A grateful note to readers of Zindaan

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First of all thanks to all who comment on last update and sorry for those who are waiting for update. I took a long time, actually I was so busy with my exams. I am seriously sorry for not replying on your comments, but believe me I do read all of them. I will try to reply to all your precious comments. 

So, this update is basically for to all my readers. 

Shona –  Thank you so much for being and constant support. Your comments always encourage me a lot. Thank you for taking time from your body schedule to read. It means a lot that you are enjoying twist. You will be going to witness more unexpected turns in next updates.

Saniya –  Thank you so much dearie for your descriptive comments, It made me think a lot about the update. Your comments made me smile always. I know that my ff is first one you read, despite you never read shivika ff. I see that you want me to write romantic horror on Amaan and Roshni. I will surely write it after the completion if Zindan. Keep supporting

LCharish-  Thanks deae for your encouragement, you words always encourage me. Not everyone understand the reason behind psychological thriller, so it means a lot that you read it from this much interest. I hope you continue to do this.

Prajakta-  You only once comment on my ff and made me feel special from one. Tour comment made me feel like that I am I’m cloud nine. I rarely get readers who understand characters especially when they are layered and shades. You are one very intelligent person to get emotions behind characters. I hope you continue to read and sharing your views. Thank you.

Niharika-  Thank you dear for your precious comments from the day 1. It means a lot whenever I see a single comment on the update. You really encouraged me a lot. I hope you continue to do that.

Ninika-  Your comments are sweetest and simple at the same time. It means a lot dear. Like every other reader, you also a very supportive and encouraging toward me.

Shreya-  I don’t know how to thanks more, you also encouraged me from starting. Thank you for reading and taking interest in this ff. I am currently missing your comments. I hope you continue to comment.

Khushi –  Thank you so much for your encouraging and beautiful comments. You actually made me so happy with your comments. It matter a lot. I hope you will continue to enjoy.


I am really sorry if I forget everyone, Yoyr every comment, every like matter a lot. Thank you for being kind toward me. If you found any mistake or lacking in ff, you are free to point out. I don’t mind to criticism at at all. Those who don’t know the actors who played characters in Zindaan, please refer to cast and character article on my profile.


At last, Be safe and stay healthy my dear friends. You see, there is covid 19 soreding all over. So, please take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Next updated is updated, do checkout ❤









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  1. Thank you so much for this update for all your readers……you are not only an amazing writer but also an amazing person….hope you continue this work like this always…..all the best and hope to see more of your great work….

  2. Saniya fathima

    Aww… So sweet of u thank u so much 4 ur precious feedback on my comments. Ur ff literally drives each and every1 crazy to think wat wil be next and forces us to comment a thought abt it. Ur ff doesnt have any mistakes to pinpoint. It is flawless maybe tat is the reason 4 all of us reading the ff. I havent such a author who has written lyk dis. Thank u so much it really means a lot that smeone keeps our comment so precious and makes us bring a smile on smeone’s face especially u. Really felt very proud. Continue to write in the same speed as b4 if u r free… Best of luck 4 ur exams and ya do write a romantic horror without fail as soon as u finish this and i will be the 1st one to read. WHO ALL WANTS NIYATI TO WRITE A ROMANTIC HORROR FF OF ROSHAN???

    1. I am ready only if she is comfortable…. All the best for your exams and our prayers will be there for you…

  3. Thank you… Once interest in some things were lost but after you thank you for igniting the interest again and helping me to think more. The psycological facts you gave me made me think so much. When I was drowning in trap of spectrum, you helped me understand that there are also other shades than being weak….

  4. Thank you for your sweet words… Keep on writing. Keep on smiling. Take care and All the best for your exams…

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