Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update : Tiwari goes Nude.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori says ladoo finish your milk,master is waiting for you, Master says tell your bhabhi you will score good narks and always be honest, laddo says these are contrary statements. laddo and master leave.

Vibhu walks ro Angoori and wishes her, Angoori asks whats your new year resolution, Vibhu says to replace moon with your face, Angoori says are you stupid, Vibhu says you never see my emotion, anyways you cooked tasty food, Angoori says but you were thrown out, Vibhu says and you didn’t stop him,Angoori says that was your fault you broke the rule, Vibhu says hiw was i looking in suit,Angoori asks you were,i didnt see you because my eyes were on tiwari all night he looked so handsome in kurta pajama. Tiwari walks out and insults vibhu.

Boys having tea,Tilu says had fun at yesterday’s party, Tilu says its new year we must bring some change,Hapu walks to them and asks whats up, and says you three will never change, Tilu says we waiting for opportunity, Hapu says you never will, Tiwari walks to them and asks whats wrong, Hapu says forget them yesterday party was great, you spent a lot , Tiwari says yes, Hapu says but missed Anu bhabhi, Tilu says she is back, go greet her now.Teeka says even i saw her. Excited Tiwari leaves. Hapu asks boys have you decided how you gonna spend new year, boys ignore him.

Anu on call with Meenal says i read whole book on tarrot card and know everything. Tiwari walks in and greets her,Anu says you came on right time, choose your tarrot card, Vibhu hears them talk. Anu explains him how famous is tarrot card reading and asks him to choose one card.

Tiwari says im so excited to know my future from you, Anu says be serious and stop laughing, Anu begins the procedure, Tiwari chooses a card,Anu asks him to choose two more. Anu reads them and says oh my god,your past forget it, present okay let leave it but future as per this card you gonna go nude in front of many people,Tiwari says what kind of future prediction is this and i hope this isnt true, vibhu says i will make sure it does.

Tiwari walkimg, Vibhu bangs into him and apply cake on him, tiwari gets upset and both get into argument, Angoori walks to them, and asks whats wrong, vibhu says first throw him in bathroom and shower him.

Boys eve teasing, Vibhu in balcony sees Tiwari come out of bathroom in towel, and shouts fire fire, scared Tiwari runs in balcony, vibhu blows air throw pumo and his towel comes down and everyone sees him nude and start laughing. Tiwari calls Angoori, she walks to him and shouts scared and covers him in towel.

boys discussing how to make change, Teeka says we can do nothing, and also like Hapu also keeps teasing us,like god has sent him to tease us,Tilu says correct we have to be friends with him, Malkan says never, Tilu says fake one,to use it only when we need it, leave all this on me, Hapu walks to them, Teeka asks him for a cup of tea,Hapu denies, Tilu says you looking different, Mrs Mital was right you are glowing day by day,Hapu asks who, tilu says three lanes behind,Hapu says come here and make him a cup of tea, and says you love me so much never think you alone, Malka. says you are so like angel i need 500, Hapu says here you go.

pre cap: Angoori says i hate that person who did that to Tiwari may brick fall on his head, Brick falls on Vibhu’s head.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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