A Mesmerizing Love Story Of Those Golden Days – Episode 16

Hey guys. Sorry for the late update. Actually I was busy with the last project of my school life as I will begin University after the summer break. So I had to give my best. And I am so happy to receive an A in the project 🙂

Thankyou so much for all the love n support you all have been giving to the ff.


The episode starts with Naina shocked to see Sameer standing behind her. “What did you say?” asks Sameer. “ N..Nothing. I did not say anything.” replies Naina in a trembling voice. “Stop lying, Naina. I heard it. How could you even think of doing something like that to your own family?” says Sameer. “THEY ARE NOT MY FAMILY!! That’s the reason I am doing all this.” shouts Naina. “At least you accepted that I heard it right.” replies Sameer. “I don’t care if you heard it. Just leave now and let me concentrate on the plan.” orders Naina.  He asks, “The plan to ruin your life?” On hearing that, Naina gives him a confused look while he continues, “Just come with me once, please.” and she reluctantly goes along with him, away from the crowd.

Sameer says, “Do you even know how much your Chacha-Chachi love you? They care so much about you. Since the day you and Preeti entered the school, they both remind me every single day over phone to take care of you both and see if you both face any kind of problem in the school. I joined this school many years back but it has never been old. Two years back, I was offered to join a highly reputed school far away but I refused by giving the excuse that I won’t be able to stay without my parents. But another reason of staying back was this school, my friends and your Chacha-Chachi. They have always treated me like their son. They have always helped me in the best way possible. And I am 110% sure that they are trying to help you both even better. I know you don’t have your parents here in India but they both are no less than your parents. Please understand and stop all this.” Naina is deeply touched but stares at him and says, “I don’t trust you. Just leave.” Sameer gets heartbroken but doesn’t show it on his face as he says, “Alright, I will leave. Just one last thing. At least you trust yourself, right. So just shut your eyes and think if there is anything your Chacha-Chachi have done for you? I am sure there will be many, but even if you are able to see one such thing, I believe you will get your answer.”

Naina shuts her eyes and everything starts revolving in her head: Her parents who messed up everything, and then her Chacha-Chachi who emerged as brightness in her dull life. The way they took care of her and Preeti, the dresses and shoes they brought, the delicious food Chachi cooked, their concern, their kind behavior ….

And Naina suddenly opens her eyes and starts crying. Sameer tries to console her by saying, “Naina, please calm down. At least tell me why are you crying?” Suddenly Preeti comes there and asks, “Naina, I was looking for all around. What are you…” and stops as she sees her crying and quickly hugs her. “What happened? Did this boy say something to you?” asks Preeti as she pushes off Sameer. Naina stops her and replies while sobbing, “We are so evil. How could we do this to them? They gave us all the love we were looking for all our lives and we only gave them hatred.” Preeti asks with a confused look, “What are you talking about?”

Naina narrates the conversation she had with Sameer and her self-confrontation. Tears start rolling down Preeti’s eyes. She hugs Naina and says, “How could we not see this earlier? Chacha Ji and Chachi Ji always tried to mend our broken lives. They loved us the way we expected our parents to love us. But right now, we must mend our ways and thank them for everything. Life won’t give us another chance.” Sameer smiles seeing them. Naina smiles with tears in her eyes and says, “Firstly, go and inform Swati about everything.” Preeti nods and replies, “But before that…” She turns towards Sameer and continues, “I don’t know if I should say sorry first or thankyou. But I think I should start with apologizing. I am really very sorry for misunderstanding you and pushing you away. And thankyou so much for providing intelligence to our stupid brains.” Sameer who was trying to keep a serious look on his face, just starts laughing. “It’s ok. I am glad I could provide intelligence to the brains from London.” he says. The three laugh and Preeti leaves to tell Swati about everything.

