A Burnt Rose – IMMJ2 : Chapter 4.5 – Punishment!!! (Dhand) Part 2

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CHAPTER 4.5 – Punishment!!! (Dhand) Part 2


“Mr Vansh Raisinghania, you’re under arrest!” Inspector informed him.

“For what charges, inspector.” Vansh enquired.

“Under the charge of domestic violence against your wife, Mrs Ahaana,” Inspector replied.

Ahaana entered the scenario. Her faces had scars and forearms had bruises, the forehead is bleeding little much. Her dresses are torn, she looked to be too weak.

“What the hell, Inspector it was just her acting. She is trying to frame bhai on a false charge.”  

Ishaani screamed out of anger as she moves towards Ahaana, Ahaana hides under the back of women constable out of fear and whispered in her low voice.

“Please save me from them.”

 Every family members stare at her amused. This wasn’t Ahaana who used to be. They are pretty sure about her acting, but all are unaware of her motive behind this.

“Dou you have any proof for these allegations.” 

Angre seeks out from the inspector, to which the inspector replied.

“The proof is the victim herself. So Mr Vansh Raisinghania lets move.”

They arrested Vansh and starts to move. As they step outside the mansion, Media surrounded them with raising various questions about his arrest. To escape from them Vansh just covered his face with palms and move along. Dadi was the one who affected more, just as Vansh set feet into Police Van dadi faints out of anxiety. Everyone was panicked seeing her condition, Aryan immediately dialled the doctor and demanded to reach quick. Ahaana is pitying them, while Abheeti was capturing the whole scenarios.

Abheeti recalls

“Shall I help you Ahaana?” Abheethi put forwarded. Ahaana scowls at her.”

“You’re only responsible for this, only because of my damn meeting with you!” Ahaana exclaimed.

“But you hadn’t accepted my offer.”

“So, that’s why you didn’t help me.?”

“That’s why I’m offering you now, Do as what I say you’ll be inside the VR Mansion.”


Ahaana was stretching herself while she felt a strong force on her forearm.  

“Don’t try to showcase your acting skills here, better withdraw your false charge on bhai.” Ishani threatened while exerting her pressure on Ahaana’s hand. As a reflex Ahaana shoved Ishaani. 

“Shut your mouth ” Ahaana shouts and further added.

“If you ever dare to touch me or threaten me, I make sure your bhai suffers.” 

Saying this Ahaana steps away. Ishaani is still in a shock, her bhai Vansh Raisighania got arrested because of this silly. She was sure about someone giving strength Ahaana, but couldn’t figure out whom! But she was sure about one thing, whoever is behind Ahaana he/she wants to ruin the image of Raisinghania family in front of the public.

Ahaana stopped and moved towards Ishaani 

“If you want to save you, brother, then bow before me and apologise for your deeds. Maybe I’ll re-think.” She smirked saying this.

“No ways.” Ishaani scowls return.

“You have time till FIR registered; for your information, only two hours left,” Ahaana informed and steps out. 

Daadi is unconsciousLy whispering Vansh’s name when Ishaani gets in to check after Dadi.

“V…an…sh Mera….. bacha……..”

“Her condition won’t improve until Mr Raisinghania comes back!”

Ishaani looks at dadi helplessly.


Ahaana was removing her makeovers and dressings on fake marks, then she started stretching her arms and legs.

“I’m sorry Ahaana. Now release bhai!!” Ishaani said without any expressions and emotions.

“tchh… I don’t need such a lame sorry……………… Ego or Bro, Think which is of the essence!!” Ahaana replied to Ishaani.

Ishaani was adamant about compromising her ego, but also she wants to bring back her brother to improve the situation of her family. She kneels and bows down to Ishaani and utters


“Hmm…… Your brother needs to learn some lessons, so it’s better he remains in prison only.” 

Ahaana mocks at Ishaani. While a furious Ishaani glunch at her!

“You told that bhai will be free….”

Cutting Ishaani in between Ahaana said

“I told I’ll re-think about it….. I’d and it’s my final decision!”

Saying this Ahaana goes away. Ishaani stares at her.


Its been one hour and twenty minutes since Vansh got arrested. Dadi is still not recovered. Sia is in a tizzy. Angre is busy calling from here and there. Abheeti is missing for the last thirty minutes, Kabir hasn’t returned since he went out. Aryan and Chachi are lost in their world. Out of toey Ishaani is walking from here to here. All of a sudden Angre switch on the TV and plays the news channel.

