A gentleman , By kira

It’s my first one shot .And I was just so eager to do it , So I just did .

‘ Mumbai express ‘ Is on it’s track on platform number 3 . But I was late . I’m sorry to myself that I forgot my Dupatta to bring along with me , You see I had never forgotten such an important thing to carry , Despite , I once forgot to bring my phone’s charger along , But never forgotten Dupatta , I used to cover my whole body from neck to waist with it , Especially during train journeys .
Don’t know how this time , My weapon of self protection left over my table at my home .

Now I’ve truly realized every second of your life teaches you something , A good lesson . So , Whatsoever , Keeping myself fully charged I entred the training , Walking through seats I came and sat over mine .

” WowI am sitting with a lady ” I spoke excitedly in mind .

Soon, I had to regret as when I removed my eyes from WhatsApp which I’m using since I’m on this train , That she’s not sitting alone . After some time came a man and sat between us .

BUT he looks very dangerous to me , His lips were deeply pigmented , Thick . Eyes reddish yellow kind and Hands dark with brown nails .

DON’T Know from where a chilly cold wave ran through my spine . Those sayings by my acquaintances , Friends , And people next to kin comes directly Into my mind ‘ About these kind of people ‘ ‘ About these kind of men ‘

I started mulling over the situation . ” Should I change my seat ? ” ” Should I call mom ” ” No I can’t she’ll faint ” ” What about Dad ? ” ” He’ll bare me from trains , If I did so ! ”

Nothing came into mind , The train’s whistle originated from front , The wheels slowly began rotating . Resultantly I thought of keep sitting at my place .

After I put around my headphones , The music began to entertain me .

30 minuted passed and nothing of that sort happened as I thought earlier . All of sudden train stopped at a junction , The turbulence caused that person to hit my arm . Our both skins touched each other . Though I know the reason , But still I was wondering that why did his , Let it be his for now , Body touched mine . Was it with a purpose ? .

I got conscious and Made certain distance between him and me . Then I don’t know why my body began shaking a little bit , Thankfully it couldn’t be noticed by all . Me , Your writer , Then lifted my face a bit and my eyes noticed that he’s looking at me only .

His presence made me feel uncomfortable and Finally I just got up and went to washroom. There my memory took me back to that incident told by my father’s friend daughter , How she was ill treated during a bus ride by gang of these people .

Smashing handful of water on my face thrice I came back , And rejoiced as I saw a boy sitting parallel to my seat . He was dressed well , Hair oiled , Holding a expensive I phone in his hands. Off course he was fair . I thought that I’d be safe with him , He belongs to a wealthy and family with a status .

So without doing any further , I pulled my bag and sat beside him . I took a sigh of relief .

The lady gets down at another station . Now we three were left . And I again took to messaging App. . My friend Priya asked me ” How’s journey ”
” It’s ridiculous and amazing at same time ” – I texted
” Why ? ”
” A strange man is still starring at me !!!”
” What ! Are you fine ”
” Yes I am , A boy is sitting next to me , He looks fine and respectable ” – I said to her

After some time , It began growing darker . I saw a seller selling cola’s ” “Bahiaya ” I said Do you have a water bottle ”

” No madam ” He replied , ” Okay then ” I said expression my grief .

A while just after , That strange black man opened his tiffin box and offered me biscuits , I immediately nodded in A No ! .

I recalled that caution written over board ‘ Don’t drink to eat any food offered by strangers on train ‘ . Then that gentleman asked me ” Would you like to have some water , I know it’s odd but it’s hot out there , It could cause dehydration ”
I accepted the service rendered by him and had a sip of water . Being pacified , I pushed my back against seat , My head resting and I closed my eyes for a while . For once , I felt something touching my feet as they were without shoes . I bowed down and found that , That dark men doing something below at feet there .

I gave him a glance, Showing him uneasiness , ” I dropped my phone ” He said replying to my looks .

Getting back to my position I closed my eyes , Boy sitting with me was also sleeping .

