A Burnt Rose – IMMJ2 : Chapter 4 – PROPOSAL!! (DHAAM)

So, guys Today’s chapter is all about AbhAnsh’s marriage proposal as wanted by my friend @FirstRaysOfSun. Its not at all my idea. 

Here You go with the replies https://www.tellyupdates.com/a-burnt-rose-immj2-chapter-3-persuading-saam/


“Hi, AJ”

Sia wished Abheeti who passes by.

“Hi, miss ?”

Abheeti made a questioning look.

“I’m Sia. Do you need any help or anything? ” Sia queried with a smile.

“No, I was just passing by.”

“Are you bored?”

“No, it’s new here, I’ll take some time to adjust.”

“Sia, why did you called Me. Anything important?”

Vansh entered the room.

“Haan bhaiyaa, I need a Pakisthan Visa.”


Vansh and Abheeti together asked her with so many questions popping in their mind.

“Now only you wanted to go when the political issues between the two countries are raising high along with Corona.”

Vansh raised.

“Bhaiyya my friend Ayshu vanished away since the last 2 days and I’m missing her too much.” She said while making her puppy eyes gesture.

Abheeti and Vansh burst out their laughter to which Sia responded with a stern look.

“Is I’m any joke to you?” She raised her left eyebrow.

“No worries Sia, Give her details. I’ll contact the Pakisthan Embassy nearby” Vansh promised.

“Her name is Aysha Arooj, bhaiyya. She is a pre-medical student. As far as I remember she lives in Punjab provision.” Sia passed.

“Lemme check!”

Saying this Vansh left from there.

How innocent is she…Or Is she also wearing a mask of innocence just like others?” Abheeti thought.

“Sia let’s meet on tomorrow, have a tight sleep” Abheeti greeted Sia.

“Sweet dreams Abheeti!”

Sia replied with her smiling lips, which bought a crept of a smile in AJ also.


It was a dead silent night. The whole room immersed in darkness, not a glimpse of light present, the curtains were dancing in anticipation of the upcoming storm. A slight beam of moonlights passes through the open window, which fell on a lady in her mid-twenties. She starts igniting the candles one-by-one.

“These candle flames are like the life of men, so weak, so deadly. That would be able to destroy everything. Each flicker is bearing a seed of destruction so potent it could collapse kings to their knees.”

She took Vansh’s photograph and burned it with the flames of a candle.

(Scene shifts to VR mansion)



“Angre!!, Angre!!”

Vansh shouts on hearing the fire alarm.

“Boss the fire alarm is ringing as the east side of the mansion caught fire.”

Angre replied without meeting his eye.

“What Angre!!!”

Vansh shrieked and ran towards the place where fire caught.

An unbroken stream of tears is flowing from his wet eyes. His eyes had the pain which he was suffering from the three months. The sorrow of loss, his guilt, his love, his madness everything. As he reached the only thing he could witness was his private room spread with fire. Every corner of the room caught fire. Everything present in the room is burning into ashes. His eyes had filled with the sorrow of loss which he can’t bear again. Deep torment from his heart left him fragile and broken, as he once again failed to protect it.


“This time the fire in me is strong as it’ll make you suffer. which breaks you in all the way.”

The lady said while burning the photograph of Vansh.

She shifted her gaze to a portrait hung on the wall.

“I wish I had the power to change our destiny, I had the power to change the time. Thus you’ll be here with me. ”

Tears broke out from her eyes. Her wet eyes had filled with the love and care for her sister, the pain of loss. She also had the same anger and rage on the person who snatched her happiness.

“That devil snatched you away from me. Now it’s his turn I’ll snatch everything under his feet who was responsible for your death. I’ll make him live through the same pain you had. It’s my promise to you.”

Her mobile starts ringing that shows the name Abheeti, which broke all her thoughts. She wiped her tears and swiped the touch screen to answer.

“Hello, Abheeti.”

She stopped awaiting a reply from Abheeti.

“AJ here, who is that Sia, we don’t have any information regarding her. Why the informers failed to gather about her?”

Abheeti queried.

“She is Sia, Vansh Raisinghania’s younger sister. She had been on comatose. It’s all we got from our informers. But dunno when does she woke up!”

The lady calmed AJ.

“Seems like Sia is the only human with heart staying in VR mansion.”

Aj stated.

“What’s that beep sound there? Is there any problem?”

She worried.

“No, I got the chance to witness a high-dramatic scene. I’ll call you later!”

AJ cut her call and moved to the place where the fire caught. As she reached there, witnessed how a crazy Vansh is trying to blow out the fire.

Even without any precaution or safety gadget, he is trying to put out the fire using his naked hand. Whereas all were trying to stop him but he is adamant.