“Hot updates from the case of Vansh Raisighania!!!

Its been only a few hours since the billionaire Vansh Raisinghania got arrested under the charges of Domestic violence. He was alleged for physically assaulting his wife Ahaana. But latest updates are telling that he got released as his Ahaana who is claiming to be his wife was mentally ill. Now it cudgels our brains that, Is truly Ahaana is mentally ill or VR’s black hands are behind this?”

“What the!! How does Vansh got released? And why the hell they’re addressing me as Sick!!” 

Ahaana reacted first out of anxiety. Everyone present there was equally confused and surprised. Then they saw Abheeti coming with Vansh, followed by some hospital staffs. Vansh points towards Ahaana and says.

“She’s the one take her along.”

“What!! To where??” 

Ahona asked out of angst. While vansh signs to take her. But before she could say knife they dragged her. Ahaana used her all powers to defend them, after a long strike she escaped from them and ran towards Vansh.

“Vansh please….please listen to me.”

Vansh stood there without paying any head. Abheeti approaches Ahaana and fakes consoling her and hugs.

“Calm…calm, keep your cool. You’re just a pawn in this game! Chup chap jao, or else you will be behind the bars.”

Ahaana gives Abheeti a death stare to which Abheeti smiles. 

“Bhai, how did you got released? and what happened?” 

Ishaani questions.

“All thanks to Abheeti, she shot every moment of Ahaana and proved she is mentally ill.” He replies 

 “Thanks, Abheeti!!” Ishaani thanked.

 “It’s my pleasure!!” Abheeti replied and further added

“And my designers are done with my interiors, so I’m leaving today.”

“Why you’re leaving too early? Its been only two days since you came and…..” Sia asked to which Abheeti replied.

“Aww Sia, don’t worry I’d organized a private house warming party tomorrow evening only for you people. Please make sure you won’t miss it.”  

“Of course AJ, I’ll make sure that everyone will accept your invitation. And also I’ll sign the deal.” Vansh forwarded.

“That sounds cool, VR but during the party no more business” Abheeti chuckles.


A big house, the kind in which most people wish to live. Secluded among trees on one of Bhandra’s most exclusive streets. The dark wood and mirror work gates of Yard and what awaits is a beautiful drive through surrounded by foliage. A door which can accommodate a family of giraffe. All dark wooden flooring, intricately woven rugs and warm lighting, space also includes a winding staircase with glass panelling, plush couches in terracotta tones, and moody paintings. . Set against warm marble flooring, space gives guests a chance to wind down on plush brown couches which sit on an intricately woven rug. A mirror-effect coffee table topped off with books and crystal swans. The family pictures on one wall. Prints of Tri-piece abstracts decorated the walls, which showcased her taste in paintings.

The whole Raisinghania’s admired the intricacy of the Living room. 

“Welcome Raisinghania’s” 

Abheeti welcomed them warm-heartedly.

“This property is completely astounding!! ” Sia chuckled

” Thank you, Sia Now shall we have the Dinner then. It’s around 8 and I should have it before 9, as per the doctor’s condition.” Abheeti welcomed them for the dinner.


After 3 weeks

“Sia, What are you doing? I’d been searching for you so long.” Someone pouted at her.

“Aww Ridhima bhabhi, I was just busy checking this for my friend,” Sia replied to her.

“Now have these medicines and Give it to me I’ll check it.” 

Sia forwarded her phone to Ridhima.

My dears (Tasha, PreTaj, ShiFa, SaStha)

Words can’t express how grateful I am to you for making this birthday a joyful and memorable one for me. The one special thing that I will always remember this whole year is the moment that the clock struck 12, and you people were the first to wish me. I never really thought that you will gift me an unforgettable surprise for turning up on My birthday. It feels so good when someone does so special for you on your Birthday. For me, it felt like I am totally out of the world. It felt like I’m the luckiest in the world to have such amazing friends. For the rest of all Covid-19 was the worst thing that happened in their life, but for us, It is the best thing that happened in our life. Just like you, I’m also a private person, not everyone can get into my close circle but you people did (Tasha, PreTaj, ShiFa, SaStha) You people are very spesh to me. Cheers to our friendship and I really wish that our friendship would last forever with the same imperishable bond. I intentionally didn’t reply to your wishes in the comment section, because even I want to present you a bombshell. I’m greeting you in advanced Happy Birthday to you as well. May almighty present you with the best, You people will be in prayers forever. And I will always remember my VR’s replica, Mumma, paglii, 😈😈, Nimo, Sikko, Preetichu and Asu.Thanks a million to all for making this birthday of mine not only a remarkable one but also the best in my life. 

