A Burnt Rose – : Chapter 5 – Politics!!!! (Bhed) Part 1

Chapter 5 – Politics!!!! (Bhed) Part 1


“What bhabhi, it’s only three days since we got you back and you all want to send me away.” Sia pouted at Vansh and Ridhima which left everyone amused.

“Sia, so what you’re gonna loss one more year?” Ridhima raised her eyebrow’s

“But, bhabhi……

Before Sia could say knife 

“Sia, look its Sydney college, one among the top universities in the world where you can pursue your dream of becoming an Artist.”

“No bhabhi, I don’t wanna.”

“No more ifs and buffs, it’s final you’re leaving!!” 

Ridhima exclaimed in such a way, just like how a mother scolds her daughter. Everyone present in the living area was enjoying Sia and Ridhima’s fight. There stood one person whose gazes are not shifting from Ridhima for even a second,

It was Dadi, she adored the motherly nature developed in Ridhima towards the siblings. Just like how their mother!

“It’s been a long time you’re with Ridhima now it’s my time, I’m gonna accompany her.” 

Ishani wrapped her arms around Ridhima with a grin ear to ear. A smile crept in Ridhima and she patted Ishani.

“I hate you Ishaani.!” 

Sia pouted at Ishaani.

“Haa…haan, dear sister. I miss you.” 

Ishaani mocked her, which made Sia gone mad and she walked away.


“Light wear, check

Books, check

Certificates, check

Admission file, check”

Ridhima is busy packing Sia’s pieces of stuff and re-checking everything.

“Bhabhi, 12 hours are left for my flights and you’re busy packing my kinds of stuff, looks like you’re eager only to execute, some plans. ” 

Sia complains at Ridhima.

“What?” Ridhima was surprised to hear such.

“I meant family plans. Small Ridhima and Vansh’s plans.” 

Sia giggled at her.

“Siaaa!!! Ruk tu!!” Ridhima exclaimed

“No Bhabhi, you had already transformed to Bhabhi maa from Bhabhi. So it’s easy naa.” 

Saying this Sia started to run and Ridhima behind her calling her. Out of blue Ridhima bumped into Vansh, causing both of them to fall on the floor.

They both lost on each other’s embraces. Breaking it Ridhima tries to get up but falls on him, to which vansh took advantage. He wraps his arms around her not allowing her to move.

“Vansh, Leave me someone will see,” Ridhima says sheepishly.

“Then what, Happily married Pati-Patni right.?” Vansh said with a playful smile growing on his face.

“So, what we’re gonna lie here for the whole day?” She groans at him.

“Not a Bad Idea, sweetheart. If I’ll be getting a kiss then…..”

aff…aff, Sia makes a cough

“Bhai, you own a lavish bed-room, but you want to romance with Bhabhi in this corridor, ” Sia winks at them.

They both stood up immediately out of awkwardness.

They both start to move in a hurry, which again resulted in colliding with each other.

“Arghh,” They both said in unison.

Doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t know how to face her. Because they both were embarrassed!! Ridhima smiled at Sia sheepishly pushing her hair back of her ear. While Vansh stood expressionless. 

“Haa..haan continue with your work, I don’t wanna be the ant in your heaven,” 

Sia shouted and ran out before they could say knife.

” Yeh Sia, bhi naa…” Ridhima starts to walk when suddenly Vansh wrapped his fingers around her arm and pulled her closer to his chest. They both were close to each other’s embrace that they could feel the hot breaths of them. He then wrapped his arms around her making her even close to him.

“V…..an…sh” She called him nervously.


 He replied to her without taking his gaze from her eyes.

“Van…sh… chod do,” She said while trying to escape from his hold.

“What’s hurry Ridhima? I deserve a kiss from you.” She saw a smirk playing on his lips.

“Then lose your grip.” She said with a playful smirk.

“No, I know you’ll use that opportunity to run”

“Ridhimaa beta.”  

That voice broke their conversation. 


Both shout in unison. Before dadi could see them they move apart.

“haan, beta check whether party preparations are accurate or not?”

Daadi said to Ridhima. To which Ridhima nodded her head sighing okay.

Ridhima left with Dadi.

“Nowadays, even Dadi became a villain in my love story.”

He left from there.


