A Change In Life – KKB FF (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7

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At the mall

Vihaan:- Bhai, it’s already 5.10. Your assistant is 10 minutes late. I think she won’t come.

Virat:- just shut up yaar. She will be here. (Looks around) there she is.

They both see Prachi and shahana and Vihaan gets shocked.

Virat:- Prachi…. shahana…..

Prachi:- Haan we are coming.

Shahana:- Prachi.

Prachi:- Haan.

Shahana:- is that Vihaan?

Prachi:- where?

Shahana:- with your boss.

Prachi:- haan shahana. Tell me the truth. Are you both in love?

Shahana:- shut up. Iam seeing him for the second time.

Prachi:- come, let’s ask Virat.

Virat:- hai Prachi. Hai shahana.

Prachi:- hai.

Shahana:- hello. Who is this?

Virat:- he is my brother.

Prachi:- oho… So this is your brother. (Teases shahana)

Vihaan:- Bhai,come (takes him aside). This is that girl, I told you yesterday.

Virat:- oho, your first crush.

Vihaan:- shut up, Bhai.

Virat:- ok, come. Otherwise they will go.

Prachi:- if your talking is over can we select saree.

Virat:- (self) starts her talking. (Loud) come .

Prachi and shahana select some sarees and ask Vihaan for their choice.

Vihaan:- look didi, we don’t know anything about it. So please select one.

Shahana:- Hey boring guy, can’t you even select a saree.

Virat:- actually we both don’t know. These all are very difficult.

Prachi:- look, peach or yellow?

Virat:- peach. If you don’t mind, can you wear it. Please.

Prachi:- ok. (Prachi goes)

Virat:- Vihaan, you talk to her. I will come now.

Vihaan:- where are you going?

Virat:- Are yaar! Enjoy it. (He goes)

Vihaan:- you are Prachi’s sister?

Shahana:- no. Actually we had grown up together.

Vihaan:- ok.

Shahana:- whose birthday?

Vihaan:- what?

Shahana:- saree. Whose birthday?

Vihaan:- ohh!! Mam’s birthday.

Shahana:- is it your teacher?

Vihaan:- no. She is our warden mam.

Shahana:- ohh sorry. Prachi didn’t tell me.

Vihaan:- it’s ok.

Virat:- did your talking get over?

Vihaan:- haan bhai.

Shahana:- yeh Prachi. How much time she is taking.

Virat:- I think she don’t know to wear saree. Go and help her.

Shahana:- she knows how to…….look, Prachi is here.

Prachi was looking beautiful..

Vihaan:- she is very beautiful. Isn’t it bhai?

Virat:- it’s average.

Prachi:- really, so go and wear this saree.

Virat:- Arre, I was joking. Saree is nice.

Prachi:- And me?

Virat:- above average.

(Vihaan and shahana smiles)

Vihaan:- so can we fix this?

Virat:- haan, this is beautifull. So Prachi it’s now 6.30, if you are free…

Prachi:- if we are free?

Virat:- can we have a tea?

Shahana:- of course.

Virat:- so wait for us. We will come now. (They goes)

Prachi:- what was that?

Shahana:- what?

Prachi:- it’s 6.30.

Shahana:- so what?

Prachi:- maa will be waiting for us.

Shahana:- oh no! I forget it. Sorry Prachi.

Prachi:- no need of explanation, you were dreaming of Vihaan, so its ok.

Shahana:- Prachi ki bachi, main tumhe chodungi nahi (I will not leave you).

After sometime in teashop

Shahana:- look, I want to ask you something.

Virat:- haan, ask it.

Shahana:- why are you both so good?

Virat:- matlab

Prachi:- haan, that day, you say sorry to me for a silly thing.

Shahana:- and Vihaan had accepted my sorry, easily.

Virat:- it’s not a big thing.

Vihaan:- it’s actually because of our mam’s upbringing.

Virat:- she had said that we should say sorry and accept sorry, even for a small thing. And we don’t disobey her sayings.

Prachi:- but by telling it even for a small thing, it’s value might go.

Virat:- that’s your theory. They are not ornaments, by repeating it it’s value will not go.

Shahana:- but we are friends, so sorry is not needed.

Vihaan:- even it’s for our friends, anyone we won’t change our character.

Prachi:- you love your mam?

Virat:- Mam is like our mother. Do you know actually after 18 orphanage is bit difficult, sometimes we have to pay, but she always support us.

