A Mesmerizing Love Story Of Those Golden Days – Episode 13


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Hey guys!!! Hope everyone’s doing good. I tried to add some pictures to make the ff more interesting.Hope the pictures get uploaded successfully.Thanks to Shesha485 and Adhu for providing me knowledge about how to do so. Please let me know if I should continue adding them in the upcoming episodes or not.

The episode starts:


Naina and Preeti come back home with Anand and as soon as they get in, there are new dresses and shoes waiting for them. “Surprise!! Did you both like these?” asks Bela. Both the girls are overjoyed to see the beautiful Indian dresses and Rajasthani Juti (shoes).

But at the same time, they get angry in order to keep up with their plan. “Are you trying to buy our emotions with these gifts? I am sure Dad told you to buy these to woo us, right?” shouts Naina and Preeti adds, “We are fine the way everything is. Please don’t try to make a space for yourselves in our hearts by doing this.”

Everyone else is shocked and upset when Beena shouts back, “Wow!!! These girls take everything for granted. I told you not to buy them anything. From now on, just listen to me first. Let them both stay by themselves. They don’t need any family.”


On hearing that, Naina’s and Preeti’s eyes get moist and they rush to their room and shut the door.

Naresh asks Beena to leave and as she goes, Anand says, “Did you see that?” and Bela replies, “What? Their rude behavior?” “No, the positive behind that. Their eyes were moist which means they are affected by what Bhabhi Ji (Beena) said. And when somebody’s words affect you, it simply means that you are close to that person. So, if we try and teach them indirectly, they will be affected and might just change the way they are.” explains Anand. “That’s amazing. We should start right away.” replies Naresh.




“I think we need to show them the importance of a good family.” says Arjun and Pralay adds, “Also, that the good people around them can make their lives brighter.” The elders praise them both for the ideas.




Both the girls wash their faces and get dressed. “We don’t need any family. We have one and they three (Rakesh, Seema, and Manika) haven’t given us the love we needed. What if these people do the same? I can’t face the same again. I don’t have that strength.” says Naina and Preeti replies, “Me neither. We are not going to let anybody enter our lives now.” “By the way, those gifts were beautiful.” says Naina and both start laughing.

“Let’s call Swati here, or better if we go to her home.I want to relax and feel better.” speaks Naina and both go outside to get the phone. Swati quickly agrees and gives them the address. “Could you please drop us at Swati’s home?” asks Preeti politely and Anand replies, “You and your mood swings. Anyways, I think you both don’t want any emotions from our side, so let’s just do FAVOR FOR A FAVOR.” Naina and Preeti look confused and Bela adds, “Basically, you do something for us and we do something in return. If you want to be dropped at Swati’s home, you can…umm.. you can go and buy 5 kgs rice from the shop nearby.”

“Sure. We also don’t want any free favors from you. Where’s the money?” asks Naina and Bela gives her 10 one rupee coins. “Don’t you have a 10 rupee note? These coins may fall and are difficult to carry.” tells Naina and Naresh says, “If you get everything comfortable, you don’t value it.” “10 one rupee coins make a 10 rupee note. You must have heard: BOOND BOOND SE SAGAR BANTA HAI (Millions of drops make a sea)” adds Bela. Anand also says, “These coins are like the people around you. If you want to become a 10 rupee note, you can’t become all by yourself. You need more coins to be in your life and support you throughout, just like a family does. Life is long, you can’t fight against every problem alone, you will need good and trustworthy people to stand by you.”

Naina and Preeti are touched by those words but reply, “Trust and Family are something we have seen breaking at every step of our lives. So you all don’t need to teach us all that. We will adjust with these coins but that doesn’t mean we like them.” The two leave to buy rice.

“They are way too broken inside. Mending everything will take time but we don’t have to lose hope at any step.” says Bela. “Do they know the whole story about their parents?” asks Naresh and Anand replies, “I don’t think so. They might just know that their father has two wives but not the story before that. But I don’t think we should discuss about their past lives with them right now.”

Beena watches the scene from behind and thinks, “I should call Rakesh and tell him that his daughters do not have any manners and that he should take them back. Otherwise my idiotic family will keep them here forever and then they both will also take our money away as their father did.”


Munna and Pandit come for group study and Vishakha and Vivek welcome them.



As they enter Sameer’s room, he is surprised and hugs them tightly. “We are not able to breathe.” they say and Sameer quickly leaves them apologizing. “We just met at school. Were you missing us so much?” asks Munna and Pandit adds, “Or maybe he was missing HER. Otherwise he would never hug us so tight.”  Sameer moves his head down and replies, “Just shut up. It’s nothing like that.” Munna says, “Why do you even try to lie when you know you are pathetic at that? We know that if you lie, you don’t look into our eyes.” They laugh and chat as they start studying.

(Pandit, Sameer, and Munna)


The two buy rice and come back. “If there is another work, please tell us because you will have to pick us up too from Swati’s home. You know, as you said, favor for a favor.” says Naina. “According to me, dropping and picking up is one work. So you don’t have to do anything else.”   Anand drops them to Swati’s home.

