A Journey of Love(Episode59)

Kushi brings Anjali and place her on round coach arranged to her.Anjali weare light yellow color saree with medium embroidary work and wear light jewellery which gives more beautiful look to her.She just put clutch to her hair and look very cute.Ishitha bring Shiva and place him on coach which is arranged to him.He wear yellow color and white combiation pijama.Ishitha and Amaya stand behind Shiva.Kushi and Radhika stand behind Anjali.Anjali sit there and bend her head.Shiva starw at Anjali only.He want to see into Anjali eyes.
Mr and Mrs.Iyer stand for Shiva and give Haldhi to Thoshiji from groom side.Mr and Mrs.Bhalla from Anjali side and give haldi to Iyers from bride side.Aranv look at Ruhi..She wear nice yellow frok with small pink flowers and she hold Kushis hand.Chotu wear traditional pijama of yellow color and he hold Amayas hand and enjoy the ffunction.Radhika lift Ananya and Ananya wear nice frock of light lemon yellow color with frills.Ananya put her head on Radhikas shoulder and look at Shiva and Anjali.pinky wear yellow and green color pattu lehenga and wear jewellery and look like south indian girl.She stand beside Ishitha and Ishitha put her hands around pinky’s shoulders.
Raman:Actually our siblings are so cute in their dresses.Arnav:Especially pinky…She is like south indian girl. Mantu:Chotu didnt like to wear pijama.But today he wear it na. Arjun:There is some magic with them. Any body were turn to them.Even we also turn …All four share a heartful laugh…
Arjun:Why they didnt even look at us?
Raman:Bcoz…they are in tension..
Arnav:Tension for what?
Mantu:Arey yaar..we ask them to face our challange na…
Arjun:Def we win in this challange..
Thoshi apply Haldhi to Anjali.
Madhu apply Haldhi to Shiva.
Then remaining start appalying haldhi to both.Anjali look at Shiva..Shiva stare at her..
Anjali remember FB:
Anjali come out from bathroom with white chudhidhar and stand in balcony and try to dry her wet hair with towel.
She sense that somebody stand behind her.so she turn back to see..
Shiva stand behind her by putting his hands back and give a simple smile to him.Shiva:So nice in this dress.Thank for wear it.Anjali:In our realation you ask me to wear this dress as a first wish.Then how can i refuse it. Shiva:put haldhi on her cheecks and hands.Anjali:What is this shiva? Shiva:I want to spply haldhi to you.
Anjali feel shy and ask him,Shiva.. how can i go out.Shiva:Its ur wish..by saying this he kiss her on cheecks and went out from room.Anjali went into wash room and clean her face and hands and smile for his doings.
At present:
All apply haldhi to them.Toshi:Why you fout brothers stand there.Come and apply haldhi for your dhi..Raman go and apply haldhi to Anjali and present her a diamond Necklace.Mantu apply haldhi and present diamond bangles. Mantu applies haldhi and present diamond ear rings and finger ring. Arjun apply haldhi and present a diamond chain and bracelet to her. Anjali feel happy for their love and possisiveness. They four apply haldhi to Shiva and present diamond ring, diamond watch,bracelet and chain with small pendant.They present diamond chain to Ananya.When they return back infront of Shiva they hold small amount of haldhi in their hands.Nobody didnt observe it.
After haldhi ritual Thoshi ask Anjali and shiva to go and take rest for some time.
Ishitha:pinky come with me.Change your dress and go.
Pinky:Some one ask abt Radhika bhabhi,I call her and come to room.
Ishitha:ok,but come fast.
By saying this Ishitha enter into pinkys room.Raman hear it and saw Ishitha enter into Pinky room.He slowly followed her and close the door slowly.Raman walks slowly walks behind her and hug her.Ishitha jerk with his sudden and ecpected hug.He apply haldhi on her stomach. Ishitha:Raman,leave me na.It is cheating..Raman:Why?We didnt have any rules na.I said that i apply haldi on my favourite place.so,i do it. By saying this he turn Ishitha towards him and sit on knees and hold her saree up from her waist and kiss her on waist.Ishitha close her eyes and put her hands on his shoulders.

