnava khud pe zara

Lafzon se tu kar
Khushi ko byaan
Jo bhi hua sanam

Use bhool ja
Aa chal basale hum kahin apna jahan

( through the last line he just tease avni that winks his eyes nd holding her while avni gives a angry look nd was about to beat him when he hold his ears nd moves to kids while avni laugh nd just stares  at him lovingly )

Chal meri jaan
Chal meri jaan
Soche bina
Chal meri jaan

Ho jo bhi humne gawaaye

Aa unka harzana bharke
Aane wale pal ko manaaye
Aur unko dugna bana ke

Aa hum jee le
Har khushi ko
Aansu pee le
Aaye ek dooje ke aa

Chal meri jaan

Chal meri jaan
Soche bina
Chal meri jaan

Haule haule tu kadam
Badha meri jaan
Itna bhi yoon na darr
Tere sang main haan chalta rahoon
Jab talak hai bani mujhme jaan..





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