A Mesmerizing Love Story Of Those Golden Days – Episode 19


Naina and Preeti are shocked to know the past. Bela says, “I know you both must be angry on your mothers that how could they forgive your dad and come back to him, but this is how love is. They truly love your dad and I am sure that your dad has also tried his best to take care of all of you. If you believe me, I think you should forget the past and start a new and fresh bond with your parents. And if you ever need anything in your life, you can talk to us anytime. But I think you both should try to improve your relationship with your parents.” Naina and Preeti think a lot and then decide to do what Bela told them. “We guess it is time to move on in our lives because we don’t want to live all our lives with this burden. We want to start everything fresh.” say the girls and Bela hugs them happily. But Beena, who is watching from a distance, decides to do something.

The family explores Jaipur and enjoys the whole day. As soon as they get back home, they sit and relax. Beena quietly walks to a corner and calls Rakesh using the telephone. He picks up. “Namaste Rakesh Bhai Sahab, Beena here. I wanted to talk to you about Naina and Preeti.” says Beena. “Namaste Bhabhiji, did they do something wrong? I am really sorry but can we talk later as its morning here and I have a very important meeting.” replies Rakesh. Beena says, “I just wanted to tell you that you should just take them back with you as they are” and Naresh snatches the phone from her and says, “Namaste Rakesh, Naresh here. Beena was just saying that you should never take them back as they are very sweet and nice. We all are spending a great time together.” Rakesh replies, “Oh, I thought they were troubling you. But that’s great. I am so happy that you all are taking care of them. Thankyou so much.” “No problem, ok I guess you will be busy so continue with your work, bye” and hangs up. “What is wrong with you Beena? I don’t understand why don’t you enjoy with us and share the happiness with Naina and Preeti. Just stop these cheap tricks.” scolds Naresh and leaves. Beena thinks, “You scolded me because of those girls. It’s enough now, I will not spare them.”

Anand says, “Naina and Preeti, we have a surprise for you. I and Bela will be coming to the school on Monday and announcing something very important. We hope you both will like it and participate.” Naina replies, “Chachaji, this is not done. You told us half of the thing and because of that, we won’t be able to sleep till Monday.” Everybody laughs.


Preeti says, “Chachaji, at least tell us now, please.” Anand replies, “You have waited for two days, why not for two more hours? We will come in the assembly.”


Anand and Bela arrive and announce, “Goodmorning everyone. This year too we have ELECTIONS for Head Boy and Head Girl. We hope you all are very excited. The students who want to participate from grade 11 and 12 can give their names to their class teachers. And before we all leave, we have a small treat for everyone on the success of the Inspection. Everyone will make a single line and take the eatables as they go back to their classes.”

Everyone rushes to get the treat. Naina and Preeti try to find Swati but don’t see her. “She must have gone to get the treat.” says Preeti. Anand and Bela come to them and say, “We think you both should also give your names for elections. Even if you don’t get selected, at least you will try your best.” Naina replies, “But Chachaji-Chachiji, we both never participate in one single thing. Only one of us does as we don’t want any type of fight and care a lot about our relation. And in such situations, we always toss a coin.” Anand and Bela smile and agree. They toss a coin with Naina choosing heads and Preeti choosing tails. The coin lands on heads. Preeti says, “I will totally support you in whatever you need. Now you will only be the head girl of the school.” Naina smiles and hugs Preeti.

Pandit watches this from behind and tells Sameer about it. Munna says, “Sameer, you should definitely stand for Head Boy. Imagine you and Naina being the Head Boy and the Head Girl and working together.” Sameer leaves the line of the treat and rushes to the class teacher. Munna and Pandit laugh. Swati joins the line and Munna says, “Oh my god, Frock wala Pandit is looking so cute today.” “Thanks” replies Pandit. “I am not talking about you. I am talking about my Frock wala Pandit.” replies Munna. “This is so confusing. I don’t like this game.” says Pandit. Munna laughs.

Naina and Preeti go to the class teacher and give Naina’s name for head girl. Sameer also gives his name for head boy. “You are standing in the elections too. That’s amazing. All the best.” says Naina. “Same to you. I hope we both win.” replies Sameer and they leave to join the line. Naina and Preeti see Swati and say, Where were you? We were finding you since so long.”Swati replies, “I had gone to the class teacher to give my name for Head girl elections. It is my dream to be the Head girl of the school.” Naina, Preeti, Sameer, Munna, and Pandit stand shocked.


  1. Shesha485

    Superb track. I was actually waiting for your ff. Now, finally you updated. Naresh grabs the phone from Beena and informs that Rakesh that the girls are sweet is nice. And Naina-Preeti’s coin toss shows their lovely bond. Samaina stands for election along with Swati. Its great. But one thing is confusing. Pandit loves Swati or Munna loves Swati ? Waiting for the next episode

    1. Firstly thanks a lot for your comment and secondly I am sorry about not being able to update often. Actually I am a little busy with my part time job and a test for university. I’ll try to update more often.

    2. Thanks a lot for your comment. I am a little busy with my university start work and my part time job. But I’ll try to update more often. And Munna loves swati and Pandit loves preeti ?

    3. Shesha485

      Yeah it’s ok, take care.☺️

    4. Thanks

  2. Adhu

    Nice to see your FF after a long time ?. Naina and Preeti decided to have a fresh start, it was really a matured decision. Beena is so irritating. Naresh any way handled the situation. Munna was really nice. Now Swati and Naina will be contesting against each other .. I hope it doesn’t affect their friendship.

    1. Sorry about updating late as I am a little busy with university and job. But I’ll definitely try to update more often. I am so happy that you find the story interesting. Everything will be revealed soon

    2. ?❤️??

    3. @Shanaya
      First of all I am very very sorry for not commenting on the previous update and also for the late comment. Actually these days I am very busy with my clg stuffs and also my clg is taking online classes for next session . So I don’t get enough time to visit TU.
      And this episode and the previous one was really awesome.
      Wow ,it was really very interestingly awesome episode. Finally the truth revealed to naina and preeti and I am really happy that they forgive their parents and decide th have a fresh start. It was really awesome. And I love the part where Naina and preeti tossed the coin to decide who will participate or who will not,it was really nice . I always love their bonding and I am also thankful to you for showing such a lovely and strong bond between sisters.
      And in the last part where swati says that it is my dream to be the head girl was really unexpected. That part was surprisingly shocking. I hope that this will not affect their friendship. I am really looking forward for the next update.
      Waiting for the next update and really enjoyed this update and the previous one????.

    4. I was missing your comments a lot. It’s so good to see your comment. And I totally understand that education comes first. Even I was stuck with my university work n couldn’t update very often.
      Thanks a lot for all the love n support. I have always loved the bond the show had among the characters. So I try to showcase that as I myself love deep bond among family. I’ll try to update sooner

    5. @Shanaya

    6. @Petal

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