Raman pull her close and kiss her on her waist and belly.He kiss her on belly button..Ishitha:Raman..plz..leave me. Raman slowly leave her and stand infront if her by cup her face.She close her eyes.He softly kiss on her eyes and hug her.Ishitha also hug him and said..Ishitha:Leave me Raman..It is not your room.Any time pinky came and knock the door.Raman:If it is my room then you have no problem na.. Then come to my room.
At that time…pinky:Ishitha bhabi open the door.Ishitha:Pinky is knocking the door.What can we do now?
Raman:First go and open tbe door. Ishitha look at him and slowly walk towards the door and open it.She feel nervous infront of pinky. Pinky:Bhabhi,Why are you so nervous?
Ishitha look here and there in the room but she didnt find Raman there. Ishitha feeled relaxed and ask her to change the dress and wear fancy chuddidhar.Pinky went into wash room for change and Raman came out behind cutain and kiss Ishitha on her cheecks and run from that room. Ishitha is in shock for that…and she look towards curtain and door..Pinky again what happened bhabhi. Ishitha:Nothing..come here i comb your hair..
Radhika:Arey..You came on time.You bring your mother or not..
Boy(ice seller):Yes dhi,I am with my mother.He shows one lady and said he is his mother.
Radhika put namaskar to that lady and ask them first go and take tiffin.
Boy(His name Ram):Dhi..where is jiju?
Arjun:I am here Ram..
By saying this Arjun hug him and the boy also hug Arjun.Arjun:Ram first yoy can take your tiffin.Boy:Jiju..She is my mother..Arjun:Namasthe Aunty ji.Lady:Namasthe beta.My son evry day talk about you people only.By saying this she wipe her tears. Arjun and Radhika hold her hands and ask her not to cry.Radhika:Massi..dont cry.We are here for you.After this function we want to tell one important thing with you.By listening this Arjun look towards Radhika.She look at Arjun and hold her hand and close her eyes and press her hand.Arjun nod his head and give a smile to Ram.Radhika took them to tiffins and serve them. While they are eating Arjun arranged table and tent for them to put the ice cream conter.After that Arjun look at them..There Radhika take care of them.Arjun smile by seeing her and walk from there.
Radhika phone buzz a sound by receiving a msg.She saw a msg from Arjun..She open it and saw that..
Radhika plz come fast to me.I feel so much pain in my foot.I dont want to give tension to remaining all.I am at back side of house.Plz…Radhu..By reading that msg Radhika run towards that place.Arjun sit on bench by hold his left leg foot and close his eyes.Radika come fast and sit on knees and hold his left foot and ask him what happened Arjun.She didnt look at Arjun face..But Arjun saw tears flow from her eyes as floods…
Radhika:Show me Arjun…Wat happened?Arjun took haldhi and apply on her soft hands and under chin.Then she realise that he do acting to apply haldhi for her.Radhika got angry and get up and stare an angry look to him and try to move from there.Arjun hold Radhika’s hand and pull her..For that act she slip and sit on Arjuns lap.He hold her by putting hands around her waist and look into her eyes.Her eyes turn into red and still tears flow from her eyes.Arjun:Radhika..Why are you crying and so angry..It is just challange and i won it..Radhika:Stop it Arjun..After reading your msg i am not able to stand..I worried for you. When i saw you that you are in pain i feel that this is last breath for me. Arjun you are most precesious for me in my life.I am not ready to think that you are in pain..I cant live if anything happens to you.Arjun,I live for you only..U remember that..By saying this she hug Arjun and cry vigrously..Arjun also hug her and pat her head with one hand and first time he know how Radhika loves him.He is in mixed feelings..With happiness for how much Radhika loves him and anger how he behave with Radhika and how he give pain to her.Arjun:Radhika..I am sorry.. Next time i cant do such type of things.plz forgive me.
Radhika:Promise me..And put her hand towards him.
Arjun:Promise..and hold her hand.