Naina looks in to Sameer’s eyes and says, “I don’t think thankyou is enough for what you have done today. You gave us our beautiful lives back that we were again going to spoil.” and is about to hug Sameer but stops. Sameer who is lost in Naina’s eyes, doesn’t respond at all. “Sameer” she raises her voice and Sameer gets back to the real world. “Where are you lost?” she asks and he replies unknowingly, “In your eyes…” “What?” asks Naina curiously. Sameer quickly responds, “Ice…Ice… I was thinking about ice. It’s so hot in Jaipur. I just want to go to Shimla to see ice, yes.” Naina smiles and says, “So you love Shimla too. That’s good. But there’s snow on the mountains, not ice.” and leaves.

Sameer smiles and sings, “JO TUMKO HO PASAND WOHI BAAT KAHENGE


and covers his face with his hands shyly as he follows Naina.

Naina sees Preeti and Swati hugging each other. And as they notice her, Swati comes to Naina and happily hugs her saying, “I am so proud of you and this decision. Thankyou so much for staying here. I am so happy that we three will enjoy together.” “I am not able to breathe, Swati.” says Naina as Swati had hugged her very tight. “Oh, sorry” replies Swati as she lets go of her. “Is one slap enough for you or do you want two?” asks Naina and a confused Swati looks at her. Preeti smiles and Naina says, “You keep on giving us lecture all day about friendship and you yourself said both thankyou and sorry.” and the three laugh. Sameer, who is watching from a distance, laughs too.

Munna and Pandit come to Sameer and he explains them everything that happened. Pandit hugs Sameer tightly and says, “You are the best, brother. Because of you, Preeti will stay here now. I am so happy.” Munna also hugs Sameer and says, “Also, FROCK WALA PANDIT (Pandit wearing a frock) will stay happy now.” “I never wear a frock.” replies Pandit angrily. “Who is even talking about you?” says Munna. “Who is Frock wala Pandit then?” asks Sameer curiously. “Swati” replies Munna shyly. “What?” laugh Sameer and Pandit. Munna replies, “Actually, there are three reasons behind that. First, I don’t want to call her by her name until we marry. You know, like the girls don’t call their to-be husbands by their name. Secondly, I can easily compliment her or speak about her even if she is in front of me. And lastly, she mostly wears a frock or skirt. I could use FROCK WALA SAMEER but that sounds awkward to me. Sameer is so tall that a frock won’t suit him. So FROCK WALA PANDIT is good.”

“This boy has gone crazy in love.” laugh Sameer and Pandit.

Suddenly, they all hear Anand and Bela saying on the mike, “That was a wonderful and informative program. We hope our guest loved it too. Now before we leave for inspecting the school, we would like to have our new students Naina and Preeti to come up and say a few words to thank our guest for coming here and spending such good time with us. Also, the girls will speak about the importance of government in the field of education. Please invite them with a huge round of applause.”

Naina and Preeti smile and get the speeches out of their pockets. As they start to move, Swati stops them and whispers, “Girls, this is the bad speech. You can’t say these things now.” Naina and Preeti realize that and stare each other in fear.

  1. Shesha485

    It is great that you received A in project. Congrats.
    It is really touchy that Sameer advised Naina and Naina understand very soon about relationships. Preeti-Naina-Sameer conversation is funny and good. Frock wala Pandit is great and it usually happens in each and every class boys. ?? Oh my god, the girls have bad speech. Hope something will happen positive. Excited for the next episode.

    1. Firstly thanks a lot for congratulating me. That means a lot ??
      And Thankyou so much for loving the episode. I have always loved Frock Wala Pandit in the show. So thought to add it here too. Will be updating soon ????

