A Mesmerizing Love Story Of Those Golden Days – Episode 12


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Hey guys. Hope you all are safe and well. I am sorry for updating late. Actually I had an online school project to turn in, so got busy with that.

The episode starts with Anand replying, “I THINK WE CAN GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE.”

“Are you sure Sir? I mean what about the school policies?” says the Principal. “This time the case is different. Please leave it up to me.” tells Anand and the Principal agrees. “You both can return to your class and do not speak about this whole incident from now on.” Anand orders the boys and they leave. He apologizes to the Chemistry teacher too and provides him a paid day off.

“Now I need to take a strict step towards this. I never thought this would go to such a big level.” thinks Anand.


Anand enters the school when he gets a call from the Principal and hears the girls’ conversation in the canteen.


“I thought their plan only included the family. But I was wrong. I will not show any anger towards them but will have to teach them life values indirectly. It is not their fault that they are this way as they have been grown up to be like this. Now if I don’t help them, it will be my fault.” he thinks.

He goes back home and talks about the same with Bela and Naresh who are shocked. “Should we talk about this with Bhabhi Ji (Beena)?” asks Bela. “No, not at all. She will create a scene out of this and will try her best to reach out to Rakesh in order to get the girls out of the house. Don’t you know her?” answers Naresh. “Exactly. Don’t even think about telling it to her.” say Pralay and Arjun as they stand at the door. “You both should not listen to elders’ talk. And shouldn’t you both be at college and school?” asks Anand. “Actually I came back to take my notes.” confirms Pralay. Arjun also tells, “And I was at school but saw you coming back stressed. So I thought to follow.” “How did you come back, Arjun?” asks Bela to which he replies, “To remind you, I go to school by cycle as I love it.” “Yes, right. Now that you both have heard everything, you will hide it from Bhabhi Ji and help us.” Says Bela

“Hide what?” asks Beena as she comes in. “N..Nothing. We were just planning to….to give you a surprise. A FAMILY TRIP THIS WEEKEND AROUND THE WHOLE CITY.” Naresh blurts out as a quick excuse and everybody else is surprised. “Wow!! That’s great. But why around the city? We should go somewhere else.” suggests Beena. “Actually Naina and Preeti have just come. We thought they should explore the city first.” adds Anand. All the members agree while Beena thinks, “There is something wrong. But I will find it soon.”


The girls are surprised when they see those two boys laughing and relaxing. “Did they not get expelled?” asks Swati. “It seems that way. This is rubbish. They spoiled our plan and are still in the school.” exclaims Naina. “Forget about them. Let’s focus on what we need to do now.” says Preeti. A girl comes to them and ask for their phone number as their phone number would belong to London. “The phone number we use now is of Jaipur, you dumbo. And we don’t even know you. Just get lost.” shouts Naina and the girl tells all the classmates about Naina’s rude and egoistic behavior. All the students in the class except Sameer, Munna, and Pandit stop talking to the girls and form a bad image about them. “Did you look at that? Just one rude comment spoiled our image in the class. If we pass a rude comment to a teacher, our image will be spoiled in the whole school and then we will succeed.” explains Naina and asks Swati to stay away from them in front of everyone so that Swati’s image is not affected.


All the students start rushing as the bell rings and Naina and Sameer suddenly bump into each other in the middle of the crowd. “I am so sorry.” Naina apologizes unknowingly. “I am sorry too. Do you feel better now? Please feel free to ask for any kind of help you need.” replies Sameer. Sameer’s sweet behavior automatically brings a smile on Naina’s face and she replies, “Thank you.” and leaves. Sameer smiles back. Preeti and Swati closely followed by Munna and Pandit, are walking in the front. As the two girls realize that Naina is left behind, they turn around. Preeti bumps into Pandit and Munna bumps into Swati. “Go and get your spectacles. Idiots.” the girls shout as they cross the boys. “This was the best accident I ever met with in my life.” exclaims Pandit as he smiles. “Mine too.” says Munna unknowingly. “WHAT!!!” screams Pandit and Munna comes back into his senses. Munna takes Pandit along in a corner and requests, “Please don’t tell anybody about it. I will tell Sameer myself.” “What is wrong with you? How long have you liked Swati?” asks Pandit curiously and Munna replies, “Since Grade 1.” and Pandit starts laughing as he says, “You are such a fool. Why don’t you talk to her then?” “It’s not that easy. Can you talk to Preeti about how you feel?” asks Munna and Pandit denies. Sameer comes there and asks being flirty, “What are you two doing in the CORNER?” Munna and Pandit get embarrassed and say, “Your brain needs to be cleaned up. By the way, why are you so happy?” Sameer blushes and tells, “Actually I bumped into Naina and she was so polite. It was the..” and Munna and Pandit interrupt, “the best accident you ever had in your life.” Sameer nods and asks how do they know about it and they tell him about everything that had happened. “You like her since childhood!!!” shouts Sameer in excitement and Munna covers Sameer’s mouth with his hand asking him to shut up.