Radhika:No..This is not my style…
Arjun:Radhu promise…
Radhika:No no..Yours is Arju promise na..Arjun:It is Arju promise..there is chance to break it.If it is Radhu promise def i dont break it.Bcoz you are my life.They both hug each other.Radhika place her her head on Arjun shoulder.Arjun wipe her tears and look at her very lovely.
Kushi:Dhi you go and take bath with rose water.I go and bring tiffin to you.But do bath with water i arranged i tub.Anjali nod her head and sit infront of table and try to remove jewellery.After kushi left the room shiva enter into the room and stand beside Anjali.She look at him from mirror.Anjali:Why are you here? Shiva:I have an important work with you..Anjali:What is that? Shiva:You are so good and cute in this yellow color attire.I want to apply some more haldhi to you.By sayimg this he hug her from back side of Anjali by holding her hands with his hands.He move his hands on her body..from her hands to shoulders and put her hair to one side and apply haldhi on her back.
Anjali:Stop it shiva..I feel nervous.. If anybody came here means..Shiva:They understood that we are bussy with each other and left us alone. By saying this he took some more haldhi and apply it on her waist and pinch her.She close her eyes and close her finger tight…He obsrve het feelings from mirror and turn Anjali towards him.He ask her to open her eyes and look into his eyes.Anjali bend her head with shyness..He lift her head with his fingers under her chin and kiss her on her eyes and next on her cheecks and cup her face with his hands and he stare at her..She slowly open her eyes and look at him.He kiss her on forehead and left from that place.
Kushi is in kitchen and put tiffin in plate for Anjali.She turn back to go from there.She saw Arnav stand infront of kitchen door facing back to her and folding his hands.
Kushi(herself):Arnavji stands there only..How can i go out from this room? Def he will be there for me only. She stand there and think how to escape from him.She slowly walk towards him and ask him to give place to her. Arnav look at her and give some place to her.Kushi walk from there and look back at him while she walk towards Anjali room.Kushi:I think he forget about his challange..She enter into Anjali room and feed tiffin to Anjali and ask her to go for bath.Kushi:Dhi wear this red color saree for your gowri pooja and for mehandi. Anjali give a cute smile to kushi and went into bathroom.At that time Ruhi enter into that room and said..
Ruhi:Kushi bhabi dadhi called you.She is in pooja mandir room. Kushi:Ok..i will go..You people can take tiffin or not.
Ruhi:Rani dhi feed tiffin for us.
By saying this she run from that room.Kushi close the door and went into pooja room.Dadhi is not there..She called dadhi for two times and try to move from there and turn back to move.Arnav stands beeside her and simle by looking at her.She try to run from there..but Arnav put his hands on door and walk tiwards her..She step back while Arnav walk tiwards her.When she step back and enter into the room he enter into the room and close the door and put the bolt..She step back and he walk towards her…Finally she hit to wall and Arjun pin her to wall by his hands.He put his face very close to her and she feels his hot breath.kushi:Arnavji this is not fair.you cheat me by using false msg.
Arnav:What is my mistake in this..You fall in my trap..it us your mistake.. kushi:Leave me Arnavji..If really dadhi came here means..nobody didnt came here now..and he stare at her.There is only two to three inches gap between their lips.Arnav kiss her on her on lips and kushi close her eyes.
Arnav:Kushi..Look at me.Kushi open her eyes and look at him.He hold her hand and place her on stool.He sit on his knees and took tumeric powder from box and took warer from bowl and mix it in a small dish.He took that paste and apply on her foot..on her hands..And put all her hair one side and apply on her back neck..Kushi stare at him and ask him.
Kushi:Arnavji..after dhi marriage..can you marry me immediately.Arnav look at her and hold her hand.Arnav:why you ask suddenly about marriage now?Kushi:Arnavji when you are infront of my eyes ate you are near to be my heat beats fast..even though i feel relaxed.I am not able yo stay alone without you.Bcoz..I am worried..I dont know why…But we married immediately…Arnav:If you want marriage immediately means i am ready for it now in this room. Till now we four togeather face the society and stand in good position. Now our dream is we togeather married on same time..And second one after dhi marriage we want to solve Radhikas problem.Bcoz of that they both didnt enjoy their days..They hide their pain and act normally infrontt of us.Even now also you want marry me immediately means i am ready fir that.Nothing is important than you. But my frnds…wat abt themselves..