AT 12 PM :

My eyes opened , I felt drizzy , Lethargic , I was on floor , Everything was blurred to me , My eyes couldn’t open completely , But I could see one man beating other .

He was saying while slapping him ” How dare you do this , So you’ll do this Ha ! Wait a minute ”

I tried my best to regain my consciousness and I found it was that strange black man only beating the gentleman.

Screen freezes , A new scene is shown , That same girl again in same train , She was sleeping and dreaming .

It’s years now and I still remember what that strange man told me ” When I came back from washroom , I saw him over you , He was going to do it …But I thrashed him , Sister ”

Truly , I’ve realised , Every second of your life teaches you something , A good lesson

And I learnt , That every thing that’s silver isn’t Gold and Don’t judge a book by it’s cover .

His call came ” Hi Shivani ”
” Hi bhaiya ”
” How’s you ? ”
” I’m fine “” How’s your NGO going on
” It’s going fabulous ”
” Wow I’ll surely visit there again ”

Thanks for reading . Hope it was good . And do share any incidents if you have like this . Bye . Sorry for mistakes . Good night .What all you learnt from this one shot !

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  1. Kira

    Sorry it’s everything that shines isn’t gold, All that glitters isn’t gold

  2. Fenil

    Nice shit…i was sure wealthy boy will be bad and black or dangerous looking man will be good….there is mistake in gold line i think u want say har chamkti chiz sona nahi hoti. Sometimes its happened but with experience we get to know about ppls …is it ur real experience i know u stated ur writer but still i m asking .loved it short nd sweet with quality msg.

    1. Kira

      Sorry , Yes I wrote wrong. and yes it’s just a fictional story and not my experience . Thanks alot for liking it . Good day ahead??

  3. Renimarenju

    Wonderful with a social message , I liked it very much…… I need to share something which happened really in my life, I was in 8th std, and my ajji [grandma] was so strict and she use to tell so many thing like girls should not talk with boys, so and so……My school was changed from the village to town where i lives and I need to travel there by the local bus……And the no. of buses to the town are less and u finds thems always crowded only…..I use to go school with my neighbour of my same age and we are best buddies even now also….Once we were travelling in bus and I find a man[nearly 20] who was stalking at me ……That age , i was a kind of interrovert that I feel much fear to react, even my friend also didn’t reacted…….But my friend took a brave step, she reported it to bus conductor, but he said … [Why you are bothered about a silly matter, u girls go school and these kind of boys will stalk u, it’s natural….eyes are given to boys only for stalking girls” and he laughed and that boy also stalked me again …my friend and I were …..uhh..i can’t tell it , as I don’t want to remember it again…..The passengers kept mum in the bus and I was almost burned there….then when we entered school, I started crying literally and my friend was almost to cry only, seeing me like my classmates [ the boys] rushed near me and asked me what’s the matter..As my ajji told me to avoid boys, i felt that’s true and I felt much fear and I walked away from there….My friend explained them the things and by evening when the school was left , they also entered in the town bus which goes to our village and that guy who did the wrong was also there….. I felt much fear and when that guy was trying to stalk me again, my classmates the boys rounded him and show the compass near his eyes……That guy was frozen in fear and they threatened him “your eyes find girls only, won’t you? ” One of my classmate slapped that guy and when conductor questioned him they said this compass is our weapon , don’t you dare to support these kind of things we will kick you out….Later I thanked my classmates and they said me compass is weapon ,next time remember it and you don’t need our help…..This incident not only changed my view over boys , but also helped me to find all boys are not enemies and i came out from the shell of fear

    1. Kira

      first of all, thanks a lot for sharing your personal experience . I’m impressed . You’re really brave . And your story gave me power . Really , It was an awesome one . Thanks once again .

      I just wish reading it many girls could get inspired and also boys that girls aren’t weak . Love Ya ! ?????

      1. Renimarenju

        I seriously don’t know whether am brave, but I changed myself a lot and I wish 2 see a world which makes both girls and boys strong and love to see them travelling together…

    2. Kira

      you’re right dear ! We don’t need respect only girls , Respect every creature made NY god

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