A Burnt Rose – IMMJ2 : Chapter 5 – Punishment (Part-2)

It’s almost 03:00 Vansh was playing the piano as it is the medicine to his pain. Angre enters there and gets shocked to see blood bleeding on Vansh’s every finger on the left hand.

“Boss, you again?” Angre worried.

Without paying head to Angre Vansh continued playing the piano.

“Boss, You again made a portrait of Bhabhi with your blood!!”

Vansh stopped and gave Angre a blank look. That had mixed emotion which even Angre can’t identify! Angre took First aid box from the shelf.

“I’ll do your First aid.”

Saying this Angre approached towards Vansh. Before he can say knife, Vansh throws box away, and give him a disapproval look.

“No Angre, it shouldn’t be. This bleeding always makes me realise the pain and sorrow Ridhima had” Vansh says

“But Boss……” Angre starts to spoke before he could complete Vansh cuts in between and speaks

“Sleep tight Angre.”

Vansh left from there before ignoring Angre and approached towards his room. As he enters his room, he starts reminiscing his Ridhima’s moments spend there.


“Good morning, Abheeti Jaiswal.”

Kabir wished Abheeti and steps to her room.

“Don’t you dare, just stay there!”

Abheeti shouts on his action. To which Kabir gives an amused look.

“I meant, we can’t talk here as Vansh’s eyes are present. So let’s move to the same place where we had our last convo. ”

Ayshu corrected him. Kabir nodded in approval.


“Boss we had a bad news” Angre informed Vansh to which he raised.

“What’s it Angre?”

“That Anupriya…..Anupriya got released!”

Vansh was shell-shocked hearing this. He had used all his leverage to tie Anupriya in such a trap from which she never escapes, but now all this goes in no vain.

“How does she got released? Who helped her?” Vansh asked out of his anger.

“Its AVR boss, as I decoded its Ahaana!” Angre informed him with his collected pieces of information and shreds of evidence.”

Hot under colour Vansh squawks.


The whole members arrive on hearing the rage of Vansh.

“What happened bhaiyya why you’re in such a stage” Siya askes to Vansh on his act.

“Where are Ahaana and Kabir?” Vansh queries.

“By morning itself Ahaana left for an outing, Kabir just left for some works.” Aryan reciprocates to Vansh.

Vansh was up to throw out his anger on Aryan out of blue Ahaana entered to the scenario.

“Where were you these time Ahaana?” Vansh queries at her bursting all his fits of anger.

“I was just …..” Ahaana replies.

“Just what?” Vansh questioned

“I just went shopping.”

Though she answered, her face was telling something else. Her voice had changed, her physical expressions are mismatching her thoughts, her eyes were looking to the left side. She was continuously trying to cover her mouth.

“Lie!! I don’t want to hear any lie. Just tell me the truth!” Vansh stated.

“No Vansh I’m not lying. It’s true.” She replied nervously.

“Oh really, then why your actions are not at all matching what you’re saying? Don’t you try to hide! I know Where you’ve been these much time.” Vansh looks at her with full of hate and rage.

“What Vansh!!”

She was shocked to know Vansh.

“Kya ex-to be saasu maa se achanak se pyaar bhadgaya ki tune uski bail karvadiya!”

Vansh eyes got red out of fear and Ahaana’s eyes were filled with the fear for Vansh’s anger as well as surprised at his action. Rest of them present here were shocked to know this fact.

“Whaaat?. I hadn’t, don’t you try to blame me.” Ahaana raised her voice against Vansh.

“I hate lies and liars. Just wrap up!. I can’t suffer you anymore! I don’t want to see any of her pieces of stuff here” Ordering this Vansh starts to leave from there.

“No! I won’t go from here, Because I’m Mrs Ahaana Vansh Raisinghania.” She stated. Which stopped Vansh, he turns to her comment.


Ahaana was still adamant and was standing there. Out of the blue, she felt some force on her hand. It was Ishani.

“She won’t listen, I’ll handle her! ” Ishaani exclaimed.