Kushi put her finger on his lips and say sorry to him.Kushi:No Arnavji.. first Radhikas problem then marriage.Sorry..Arnav:No more sorries between us..By saying this he hug her..
Amaya is bussy in talking with fruit basket making people.Bcoz today after mehandhi they want to give it as return gift.She shiw how she need.
Man1:sister we can do it.You dont worry.I bring all fresh fruits.your in-laws appriciate you.Amaya:Bhayya if it is no good..even though my mummyji and dadhiji appriciate us.Bcoz thry didnt see like daughter-in-laws. They treat us like own daughters.
Man2:Now a day nobody are not like that.You are so lucky.Amaya:Thanks bhayya.I send tiffin and drinks to yo people.you first eat it and then start the work.Both dadhi and thoshi hear this conversation and feel proud and happy.On other side Mantu also hear this and feel happy.Amaya ask neelu to give tiffin and juice to them and she went into store room where they put some stuff in that room which they buy for functions.She search for dry fruits bag which she can buy to put it in fruit baskets.Amaya stand in stool to get down that bag bcoz Ramesh put it on cupboard.She lost balance from stool and slip down.Before she is on flooe Mantu catch her and look at her. Mantu:If you need anything you call either Ramu or Ramesh.Who ask you to stand on stool..Amaya:I need that dry fruits bag.Mantu put her down and get down that bag.Amaya called Ramu and ask him to give this bag to fruit basket makers.Ramu hold it and move from there.Beside Ramu Amaya also try to move but Mantu hold her hand. Amaya:leave me na.Lot if work is there..Mantu:Ammu..Allot some time fir me also.By saying this he pulled her towards him and ask her to clise her eyes.Amaya close her eyes..Mantu apply haldhi on her cheecks.Then Amaya realise abt challange and stare angry look towards him.Mantu laugh for that cute ecpression and try to move from there.Amaya stop himm by huging and ask him you dont go like that..She took haldhi from her cheecks with her fingers and apply to him on his shirt and cheecks.
Mantu :Anything for you Ammu.You apply as your wish..Amaya look at him and hug him.He also cup her face amd start kiss her on forehead then on eyes and then on cheecks and then a genyke soft kiss on lips and kiss her on neck.While he kiss her like this she tight her grip around his waist.
Panditji call Anjali for gowri pooja.
Kushi bring her to pooja.Anjali sit infront of godess gowri.She is so pretty in the chilly red color saree. Kushi wear french fleat hair style to her.she is looking dam cute.Gowri pooja started and neighbours(ladies) sit infront of pooja behind Anjali.
Our heros sit in sofa and Shiva stand on steps and look at Anjali.Ananya walk towards Anjali.She took Ananya aand place her on lap and do the pooja.No body didnt try to take Ananya.Bcoz all are aware of thrir bondage.Ruhi and Chotu hold Shiva’s hand and drag him to out and ask to go for ice creams.With in short period Ram became frnd to Pinky,Ruhi and Chotu.Rams mother feel happy for that.Bcoz she didnt see her son with this much of happiness.Our girls sit there beside Anjali.They are helping Anjali and Panditji in pooja and giving items to them.Thoshi and dadhi look at pooja.Some girls turn back and look at our heros and chit chat with each other.

And they smile looking at them.Dadhi observe this and she also look at them. She identify haldi marks on their shirts,cheecks and chin…She observe very keen at ou girls also.She find haldhi on their body also and tell something about it.Thoshiji also look at them and laugh.Thoshi:Till now i didnt know my sons are this much romatic guys.Dadhi:yes i also agree with you.
Raman:Why these women look at us and laugh by looking at us.I think they discuss about us only.Arjun:I also observe it.But what the reason…
Arnav:I think something wtong.
Mantu:Nothing lke that.They think about our handsme look.Panditji complete the pooja.Anjali took blessings from him and from elders.

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