  2. @Shanaya
    First of all many many congratulations?? for getting an A in your project.
    Fabulous,this episode is really very interestingly
    happily amazingly awesome. When sameer heard Naina’s plan and confronted/advised her for her action. The word said by sameer it was very emotionally touchy and heart melting??. It was really such a gr8 advice.
    And when Naina on hearing Sameer’s words finally realized her mistake and then starts crying,it was very emotional moment. And when she told preeti about the whole conversation between her and sameer and how their chacha- chachi is doing their best to make them happy and is trying to change them for good,it was really very awesomely emotional moment. I am so happy that they both finally realised their mistake and is ready to correct them??.
    And the very next part love the conversation among naina, sameer and Preeti, it was kinda funny and totally awesome??. And whe sameer smiles and starts singing JO TUMKO HO PASAND WOHI BAAT KAHENGE TUM ICE KO AGAR SNOW KAHO SNOW KAHENGE ,love that part and that line.
    And when they told swati about the whole incident and decided to withdraw their plan,the conversation among them was very nice,totally love it.
    And love the conversation among sameer,munna and pandit, their conversation was kinda funny,insanely awesome and their bond is fabulously unbreakable.
    And the very past part where naina and preeti came to stage for giving speech and realized that they had bad speech in their hand and stares at each other,OMG what will gonna happen in the next episode.
    Thnx for this update, really enjoyed this update and waiting for the next update????.

    1. Thanks a million for congratulating me ??. And thanks a lot for giving love to the ff ??. I just added that line while writing coz I love that song and thought to add it as per the situation. ??
      It’s great that you feel the emotions while reading that I feel while writing ??
      I will update soon and till then keep up the curiosity ??

      1. @Petal
        Sorry for not mentioning that I added Sameer’s song lines while just writing the episode. Sorry for any confusion

  3. Mohita

    first of all my heartiest congratulations to you for getting ‘a’ in your project!!

    really fabulous episode!! the episode was amazing, great, nice and now i have shortage of words to tell you…. i loved the way sameer made naina understand everything…. how he told about the reputed school he was offered but he chose hisaschool, friends, teachers and chacha chachi for their love…. and he being lost in her eyes…. though preeti pushing sameer was saddening but later she understood…. so it was good…. naina- preeti crying was emotional …. and how n ina and preeti understood the worth of her chacha and chachi was very heart warming…. naina and preeti understood their mistake and are changing…. it was very nice…. the conversation between samaina- preeti was hilarious…. sammer’s shyari was so so so romantic
    “jo tumko ho pasand wohi baat kahenge

    tum ice ko agar snow kaho snow kahenge”…. and when he covered his face shyly it was too laughable…. kinda he behaved like a over shy girl…. when the girls decided to withdraw their plan was very nice and their conversation too…. through swati’s word i understood that she likes her friends a lot and kinda she dosen’t want to lose them….
    i loved the frock wala pandit thing it was so so funny i laughed my heart out when he explained why he decided the name!!!….
    the last part when naina-preeti where going on the stage…. and swati informed them about the wrong speech….omg it is intresting to know the next part…. i think that either swati or sameer will help them…. think swati has both kind of speech maybe she carried it for sudden changes or maybe sameer will help in some way although it’s just a guees…. very intresting episode…. please update asap

    1. Thankyou so much for congratulating me ??. And thanks a lot for your love n support to the ff ??. You find words less to describe my ff, I am so touched by that.❤️❤️
      Your guesses about what’s gonna happen next are very interesting but will that happen or something else, you’ll have to see in the next update. I will be updating soon ????

      1. @Shanaya
        Thnx for you sweet reply,I am really happy to know that we both feel the same emotion regarding this update and no worries(and for mentioning about) regarding adding Sameer’s song????.

      2. @Shanaya
        Correction in the bracket (and thnx for mentioning).

      3. @Petal
        Thankyou for your comments

      4. @Shanaya

      5. @Petal

  4. Adhu

    Congratulations for getting A in your project.?
    This episode was really a sweet one. I loved how Sameer made Naina realize importance of Chacha and Chachi. Sameer getting lost in Naina’s eyes was lovely moment. It’s good Naina and Preeti understood their mistake and realized it. Sameer walking behind Naina was nice. Munna giving reason why he calls Swati – Frock Wali Pandit was really great.
    Iam eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. Thankyou very much for congratulating me and giving in your comment. ??
      I am glad you loved the conversation and progress of the story. Thanks for the love n support ???? I will update soon

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