Shahana:- so tomorrow, are you going to surprise her?

Virat:- haan.

Prachi:- can we come?

Virat:- look, we won’t be throwing big party. It’s just us and other children.

Prachi:- but it’s ok for us.

Shahana:- Haan, we also don’t like big parties.

Vihaan:- if you both are ok, then come to our orphanage at 12.00am

Prachi:- what, 12.00 am? No, no. Maa won’t allow us.

Virat:- don’t worry. Actually we enjoy at that time. But it’s ok. We will wish her on your behalf.

Shahana:- but cake..

Vihaan:- we will send it via courier. (Laughs)

Prachi’s phone rings, it was Pragya.

Prachi:- hello maa.

Pragya:- where are you beta? Are you ok?

Prachi:- haan, Iam ok. Don’t get hyper. We are with our friends for shopping.

Pragya:- ok. Come fast, it’s already 7.30.

Prachi:- Haan. We are coming. Byee. (Cuts the call)

Virat, we have to go now. And I will call you and sent the rest mails . Is it ok?

Virat:- Haan, you both go. If needed will drop you. We both have bikes.

Prachi:- no. It’s ok. We will go. Bye.

Virat:- bye.

Shahana:- Prachi, I wish I could go to their celebration. How would it be? Lots of fun, children, happiness………..

In Mehra mansion

All are eating dinner. Prachi is thinking about shahana’s words and she also wishes to go there.

Abhi:- Prachi……(shouts) Prachi..

Prachi:- haan, Birthday.

Abhi:- what?

Prachi:- celebration.

(Shahana coughs and frightenes her)

Pragya:- Prachi, are you ok?

Prachi:- haan, I was seeing a movie and birthday.. birthday celebration was there. I was thinking about that.

Abhi:- really?

Prachi:- yes Papa.

Abhi:- shahana, where were you?

Shahana:- with Prachi.

Abhi:- office?

Shahana:- no mall

Abhi:- why?

Shahana:- Are, for selecting saree.

Abhi:- for whom?

Shahana:- Virat and vihaan’s mam

Prachi coughs

Pragya:- what happened?

Abhi:- give her water.

Pragya:- are you ok?

Prachi:- haan. (Pinches Shahana)

Abhi:- who is this Vihaan?

Shahana:- woh….

Prachi:- not Vihaan, it’s……..vir… Vrushali, my friend. Tomorrow is her mom’s birthday. And she ask us to help her in selecting a saree.

Pragya:- but, this name, Vrushali, Iam hearing for the first time.

Prachi:- no maa, I… I….had already told you. May be you forget it.

Pragya:- may be.

At prachi’s room

Shahana:- Prachi, what are you thinking?

Prachi:- can we go to the Birthday?

Shahana:- but maasi will not allow us to go.

Prachi:- we can tell Papa. Come.

Shahana:- Prachi, are we going like this? We have to become ready.

Prachi:- ok, you get ready, I will inform Papa and come.

Shahana:- Haan. Fast.

Prachi:- ok.

Prachi:- Papa, can I come.

Abhi:- no, you are not allowed. (Laughs) come my princess, why these formalities?

Prachi:- Papa, can I ask you something?

Abhi:- what happened? Did you steal anything?

Prachi:- no, actually, my friend’s mom birthday party is there. So can we go?

Abhi:- what is cooking in your mind?

Prachi:- nothing, Papa. Actually we want to go, but maa won’t allow.

Abhi:- are you brainwashing me?

Prachi:- no.

Abhi:- hmm. Go. I will take care of her. Go and enjoy.

Prachi:- thanks Papa. You are the best Papa and my superman.

She kisses him and goes.

Prachi:- shahana, Papa agrees.

Shahana:- what? Really.

Prachi:- yaa

Shahana and prachi dances.

Shahana:- Prachi, get ready fast.

Prachi:- Haan, but what will I wear.

Shahana:- oooo, wear anything and come fast. It’s already 11.30.

Prachi:- ok.

Prachi gets ready and comes, she was looking very beautiful.

Shahana:- wow, Prachi, you are looking beautiful. (Prachi smiles) Ek minute, are you going to impress Virat.

Prachi:- what, are you mad? Look, I don’t like these. Clear?

Shahana:- haan come. And where is the place?

Prachi:- it’s near the office. Some Shanti orphanage. Yaa, I got it. Come.

Shahana:- so, ok. Come.

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