IHU you guys❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎💔❣💕💞💓💗💖💝💟😍🥰😘

PS: Alu I’m on cloud nine after knowing how I inspired you.😜😜

“Bhabhi..please check its grammar. It’s my friend Den’s reply to her best friends wishes. ” Sia informed Ridhima.

“Haan, I’ll check it. Now have the medicine’s one surprise is waiting for you!!”

Precap: Ridhima got Kidnapped. Vansh losses his cool and roams here and there.

Author’s note:

From the last two chapters, I wasn’t able to reply to your comments because I was busy with my academics. My heartfelt thanks to all for your overwhelming love and supports showering on me and my work. I took almost 5-6 days to complete this chapter, still, there is plenty of grammatical and spelling mistake kindly ignore it. once again beg your pardon for being late. 

Lastly, I’d created some suspences on this chapter as well as loopholes. I’d intentionally dropped that as I don’t want to delay the update anymore. I’ll be filling those in upcoming chapters. So enjoy reading!!

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  6. This is so confusing, where the hell did Riddhima come from, it’s so irrelevant. Also the leap was not necessary, the beginning was so good until the three weeks leap. Please tell how Riddhima came in to the scene and what happened at Abheeti’s house.

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    Hello everyone here is the second episode of the fiction I hope you all like it. Thank you for your great response on the First episode of fan fiction I m glad you like it.

    Episode 2

    Vansh friends includes: – Rehaan Maheshwari, Samarth Singhal, Ankit Shrivastava, Naman Agarwal. All belong to rich families. Vansh always thought that these people want him as their friend for his money only and therefore always considered them as people to chill out in his free time. He was not attached to them emotionally but never told them this thing or let them feel about it. They always thought that his arrogance was his style.

    Today was Sunday night all the four decided to meet in a club and party, they also called vansh. Vansh and his friends were sitting in a private chamber in a club and having drinks. Vansh was getting bored as the chilling out party turned into the discussion on wedding of Ankit which was suppose to be helped in 3 months. Vansh hardly cared about the wedding and didn’t participated much in the discussion and was focused in drinking his drink.

    After a long time, Samarth suggested that they should stop discussing about wedding in this club and Ankit should right now enjoy his freedom and see some hot girls in the club. Vansh hearing this became delighted but didn’t say anything. They all agreed and walked out of the private chamber. Then vansh took long steps and went towards the bar and ordered drink for him and his friends.

    Vansh Pov: –

    After giving order I turned towards my right and saw a light brown colour hair girl in blue dress which was very short and was just covering only her ass. When she saw that I m looking at her she started to play with her hairs by curling them in her fingers. I enjoyed the view and then asked the bartender on the counter to give her free drinks. When that man told her about me, she gave me a very s*xy and sl*tty smile. I gave her a smile with attitude to convey you are welcome. After having drink from the man, she got busy in drinking the drink and sometimes she was giving me her seducing looks which I was enjoying a lot. Anyone who knew me can easily tell where this was going to end. My thoughts were interrupted by Naman when he said:

    Naman – Guys look at that weirdo! who wears such clothes in a club.

    Saying this all boys started to laugh and again started enjoying their drink. My eyes shifted from that blue dress girl to the girl naman pointed she was wearing a trouser and a over coat and had a bun with slippers, such a weird look. Her face was not clear visible because of the dim light of the club. But when she came close to the bar, I was able to see her face easily. She was looking here and there in the club and it seemed she was finding someone and then she talked on phone with someone. While talking she made a pout and I got attracted to the colour of her lips and her cute eyes. Then after cutting the call she started to look herself up and down and then other people in the party, she was looking as if she don’t know what she is wearing, crazy girl I thought and then she took her lower lip inside her mouth and bitted her lip it turned me on and I got hard and when she got tired of biting it she released her lip which got a cut and it was then and there I decided that I wanted to have under me and make her bite her lip in same way which she is doing now when I thrust her hard. I was continuously glancing her body and lips it was making me want her more my view was interrupted by Rehaan as he stood in front of me to talk something, I hardly paid attention to what he was saying and shifted a little to have the view of my beauty again, but then I got shocked when I saw her going towards the exit. How she can go like this, she was supposed to go with me today, I can’t let her go, I want to suck those juicy lips and make her moan in my bed, so I went after her. Thanks to my lucky steps I crossed her and stood in front of her to talk to her. She was walking looking at her mobile phone. Who does that I mean look around you , you are in a club right now and most important I , Vansh Rai Singhania, is standing in front of you , for whose attention girls are ready to do anything is looking at her and she is busy in her mobile phone, I will teach her a lesson once she will be in my bed, and there she bumped into me, for a second my body collided with her it made me very hard and I wanted to touch her then only , I controlled myself because Vansh Rai Singhania never touches a girl without her approval. So, I just gave her support to stand properly by keeping my hands on her waist like a gentleman. Then she looked up with her Cute, puppy eyes, it was full of innocence and then it became very hard to control myself. I don’t know when my hands shift from her waist to her ass and I squeezed it over her coat. I realised what I have done but I can’t back out now as Vansh never says sorry to his deeds so I pulled her more towards me to make her understand what she is doing to Vansh rai Singhania. I pulled her very close so that she can clearly feel my erection on her stomach and rubbed there to make her feel what effect she has on me.

