A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 34) Bidaai..

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RR Mansion

All Raichands are teary eyed during Riddhima’s bidaai. But Riddhima is having mixed feelings. She is sad to leave her family but happy too because she is going to VR Mansion.

She is more attached to VR Mansion although she belongs to Raichand family. The memories she spent with her family flashed in front of her eyes.

The cute moments she spent with Aryan and Kabir.

Then she remembered how happy her mom and was when she planned their Wedding anniversary alone.

She remembered the time when she fought with Ragini for a dress and Ragini won it and wore that dress and tempted Riddhu.

Vansh patted her and she came out from her memories.

Vansh : Where are you lost Mrs.Raisinghania ?

Riddhima : Nowhere.

Her eyes are a little wet.

Dadi : I know Riddhu you’re sad because of bidaai but VR Mansion is also your house, right ?

She wipes her tears.

Riddhima(smiling) : I am not sad dadi. Both houses are mine. I am in hurry to reach there.

Raichands who where having tears in eyes laughed seeing her hurry to go to her in-laws house.

Ragini : Riddhu is going to her in-laws house leaving her maayka still she is in very hurry.

Riddhu : Dii

Riddhu hugs everyone and departed from RR Mansion.

While on the way to VR Mansion on car, she cried remembering her family.

Vansh who saw this tried to cheer her up.

He kissed her cheek😘.

His kiss made her a little relieved and shy too.

Vansh : How is MY WIFE now ?

Riddhima : Feeling better. Vaise, my Husband is so romantic 😇❤️.

Angre and Siya are in the same car.

Siya : Bhai, remember that we are also here. Don’t celebrate your nuptial night here itself 🤭🤭🤭(What will she do…. she don’t know anything other than teasing 😜)

Angre : Bhai, show little shameness.

Riddhima is shy hearing all this while Vansh is not affected by this.

Vansh : Why I should I be shameful ? I am kissing my wife and I have the right to do so. Moreover I waited for this day.

Riddhima : Vansh shut up.

Vansh : I accepted your order my highness.

Siya : Finally my bhai too became his wife’s slave 😂.

Vansh rolled his eyes but it doesn’t affect Siya.

Finally they reached VR Mansion.

They did Riddhima’s homecoming ceremony but Riddhu asked Vansh to make her fall the bowl by carrying her on his arms.

Vansh : How can I do so in front of everyone ?

Riddhima : Sometime earlier what did you say ? I am your wife and you’re shameless, right ? So you can do this task easily.

Vansh has no option other than this so he took her in his arms and made her fall the bowl containing rice.

Then they went to their room as they’re tired. But Ishani and Siya stopped him from entering into his room.

Vansh : Now what happened ? Why you two are stopping me ?

Ishani : Bhai, I think you’re unaware of the rituals.

Vansh : What rituals ?

Siya : You have to pay us for letting you enter your room during nuptial night. Now pay us.

Ishani : Yes, pay us otherwise you can’t enter your room.

Vansh : Look, My poor Riddhu is waiting for me and you two are robbing me. Please let me go.

Siya : Oh…great VRS is begging in front of us. But u have to pay us Bhai.

Vansh finally took his purse from his pocket to pay them but Siya snatched it from him.

Vansh : Give me the purse.

Ishani took all money from his pocket and shared it with Siya.

Ish : We have taken what we want. Now you take this purse.

Vansh : You two looted me. If there is nothing left then what should I do with this purse. Take this too.

Then he entered his room which is decorated. He is shocked to see Riddhima sleeping.

He went to her and tried to wake her up but she is in such a sleep that if an elephant comes too, she won’t wake up.

Vansh went to sleep accepting defeat.

Next morning when Riddhima woke up, she saw Vansh sleeping like a little child.

She caressed his face and kissed his cheeks.

When she is about to woke up from bed, he pulled her hand and she fell on him. They stay lost in each others eyes. Ishq mein marjawan bgm plays in background.

Precap : Reception 🖤

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