She welcomes them with a big smile and the three hug each other. She takes them to her room and her parents bring eatables for them. “Thank you so much, aunty and uncle. Please don’t bother yourselves. We will ask Swati if we need anything.” says Naina. Her parents bless them and leave. “You have such nice parents. You are lucky.” says Preeti and Swati replies, “I think I am lucky to have such amazing friends too.” “That’s so sweet. But there’s no need to be so sweet at school. You should stay away from us at school otherwise when we leave, you won’t be able to have any new good friends as everybody would have started hating you by then because of us.” says Naina and Swati replies, “I am not going to spoil my present thinking about the future. I have never had such awesome friends in my life. At least let me stay close to you both till you are here. Once you go, we won’t be able to meet every day. I will really miss you both.”

“BAS KAR PAGLI, RULAAEGI KI KYA!! (STOP IT STUPID, WILL YOU MAKE US CRY?)” says Naina with moist eyes. “Aww” says Swati and Preeti smiles seeing them.

(Naina and Swati)


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  1. I am glad the pictures are uploaded. Thanks Shesha485 and Adhu for the help. Sorry to add so many pics but I wanted to introduce all the main characters by image at once. If you all liked the idea of adding images, I will keep adding a few in every episode (not so many though) 🙂

    1. Shesha485

      Yeah, You can add pics in your articles. Glad that all the pics are uploaded. To be honest, I have seen the show and got idea about it, but I never seen Pralay and Swati even a time bcoz of your pics, I’ve seen them.

      1. I man really happy that u liked the idea. Just so you don’t misunderstand, Pralay in my ff is a college boy but in the real show, Pralay was a little boy. So the picture of Pralay is different. But Swati is the same 😄😄

      2. Correction: I am*

  2. Shesha485

    This episiode is beautiful. Especially the family scene with Anand, Naresh and Bela. How selfless and determined they are. Anand’s dialogue with the girls about life values is just a masterpiece. Totally amazing.
    But the best part for me is, the three girls conversation. That is very emotional and touchy.

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment. Anand’s way of telling the girls about life balues was something I just thought and wrote. I didn’t know the readers would love it. So Thankyou so much for that n the three girls conversation 😊😊👍👍

    2. Correction: values*
      Really sorry for the typo errors

  3. Adhu

    Nice episode. Good step from Anand- Bela- Naresh’s step was really nice. Naina , Preeti and Swati’s friendship is very nice . I liked the way Swati told that Naina- Preeti’s friendship is more important to her than anything else. Sameer- Munna – Pandit was also nice.
    You used photos nicely. Keep going. 😊👍🏻

    1. I feel so happy to see your comments again. Thankyou very much for the appreciation 🤗🤗
      And thanks for liking the pics idea too 😄😄

  4. @Shanaya
    First of all sorry for the late comment ,I just got busy with my clg stuff and didn’t get proper time to comment.
    And talking about today’s episode,
    Wow,this episode is amazingly awesome. At home when Anand and family gave surprise to naina and preeti ,it was quite awesome. And when Naina talked rudely to Naresh and Beena scolded them for their behaviour,I felt very sad for them.
    And when Naina and Preeti went to their room with moist in their eyes,really feel bad for them,but really love the conversation among Naresh,bela, anand,Beena arjun and pralay. Those words of them were really heart touching💖💞.
    And in Naina and preeti’s room love their conversation, and also love the conversation among Naina,preeti and Anand when preeti ask anand to drop them to swati’s home,their favour for a favour conversation was just amazing . And also 10 one rupees conversation was really worth watching and the lesson which Anand gave them taking 10 one rupee as example was really very heart touching. I am really touched by those words of them.
    And at Sameer’s house the conversation among sameer,Pandit and munna was really worth watching, totally fabulous 😊🥰.
    And love the conversation among naina,preeti and swati. I really love the bond of naina,preeti and swati and sameer,munna and pandit,their bonding was really very nice.
    And in the house when Anand replies to Naresh that I don’t think so. They might just know that their father has two wives but not the story before that. It was quite interesting. Now I really wanna know what’s naina’s father’s past and what’s the story behind having two wives.

    Thnx for the update,really enjoyed reading this update and waiting for the next update😊🥰😊🥰.

    1. Please don’t be sorry. No worries. You gave a comment and that’s more than enough for me. ❤️❤️
      Thanks for giving so much love to the episode. I tried writing in a way so that naina n preeti learn a lesson. So I didn’t know if the 10 rupee conversation was good or not. But I feel so great that u all loved it. Rakesh’s past is something I will reveal in bits slowly, just to keep the interest. Hope u don’t mind that 😄😄

      1. @Shanaya
        Thnx for understanding 😊😊. And 10 rupee conversation was really awesome and very touchy 🥰💖. It’s absolutely fine that you wants to reveal Rakesh past slowly,it will be really interesting to see about Rakesh’s past. You already created lots of excitement for the upcoming updates😄😊.
        Will be waiting for the next update 🤗😇

    2. Thank you so much 🤗🤗🥰🥰

      1. @Shanaya

    3. 🤗🤗😊😊

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