    I was continuously looking at her eyes and I must say that they are very talkative they showed every emotion of surprise when she bumped into me, fear when I touched her ass and frighted as hell when I touched my erection with her. She got very sacred I can tell that by her eyes. I think it would be so amazing moment when I thrust her and she moans my name and I m getting all the answers from eyes as well. I came out of my thoughts when she pushed me, I thought I will teach her later and Said “Hi! miss beautiful” with the smirk on my face which can make any girl go weak on her knees and pulled her again towards me and her tummy touched my erection again. She gave a very angry and disgusted look and said “how did you dare to touch?” I just gave her smirk and was about speak when I saw her raising her hand on me to slap, I tilted my head to protect my face but her hand hit my neck. I got furious and said “What the hell!” and my hand which was on her waist earlier was rubbing my neck now. She took it as opportunity and ran towards the exist of club. I got very angry as how can a girl try to slap Vansh rai Singhania I made my mind to punish her and followed her taking long steps towards exit. When I came outside of gate of club she was no where to be seen. I asked the Guard on duty present there:

    Me: – Where did she ran?

    Guard: – W..h..o S…i…r?

    I usually like when people stammer in front of me but right now, I wanted to catch this girl and teach her what she has done and give her a lesson, his stammering irritated me.

    Me: – The girl with a coat, trouser and slipper. She had tied her hair in a bun. Where did she go?

    Guard: – S-s-she t-tooo..k aa c-ca..b in aaa hu-u-r-ry-y-y.

    What the hell? How will I catch her now? Moreover, his stammering was irritating me a lot. I furiously asked him-

    Me: – Do you know anything about her?

    By this tone he got more scared. He gulped his saliva and looked down and replied;

    Guard: – I c-he-ck-ed h..he…r IIIddd b..u–t I can’t r-e-e-ec…a-ll h..e..r naamme nooww.

    I then went to my car and in anger sit in it. I am never going to leave this girl. Who the hell she thinks she is? She raised her hands on Vansh rai Singhania. How dare she? I am going to make her realise and beg for mercy next time when I see her. Girl just wait you don’t know in whose nest you have given your hand. In frustration I started my car to go home without saying bye to my friends.

    So, friends Please comment and tell how was the second Episode. It contained a little mature content as it shows pure last of vansh.

    Yes, you all were right it was Vansh only.

    The coming content will be 18 + I hope you all would like it but if you all want me to change the track from 18+ you can tell.

    NEXTIshq Mein Marjawan FF : Queen’s Game (Prologue) »
    PREVIOUS« Story After 6 Years #RIANSH #IMMJ2 – Episode 5

    December 28, 2020 at 10:48 pm
    I liked the story, ignoring the 18+ content, it doesn’t matter to me! You can write what you want, I’ll only read and smile like I do for mine and others FF😅 Go ahead! And post soon. Moreover, Is Kabir coming in track soon or is he just background?

    December 28, 2020 at 11:21 pm
    Amazing update.
    Are you on wattpad

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    Unknown 😈
    December 28, 2020 at 11:47 pm
    Very good and for 18+ so it is ok as I am 22 so go ahead sweetheart 😘

    December 28, 2020 at 11:50 pm
    Its really funny to see vansh like that………..
    Good job dear so keep going

    December 29, 2020 at 12:01 am
    Wow very nice and as for 18+ is is absolutely ok

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