A disaster love story by swasan writer

She is walking through the street holding a bag on one side and  some books in other hand.  She is not a white beauty but a black beauty.. But she is not that much black but between it.. Suddenly she saw a woman who is crossing road is going to hit by a truck. She quickly went and hold her and pulled to her side…

Girl : ammayk kuzhapamonnumillalo? [are you OK maa? ]

Wom: Illa thank you mole… [no.. thank you dear ]

Suddenly a boy came there…

Boy: thank you for saving my mother.. Eth collegela padikkunnath? [In which college u r studying? ]

Girl looks at him then at her tag and smirks hiding a naughty smile..

Girl : xyz college..

Boy: I’m also studying there. Arts or science? (he asked hesitately)

Girl: Aaa…. (boy frowns) science  ..(boy smile widely)  in which batch you are studying?

Boy : 3rd year chemistry… And u?

Girl : me too…

Boy : but I didn’t see u till now…

Girl : new comer I just came before one week. You were absent ..

Boy: yes it’s because of flood.. we will meet in college.. Amme veetil kond vittit varam… [I will come to college after dropping maa to home ]

Girl : OK bye..

Wom: potte mole.. [bye dear ]

Girl : sari auntie… [OK auntie ]

They went from there in different ways.

At XYZ college.. Chemistry class same boy is talking with his friends..

Boy: she is not a white beauty but she is a fun loving person. So bubbly.  She is the new comer in our class.. Her naughty smile is increasing her beauty. I know she is our age .

Friend: no da there is no new comer in our class…

Boy: but.. (just then a teacher came there. All students stand up and wished her good morning. But the boy shocked seeing her.. Teacher also wished them back and asked them to sit.  Everyone sat except the boy..)

Friend: da irikkeda… [Bro sit]

Sensing the noises teacher looked up and smiles seeing the boy.

Tea: so u were the one who absent a week.. I’m ur new teacher who joined yesterday.. Laya… So what’s ur name..

He didn’t answer.. His friends shook him..

Boy: akshay….

Laya: OK then sit down.. I have to take the lecture..

Akshay sat there and she started to lecture them..

Friend :(whispers) what was that?

Aks: teacher ne kuricha njanippo paranje.. (I told u about her only)

Frie: 😮😮😮😮

Then they look at her and found she is also looking at them. They gulped their saliva and looks down. After sometimes bell rang. She wind up and went from there.  Akshay also went back to her..

Aks: teacher… (she turns) I’m sorry

Laya : hey it’s okay.. This is the time for enjoyment.  U r just like my younger brother.. I didn’t take it seriously…Does Anything happen to ur house because of flood?

Aks: yes teacher some furnitures  have to repaired..

Laya: OK send me the details to me. One of my friends doing this as a free service.. Now go to the class ..

She said with a smile and went from there.. Akshay went back from there.
She went towards staff room which is in the top floor. But she welcomed by a furious staff advisor..

SA: u just came here a week before and u started to abusing me.  What do u think if u became friend of any of staff,They won’t say anything to me. Then u r wrong. Ur friend has told me everything.  Don’t mess with me..

Laya: excuse me ma’am if I sense anything wrong I will say it directly. I just informed her because she is my friend that doesn’t mean I have a fear to talk to you directly.. U r just misusing ur position.. If I again notice it I will tell it to hod…

She went from there leaving furious staff advisor.  After two days she entered into the staff room after the class.. She stopped seeing a teacher there. She is looking at her with guilt and pleading eyes.  Laya ignores her and sat on her seat. Teacher came there …

Tea: Laya I’m sorry

Laya : it’s OK.. I could have understood that u all are colleagues and I’m not included in that..

Tea: no no Laya.. It’s not like that. Ente ponnumol alle. U r my best friend.. It’s just slipped from my tongue.. I’m very sorry.. Plz don’t ignore me..

(she is the teacher about whom the staff advisor mentioned)

Laya:(sternly, ignoring her) I told you na. It’s okay Mrs. Ra……

The teacher started to cry hearing her holding her hand tightly and placing her head on her hand…

Laya : I told you na.. It’s okay.. Then why are you crying? Mrs Rakkamma… (smiles naughtily, Teacher looks at surprised..)  what? What are you looking like that? What do u think I’m will call you with ur original name? No way.. For this college, u r  Rakhi and for me u r always my Rakkamma….

Ra: so u r not angry with me.. (Laya nodes either sides and smiles. She hugged her tightly) thank you…

La: how can I angry with you. When I know about ur disability of having not hiding anything in ur mind.. I can’t angry with a disabled person naa..

Ra: (looks at her realizing what she said) you are teasing me… (Laya nodes giggling) youu…

Laya ran outside she also ran behind her.. There is no class in that floor.. Only one staff room and lab.. So there is no one.. After sometimes sometimes they stopped and burst into laugh. Laya is standing at side of handrail and Rakhi is standing leaning to wall..

Laya: ividengane vellam vannu? [how this water came here ]

Ra: what??

Laya: oh this north Indian girl… (she started to walk towards her) dey here is WA… T.. Aaaaaaaa (her legs slipped and fell backwards. Rakhi became shocked)

Ra: Layaaaaaa…. 😨😨😨😨😭😭😭😭😭(she stood shocked seeing this.. She came to sense after sometimes, she looks downwards but couldn’t see anything)

Hearing her voice everyone from lower floor came towards her.. Hod also came there..

Hod: Rakhi what happened ?

Ra: Laya fell down.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Hod and everyone : WHAT 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

Everyone went downwards and started searching her body.. Rakhi is crying vigorously.. Akshay and friends also came there..

Aks: what happened?

One girl : Laya teacher fell down from top floor.. But we can’t see her body 😭😭😭😭

Ra: no nothing should happen to her 😭😭😭😭

Akshay became shocked hearing this. In this two days she became his favorite teacher. Not only his but for the whole class.. Everyone become miserable with this. Akshay remembers yesterday’s incident..


Akshay came to Laya

Aks: Teacher enik Oru 200 rs katam tharuo? [Can u give me a 200 rs as debt]

La: Enthu Patti..

Aks: (hesitately) exam fees….

La: 1000 alle fee[Isn’t it 1000]

Aks: baki Njan enganelum oppicholam..[I will collect it anyway ].(Laya takes two 500 notes and give him.) no teacher 200 mathi [ I want only 200 ]. I will return you back in two days..

La: epolelum thannamathi chekka… Chellu… [you can give it any time. Now go]

Akshay went from there..


Aks: 😭😭😭😭sir plz do something fast… What would have happened to her 😭😭😭

To Be Continued…

Don’t judge a book by its cover.. It will be ur loss only…

What do you think about the title of this story?.. Reply me only if you like it

What would have happened to Laya?

I know everyone is waiting for made for each other and Always Swasan.. I will update it soon…

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