A Beautiful Bond ( an Ishkara FF)- Prologue


It was just a simple day in Ishana’s life. Finally, after getting time from her otherwise busy schedule, she had taken a day off. All of the family had gathered at her parent’s place this weekend. Ishana loved meetings like this. Honestly, she missed this place too much, the place where she had grown up. As she sat with her wooden trunk opened in front of her…with all of the ‘treasured’ memories of her childhood. A wonderful childhood secured with the warmth of love. There were all kinds of stuff. The stupid school-projects, her childhood-pictures, diaries, favorite novels, albums, slam books all of them scattered around her. And most of them included the memories with her best friends. Rudra, Soumya, Priyanka, Anika, Shivaay, her big-sis Malika and most importantly, Omkara.

All of them had known each-other since they were kids. With their families being so good friends, they had always been with each other. Though having an age-difference of mostly 1 or 2 years… Shivaay, Anika, Mallika were a little elder than them. And Rudra, Prinku, Soumya a little younger. And Ishana wondered was this the reason why Om and she were more close to each other?…Whatever…but it was true, that Om and Ishana had been best of the friends since the time they could remember. They had grown up together, shared a life together, and had petty fights, mischievous works, and a lot of beautiful memories together. With the passage of time, Om had managed to make a place in her heart…A place she will never ever be able to give someone else. Somehow that stupid long-haired Artistic Oberoi had managed to claim her heart, soul .mind and Ms. Ishana  Kabeer Chaudhary had Fallen for her best friend Omkara. And surprisingly, she had readily accepted that feeling to herself.

It had been this way since at least 8 years by now. And Ishana never even imagined the time it would change…until, until this very minute when her  dad’s voice reached her ears.

“Ishu…”, her father came in an sat beside her, smiling widely.

“Yes papa.”, Ishana smiled back.

“I have to talk about something important”

“You don’t need to ask Papa, and don’t worry I won’t scold you like mom or mallika di”, she added on mischevously.

“You are still the same sassy-little-kid, aren’t you?. Even in childhoods you dared to have same kind of deals with me, and your mother says I am the one who spoiled you and your sister

“oh come on Papa, we all know how much you are under-control of mamma. And don’t worry even Mallika di does the same with Jeeju. So can safely say that mamma spoiled her! And I am daddy’s cute little girl!

“ Oh my god! I just wonder how I’ve managed all these years with all of you stubborn ladies.”, Her father said dramatically and Ishana just laughed more.

“Ok. Now serious talk, or your mamma will actually scold both of us! Ishu beta, we have decided. By we, I mean me, your mom and Om’s parents..that you both should get married to each-other. But only, if you two agree.”

Ishana just sat with a blank face.


“I know beta, you need time. Nobody’s forcing, but we just feel you should give it a thought”, saying this he walked out of the room leaving a completely shocked Ishana behind.


A 25 year guy sat in his room engrossed in the sculpture in front of him.

“Om…”, His mother’s voice reached his ears and that was what made him turn back, come out of his trance.

“Om, I need to talk to you about something. It’s important. Listen beta, you have grown up now. And I want to see my son get married..”

“Please Mom. If this is about me getting married to one of Mr. Oberoi’s business partner’s daughter and he using you to emotional blackmail me, then this won’t work. I am tired of hearing the same dialogues, please just let it be!”, Omkara cut off his mother’s talk in between.

“Let me complete my talk first Om. This is the problem with kids, when they grow up it is all about what they think. When you used to be a child, I remember my little Om not moving a bit without me, he would need his mom for everything. And now all grown up with those extra-dose of hairs, you don’t even let me finish my talks!”, Janavi added back.

“Mom!!!”, Omkara finally had to surrender hearing his mother go all emotional again.

“Ok. I am sorry. I am your polite son again, but you have to manage with my extra-dose of hair. Not what were you saying?”, he asked wiping his hands clean with a cloth.

“Yes, you are right, I want to get you married. But this isn’t about some random girl we are asking you to meet. Listen to me Om, both of our families wish to see you and Ishana get married. You have known each other since childhood, you are best-friends. And honestly, I cannot think of a girl more perfect for my son. But all of this will happen only If you both agree!”, Janavi finished her talk and walked out of the room silently, deciding to give him some time.

And Om could not remember if he ever had been this shocked in his whole life before this.

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