A New Road – bepannah ff( chapter 1)

A New Road… Episode 1


Hello everyone, so last i had written a one-shot or short story was in January and I so wanted to write one. i think readers love reading a short story or one-shot because they don’t have to wait for an ending.

i enjoy writing a one-shot because with an os you can say your feelings in the smallest possible way. Now enough of my talks, enjoy this and thank you Fenil, for suggestions.


“Didi!! the Chhabua matter is solved, so should I book your ticket for Mumbai?” asked Meena, her assistant cum a little sister who took care of her every need from the time she had joined the office.

“Hmm, but I’ll spend one more day here… I am in my room, tell them to not disturb me unless it is something very important.”

In a retiring voice, Maya told her and moved to the upper block.

“Should I bring your favorite paav in a while?” seeing the tensed face of Maya, Meena asked.

“No, I want to be alone for a while…” Maya has already taken the stairs.

Three years have passed when she had first met this somewhat Reserved girl in Mumbai, both had been recruited for the first time but they mixed very well.

Maya was a work alcoholic, straight to point and unapologetically diplomatic when it came to handling people… it was a mystery why this sensible girl didn’t marry yet; forget a marriage whenever her family came with such talks she shut them up politely.

Perhaps there was someone who had come to her life like a brief breeze and fled somewhere else leaving her breathless for the rest of her life…

“Meena Di, what will Madam take in dinner?” Ashfaq asked from the kitchen.

“cook some Khichri for her and others will have the usual,” Meena ordered. “It seems like she is disturbed about something.” she murmured to herself.


It has just been three years and all was going good but from the last few months she was in pressure, a certain contractor was demanding permission for illegal construction and she had tried everything possible to deny him politely but nothing has been working.

On top of that, it was this minister who was interfering in this matter. She was finding it impossible to stop their advances.

Walking to her room her sight fell on the little caterpillar making his way to her direction; the brown small one with millions of hairs which once struck to skin were going to itch a lot.

She could have called someone and asked them to take it away but she had no energy left, taking the turn she opened the door.


In these years he had grown as she had, he was now working in some top courier company; his MBA got him something he wanted,” she used to smile on that.

again she was staring at his picture, she had thought of many occasions to stop thinking about him but they say na the first love!! it is hard to let it go and the hardest when it is one-sided.

Nearly ten years back she had met him in a workshop and without a single hello or a coffee together she had fallen for him, for his boyish charm… she herself was a little girl, just passed her secondary exams but attraction kept increasing and slowly it became her hope in life.

After the workshop ended she didn’t see him but through his profile, she got updated about him.

Time kept passing and their pre-decided journey had its own ups and downs, he went for an MBA and she went for CSE…

She knew her family was never going to say a Yes to an ordinary job guy for their officer daughter so she left those thoughts and then a day came when she saw him with his better-half…When one fine evening he had updated his profile with her, she had felt pangs of unknown fear in her heart, like she lost the right to stare him…

She had decided to not look at him when he was someone else’s but her poor heart, whenever things turned hard in her life she found a softer world with him.

She knew now she was running late in her marriage department; she should have gotten married by now but her heart was waiting for someone impossible.

Sometimes she wanted to hug someone and tell her problems, sometimes she wanted to ask the opinion of someone in such strange conditions but …

She knew very well until you keep begging, life keeps showing thumb and when you stop caring about it it gives the unprecedented.

She was still reeling through her thoughts when her phone showed a notification, “a reply from that certain him”.

Her heart did the same flips it used to do on his one glimpse back then, she had gone hundred of places and met so many guys but no one had the power to tremble her as he did.

“i see you are an officer and I have done my own research; you are in income tax but I have been very careful in submitting my taxes then why such a message…” she read the message twice.

In no moment she smiled on his humor, she should have talked with him all those years back, why did she wait for ten years.

With an enthusiasm like young girls she typed, “ because I found some irregularities in your submission, I thought to notify you.” she slid in her blanket and smiled on this childishness.

“Are you serious, has the IT department gone this casual with their payers?” his next text surprised her.

“well, the new government wants every officer to be very supportive to the payer and be friendly with them.” she didn’t know this new Maya who was flirting with the years-old crush for whom she was just a random woman officer.

“can we meet? She typed but backspaced.

“i think I should visit the office for the corrections,” he texted and though he referred the IT office her breath got hitched.

“i was joking there is nothing like that?” she typed away.

“i don’t remember a girl named Maya in my school or college. have we met before, Maya?” his text asked her and she felt her cheeks turning red.

“Can we meet?” she typed after a while.

“i live in Mumbai but what about you officer?” whenever he called her an officer it felt magical; she had been enjoying the talks.

“i’ll be arriving Mumbai in three days, then we can meet Aditya.” she typed smiling like a teenage so in love.

“can i ask one thing?” his next text got her toes curled in fear.


“were you stalking me?”



How was this guys?, with this ff i hope to write something close to my heart… give your reviews. next part will be up tomorrow.(this is a three part story)

here i will try showing an aspect of social media romance.

with love Morusya




  1. It was really nice but did u name zoya as maya??

    1. Morusya51

      yes, i changed the name from Maya to Zoya, thank you for your interest ♥♥♥

  2. Fenil

    Its really awesome. ?❤

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Fenil for always supporting ♥♥♥

  3. Hey ! For the first time I read your story and I must say you are fabulous in it ? awesome start. Love the midnight convo & the caterpillar part.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Medha!!! i am happy you like it… i try connecting the readers with the real feel and the caterpillar was that attempt, hoping to see you in next part too ♥♥♥♥

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