“Just go and pack her kinds of stuff” Ishani orders to the few servants nearby and she dragged Ahaana and throw her out of the mansion accompanied by her backpack as well.

“Not a penny second more buzz-off,” Ishaani ordered to Ahaana and bangs the door on her face.

“Can I help you?” Someone approach towards Ahaana.


Abheeti was talking with the same mysterious lady via cell-phone.

Lady: Do you get anything from Kabir.

Abheeti: Yes.

Abheeti narrates about their meeting.


“What do you want to know from me?” Kabir questions.

“The weak point of VR Mansion, where Vansh will easily get hurt, where we can collapse him on his knees,” Abheeti asked.

“What’s the profit for me in this deal?”

“You’ll be getting what you want.”


Abheeti shows him a video call, seeing which Kabir was amused as well as happy by seeing the person.

“Where is she now? How did you manage to release her?” Kabir pondered.

“She is safe and sound and about releasing her its just a glass of water for me. Don’t ever try to contact her until I say otherwise Vansh will easily trace it out.”

Kabir nodded in approval and continues to start their convo.

“Ridhima is the only week point of Vansh Raisinghania!”

“Who is that?'”

“She was my girlfriend, was ready to go for any extent for our love. But I asked her to become the bride of Vansh Raisinghania for my stupid mission, I lost her forever. When Vansh comes to know about it he killed her!”

Kabir felt to be a little emotional while talking about Ridhima. Although he acts to love her, though deep under he had some feelings for Ridhima which was either passion or obsession.

” I only want the truth, not any fabricated story.” Abheeti forwarded.

“It’s true only, ”

” Your eyes are your traitors Kabir. it’s trying to tell something else! Leave it whose portrait had burned on yesterday?”

“Its Ridhima’s!”

“Ridhima was only a traitor for him, right?”

“Was it! But now his life lies in her memories.”

“Then why he married Ahaana?”

“Ahaana was an executed plan of Vansh against Ridhima! He wasn’t at all married to Ahaana, he just announced her to be his wife only to complete his revenge on Ridhima which backfired……. He ousted Ahaana once, but she came back with the support of media. In the sake of the family’s reputation, Vansh allowed her to stay!.”

“Looks like, Vansh snatched everything from you, First your Mom, then your Girlfriend and now Fiancee too.” She mocked at him.


Lady: So that means, You had ignited the flame in Kabir.

Soon Abheeti heard some noises from the ground floor.

” Congo, Our stage one had implemented.”

Saying this Abheeti cut the call.

As Abheeti went down, she witnessed an inspector with three of his sub-ordinates was present there.

“Mr Vansh Raisinghania, you’re under arrest!” Inspector informed.

“For what charges, inspector.” Vansh enquired.

“Under the charge of domestic violence against your wife, Mrs Ahaana.” Inspector replied.

Ahaana entered to the scenario. Her faces had scars, forearm had bruises forehead was bleeding little much. Her dresses were torn. She looked to be too weak.

“What the hell, Inspector it was just her acting. She is trying to frame bhai for a false charge.” Screamed Ishaani.

Precap: “Van….sh……Vansh……Please….. don’t”

Author’s note:

So, guys, you all will be aware that today is my birthday as my lovely friend @FirstRayOfSun had gone crazy on my birthday and posted wishes for me on almost every cyberspace love you Aho 😘πŸ₯°πŸ₯°. So I decided to post a new chapter on todayπŸ€—πŸ€—

It’s unbelievable for me that I became legally a citizen in my country. I got the right to vote. But still I’m not more than an infant, who always roam around her Mumma, who always goes to her granny to feed me, who always nhok-jhok with my Popsi. I’m a person who even used to playΒ  hide seek, musical chair and even stone and paper, used to fight with them for very little things and soon make them happyΒ  with another lil things. According to me Age is just number, I’m still a playful girl like how I used to be in my childhood.Β 

Thanks a million to all for your overwhelming love and affection towards me.

IHU Youuu Alu, Ayshu………All my other friends😍😍😍😍

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