AJ is sitting on her chesterfield in her luxurious living room and is reading a business magazine. At once her phone starts ringing, forthwith she swiped the phone screen and answered.

“Hello, Are you ready with the plan?”

“Yeah, today Raisinghania’s are hosting a farewell party for Sia, from all corner today is the best day to implement our second plan.” The mysterious lady replied to her.

“Today is the day of victory for us and a day of misery for them.”

Sying this Abheeti cut her call.


Ridhima came out from the washroom and was shocked to see the lights gone off. So many thoughts were popping on her mind. A kind of fear struck her. Which eventually started to panic a deep coldness approached within her. Her hands start to tremble, her body started shivering, her lips were twitching, she is sweating hard, she notices someone hiding in the dark She starts uttering


“Vaaaanshh…… Vaaanshh….Vaaansh.”

 She screamed out of fear.

The man ignited one of the candles, start to approach Ridhima. In the reflection of flame, she saw his face ita was none other than Vansh. She gasps out of relief and hugs him. 

“You made me frightened,” She pouts at him.

“Once I lost you because of my one mistake. I won’t let any menace even touch your shadow,” Vansh said looking at her eyes.

They both lost in each other’s embrace, but the fire in Vansh’s candle had caught Ridhima’s shawl. Sensing the danger Vansh throws her shawl and jerks. He started putting fire off Ridhima stood there amused at his actions. Once the fire got off he Vansh ran towards Ridhima and hugged her tightly.

“Vansh, why you’re hugging me tightly I’m not gonna ..”

Before Ridhima could complete, Vansh placed his index finger on her lips.

“I can’t lose you once more.” He said in his trembling voice.

“You don’t know how i got you a month ago.” 

{ So guys, 3 weeks leap + Sia’s on week = One month.}

So let’s have dinner.” Abheeti forwarded.

Angre’s phone rang showing some detective’s name. He attended the call and he was utterly shocked.


He pointed his finger indicating something important, Vansh excused himself from there.

“Boss, your intuition was right. Abheeti is somehow connected with Ridhima bhabhi’s missing. She was present in India three months back, her phone signal was found under the same tower where bhabhi had fallen.” Angre contended within his one breathe.

” I knew it!! After knowing her hands behind Anupriya’s disappearance from jail, I was sure about her involvement in Ridhima’s missing.”

Vansh said out of his excitement and turns to confront Abheeti. Once stepped his ears caught a familiar voice.



The whole world stuck for that voice, Vansh stood there motionless, an eerie silence produced around him. He was lost, by all means, he collapsed on his knees. But backing all his thoughts he stood up and ran towards the direction of that voice. Screaming


Angre observed the whole scenario, All were surprised and shocked. AJ was busy calling the doctor.

“Doctor, that girl had responded. please come fast.”

Abheeti ran towards the room to see Vansh weeping holding her hand.

“Mr Raisinghania, do you know her?” Aj asked out of curiosity.

“She is Mrs Ridhima VANSH Raisighania!!” He said with utmost audacity.

The doctor came and ask everyone to stay outside.

“AJ How comes you keep Ridhima here? Why you hide this from me?” Vansh interrogated her.

“Mr Raisinghania I don’t even know anything about her, we got her three months back near my camping and provided her with top medication we could. But she was in a comatose stage. She needs to undergo surgery, but doctors are adamant because we don’t have any details about her. Since I kept her with me safely and provided with all medications.”

Abheeti explained everything to Vansh. 

The doctor came out after observing her

“She needs to go under surgery ASAP, she is in a critical situation..” Docti\or informed them.

“Do whatever you can I need her to be healthy,” Vansh told with his bossy voice.


“In your subconscious mind also you’re taking my name. You still had faith in me, which I lacked.”

Vansh said with immense sadness.

“Vansh it’s 10:30 we need to drop Sia at the airport before 03:30, come let’s go.”

Vansh sighed in acceptance.


In the Airport.

Sia locked her arms around both Ridhima and Vansh together.

“We Miss you, Sia.” Ridhima and Vansh said in unison.

“If you both miss me then why you’re sending me away.?” 

Sia pondered at them which wiped away the pleasure in their face.

“Leave it, Bhabhi why Abheeti hadn’t come? She called me wished bon voyage but..” Sia asked in a sad tone.

‘She might be busy.” Vansh replied to her.

