A New Start (NAUC, Chapter 16)

We see Roopan quarreling on the amount of the vase and Ramesh says “bhabhi stop lying as you brought this vase from chor bazaar and it’s not an antique piece” and Roopan defends herself by questioning back Ramesh about him knowing it and why is he so sure about it?? He says remember that day bhabhi……….. And a FB starts…
We see Gangwal family is going on a picnic all are excited and as usual Roopan is wearing costly branded clothes and heavy jwelery for show –off and she wants/desires appreciation and jealousy by other family members which is not going good so she starts showering her anger on other family members and start commenting on their clothes fashion sense etc……
Her main target is luxmi who is wearing very simple clothes she just keeps on bragging about her costly clothes and jewelry making Luxmi feel more sad all others try to stop her blabbing but they can’t and they all slap their heads and continue their journey and when they reach their destination all get down the car and feel hot outside so decide to go to some place with AC but they couldn’t find one so they have to walk all the way long just to find a dhaba whose big bhatti add on to the temperature there they order chilled water………
And fortunately for timepass Roopan found another lady like her 😀 😀
(u can well imagine frndss how funny it wud have been seeing them showing off and their irritated family members)

And after that a show off war starts …….
*** to be continued……
** This FB is only the start of the outcome of Ramesh’s answer …..
Lol sorry for short update as a little busyy hopr u enjoyed and sorry again as cudn’t complete as said in precap…….
Thank you_

Credit to: fan writer

  1. Nice update..:-) but toooooo small..:'(

  2. thank u mishu nd m v srry 4a very short update as a lil busy with tests and typing in mobile with auto correct is time consumingg hope u understand dr lol m v srry

  3. Yaa very small..

  4. I cn undrstand diii

    btw nycoo

    nd chor bazaar part was awsm

  5. nice @ richu waiting for the show off war 😛 😉 …… the story is going great

  6. very nice richu dr..but its too small

    1. srrryy guyss but 1 morethingg i really typed 2 more paras buttt forgot to savend lost d data 😛 myyy mistakee …. and didnt type again as i was a bitt busyy lol tc….. 😉

  7. thnx guyss nd i too agree it’s a veryy small chapter but i promise a longer one next timeee pakka 🙂

  8. very nyc epi richa
    nyc going……luv nauc

  9. thanxc @ dimple and i hope u enjoyed 🙂

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