His palms had bruises, his eyes were teary and red.

He was continuously screaming.

“No, nooo!”

“Angre Please call the Fire and Rescue. I can’t bear his situation!”

Dadi said in her worrying voice.

“Don’t worry dadi, I had already informed Fire and Rescue they are on the way and also sent Aryan and some servants for bringing Fire Extinguisher.”

He replied. While Ishani hugged Angre and said

“Angre, please do something fast, I can’t see Vansh bhai broken. He was always there for us, but weren’t able to console his pain.”

Ishaani sobbed. Angre reciprocated hug and patted on her back to console her.

Abheeti also saw Sia crying silently. Her eyes reflected some guilt for her unknown action. She recalled about the chirpy Sia whom she just met.

Abheeti’s gaze shifted to each faces present there. Aryan and Chanchal were standing there with mixed emotions, while Ahaana’s face is shown relaxation of getting rid of something. Vansh succeeded to put out the fire on the portrait. Fire and Rescue arrived and extinguished the whole area.

Vansh was crying as his heart would break with that half-burned portrait screaming “RIDHIMAAA!!”. The only thing had on Abheeti was just a smirk.

Soon Abheeti’s gaze attracted someone who was enjoying all this scenario by having some peanuts. It is Kabir!

“Kabir the sly fox in VR Mansion. Even not having any ties with the family, he is living the life of Riley. Moreover, Vansh Raisinghania’s biggest enemy.”

She thought. Soon all witnessed Vansh running towards his room with hugging that portrait. Ahaana, Aryan and Chanchal left from there. While Angre,dadi, Sia and Ishaani stood lamenting on Vansh’s condition. After a while, Ishaani left from there with rages filled within her. Abheeti also moves away.

Ahaana was rejoicing near the poolside. Infuriated Ishaani passes the way and twists and ties Ahaans’s right hand in her back.

“What the damn Ishaani just leave my hand!”

Ahaana bawls at Ishaani.

” This is just a warning for you. If I even got any small evidence which prooves your hand behind that incident, then I will make you shed blood for Vansh bhai’s tears” Ishaani threatened.

“Shall I remind you who I’m?” Ahaana raised. Within spur, Ishaani shut her.

“Shall I remind you how you’re still here even after Vasnh bhai ousted you once?” She also added.

“You re-entered here only because of your cheap game. Thank your fate that media was here or else you will be counting stars outside the mansion. Remember if I got anything against you, It’ll be your last day.”

Ishaani left from, while Ahaana stared at her with fits of anger. A third person was watching all this from far away, It was Abheeti!.

“Bingo! I got one another weak point of VR Mansion.”


Abheeti’s eyes started searching for Kabir. She searched the whole mansion but in vain she couldn’t find him. As she walked from there she bumped into someone and collided. Which resulted in the man falling into the pool.

She bends down to his level and says.

“Tch…tch… You had ignited such a huge fire in the mansion ….. So it is required to cool the fire inside you.”

“How did you find out?” Kabir responds out of fear.

“It’s baseless, your face only told. ” Abheeti responded.

She further added.

” Now lets come into the business. I have a proposal for you!”

“What? Why you’re offering me? You’re here for Vansh’s deal, Is it his plan?” He asked



“Matlab watlab kuch nahi, I’m not answerable to you.”

“If you’re ready to join hands with me, then I’ll help you to reach in your goal. Are you ready or not?”

“What shall I do?”

“Waqt aane par batadungi, now just gather the information regarding the weak points of VR Mansion. You should meet me tomorrow morning.”

She further added

“Never Ever dare to double-cross me!”

She walked away while Kabir looks on thinking,

“What kind of storm does she is gonna bring?”


It’s almost 03:00 Vansh was playing the piano as it is the medicine to his pain.

Angre enters there and gets shocked to see blood bleeding on Vansh’s every finger on the left hand.

“Boss, you again?”



Vansh: How did she got released?

Angre: Ahaana is behind this.


Vansh got arrested!!!

Ridhima dead or alive???



I’ll try to update next chapter by tomorrow. Now its gonna end within 4 chapter. I had blessed you guys with IshAngre moments, AbhAnsh and AbIr moments 😂😂.  

Some questions inorder to boost your brain. Here you go

1) Who got released?

2) What’s the secret behind Vansh’s bleeding on finger?

3) Why Vansh got arrested?

4) Is Ridhima dead or Alive?

As I mentioned in the begenning, the brain behind AbhAnsh’s proposal is my friend @FirstRayOfSun, If you guys wants to bash someone so please goes to her😅😅

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    Sach mein room ke jaise the episode was lit… Den…..
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