“Looks like you and Abheeti had made a strong bond” Ridhima queried

“Haan Bhabhi, I felt like some unknown connection with her, just like my sister,” Sia replied.

Ridhima and Vasnh were driving back home, after dropping Sia at the Airport. Ridhima was too tired and due to her tiredness, she laid her head on his shoulder. Vansh was adoring her. Suddenly his sight shifted to the roadside which made him shocked and he applied brakes causing a jerk.

“What happened Vansh, why you applied brakes,” Ridhima said in her dizzy voice.

“Ridhima, look” He pointed his index fingers towards the gate of VR Mansion., where Raisinghania’s are sitting.

They both get out of the car out of shock and ran towards them.

“Dadi, Ishanai what it is? Why you’re here at this time?” Vash asked out of shock.

“Vansh Bhhai, that Abheeti had ousted us from our home.”

Ishani said to him with her anger.

“What? How could she oust from our home?”

Ridhima raised at him.

“Bhabhi, She owns Raisinghania empire now, She made Aryan arrested for gambling” Angre replied to them

“How could this happen? Angre takes care of them I’ll come .” 

Saying this Vansh and Ridhima walks to VR Mansion, and Vansh starts shouting AJ’s name.

“Abheeti Jaiswal. where are you?”

Abheeti came outside and stand in front of them with a victory smirk.

“How could you own ….”

Before he could complete it, Abheeti stopped.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire. And Abheeti Jaiswal achieves her desire by Hook or Crook.” Abheeti smirked at them.

“How dare oust my family from my our home??” Vansh burst out his frustrations at her.

“Your home? It’s now mine, don’t you remember how you signed every document regarding your loving wife’s treatment.”An evil grin was reflected on her face.

“You, traitor!!! You don’t know who is Vansh Raisinghania!!’ He shouted at her

“Excuse me, You’re now Vansh only, I even snatched Raisinghania surname from you.” She chuckled evilly at them.

“If you both will leave from here, or my guards should throw away your prestige.” 

Saying this Abheeti banged the door on their face. Vansh was almost broken and they walked towards the family.

“I’m sorry, dadi. I can’t” Vanish sobbed hugging dadi.

“No, beta now we want to be strong enough.” Dadi consoled him.

“Boss, I have a 4BHK Apartments shall we move there?” Angre put forwarded. and Vnash nodded in approval.

“Hire one cab,” Ridhima suggested.


As they entered the apartment, 

‘All went busy in placing their backpacks. Vansh went out from there, seeing him upset Ridhima too left from there.

Vansh is sat on a bench in the middle of the vast lush green admiring the cool, windy night; the swaying of trees and rustling of leaves could be heard but not seen, as the encompassing darkness had blotted out all but the faintest light. He was finding some de-stress.


Ridhima pats on his back and sat near him.

“Vansh, come inside its cold here, you’ll get ill.” 

Ridhima concerned for him, but he nodded in disapproval.

“Okay, lemme accompany you, ” Saying this she laid her head on his shoulder.

“Ridhima, why this stubborn?” 

“Vansh looks at that.” she pointed towards the low, waning gibbous moon hovered tenuously in the twilight firmament, bestowing a very dim light upon the land.

“Vansh do you remember when we had seen our first moon together.” She asked out of excitement.

They both reminiscences about that night, which is one of the most beautiful nights they spent together. A crept of a smile formed in Vansh’s face. Soon he noticed Ridhima shivering out of cold, she started to remove his blazer but she stopped him.

She sat on his lap and she locked her arm around him through his blazers and he covered her with his blazer. They both fell into a deep sleep in each other’s embrace.

It has been almost 2 am someone out of the dark came from the back and covered Ridhima’s mouth with his palms and dragged her. She is struggling with her arms to get rid of his hold. But he overpowered her.


Vansh screamed. He opened his eyes to see Ridhima sleeping beside him peacefully, just like an innocent kid. 

“You’re sleeping in peace, the only thing which makes me relieved. My happiness depends on you, I’m depending on your happiness. I always feel scared for you, for your safety. If anything happened to you, I won’t forgive myself. You’re my heartbeat, Vansh is incomplete without Ridhima. I won’t lose you again.”

He caressed her face and placed a kiss on her forehead.


The mystery lady got revealed.

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