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  1. Mohita

    Great episode…. Loved the quick reply of Naresh very much…. All the best accident dialogue was very nice…. Bumping day was nice too…. I hope Anand will take good steps to reform the girls… Class 1 loove of Munna is funny….Here the friendship among Anand, Munna, Pandit and Naina, Swati, Preeti is too great…. Update ASAP….
    Read my comment in your previous episode…. Although I was late but the problem is mentioned there….

    1. Hey😄😄. Thanks for the comment. I already read your comment n replied too. It’s perfectly fine as I face the same study issues as you 👍👍
      Thank you very much for appreciating 🤗🤗. I will update soon

  2. @Shanaya
    First of all don’t be sorry for updating late,as studies are important and always come first 😊🤗.
    And talking about today’s episode,
    Mindblowing,this episode is really very extremely interestingly laughably excitingly awesome.
    I thought that anand knows that it was Naina and preeti who is behind this bucket incident ,but never thought that he overhear their conversation regarding pulling a prank,surprisingly awesome😄😊.
    Whoa,anand will be going to teach them a lesson,wow super excited to know what’s he will gonna do??🥰🥰.
    And in the house love the conversation among Anand and other family members.
    And in the school,when a girl came to them and ask for their phone no. ,the way Naina talk rudely to her was sad,feel sad for that girl but it was all part of their plan.
    And at lunch,when naina and sameer bump into each other and then later says sorry to each other was really worth watching, totally aww-some. And when preeti and swati turn around looking for naina and bump into munna and pandit and later girls says get your specs idiots and then leaves it was kinda funny and worth watching.
    When pandit says that it was the best incident ,I ever met with my life and it was surprisingly interesting that munna said mine too. Never thought that he likes swati since grade 1st. And when he told pandit about swati their conversation was really amazing.
    Love the conversation among sameer,munna and pandit when sameer told them that he was bumped into Naina and afterwards their whole was worth watching and kinda/very funny.They named the day as bumping day ,that’s very cool.
    Stay safe and sound and always be happy🤗😇.Really excited to know what’s gonna happen in the next update
    Loved/enjoyed reading the whole update ,thnx for the update and waiting for the next update 😊🥰😊🥰.

    1. Thank you so much. I must say that you too are really very extremely interestingly laughably excitingly awesome. 😊😊
      You too take care n stay safe
      With loads of love ❤️❤️

      1. @Shanaya
        Tnq very much🤗😇.

      2. Anytime 😊😊💝💝

    2. You r most welcome 😊😊

      1. @Shanaya

  3. Shesha485

    The episiode is great. It is great that Anand heard the girls conversation and gave the boys a second chance. The family conversation is just awesome and especially Naresh’s sudden reply. Also, Arjun and Pralay heard the conversation.
    Beena’s sudden entry is literally jovial when she asked hide what. She got doubt that something is fishy.
    The school scene is just great. No words to describe. Simply Happy Bumping Day to Samaina, Preeti, Swati, Pandit and Munna. Lol

    1. 🤣🤣Happy Bumping Day
      I loved that. Thanks a million for that sweet comment 🤗🤗
      Really glad that u liked the episode 👍👍

  4. Adhu

    Sorry for commenting late .
    Nice episode. Again Naina and Preeti ‘s plan failed again. Bumping of 3 pairs were great. I hope Anand, Bela and Naresh could make Naina- Preeti feel good and make them feel better . Sameer blushing was nice.

    1. No worries. Glad you are doing good n are safe. Thanks a lot for the comment. 🥳🥳🥰🥰

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