Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha prays to mahadev.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ekanga saying how did I come in this forest?
Balram is with kanha and kanha says where were you? balram says I was fighting that demoness, ekanga. Kanha says what? Now come we have to go back to the village and see how mother and father are. Balram and kanha go.
There kansa is with rishi charbak. Rishi charbak separates the 3 parts of kansa’s soul and he gets them out of his body. Kansa laughs and says my different soul parts are here. rishi charbak says the first is your Shakti form, kansa says yes it shows my power and the Shakti I have, I shall place it in a demon which will make him invincible and powerful. The second part is of anger, bhadraksh says this is from whom I am scared. Kansa says this will be placed in a dangerous animal, which will

make him angry and fierce and the third part is my most calm and peaceful soul part which I will give to ekanga to be placed in that kanha.
In the village, yashoda has tears and says nand ji I don’t understand why ekanga said what she said. She said we did adharma and said we are her parents, she blamed us for a lot many things. A woman says yashoda ji, have you hidden things from us? yashoda says what do you mean? The woman says maybe you may have hidden that ekanga is your daughter. Nand says what are you all saying? Why would we lie and if we would, wouldn’t have you seen that ekanga is our daughter? A man says nand ji, we don’t know anything but we are just saying that you should accept ekanga as your daughter for the sake of this village. Kanha says people you are blaming my parents for the wrong things. The people go. everyone go. kanha says how is ekanga my sister? I can know this only at the gopeshwar mahadev temple.
Kanha goes to gopeshwar temple and he starts praying and dancing and singing to impress mahadev. Kanha sings jai bholenath come and give me darshan and give the answers to my questions.
Mahadev opens his eyes and thinks, It was decided not to reveal these secrets but I have to tell paramavatar shri Krishna what he wants to know. Mahadev goes.
There mahadev appears and kanha and mahadev reach vaikunth lok. Kanha says mahadev, I want to know how is ekanga my sister? If she is my sister then it will be that my parents are her parents as well, but how? Mahadev says prabhu, before it was decided that your avatar would take birth in nand and yashoda’s house, nand and yashoda had a daughter ekanga. Kanha says what? Mahadev says yes, nand and yashoda had married and gone for a Pooja at gopeshwar mahadev temple. In flashback, nand and yashoda do the Pooja and are blessed by the rishi for many children.
Mahadev says it was decided that you would take birth in yashoda’s stomach, so ekanga who was already there in yashoda’s stomach had to be stopped from taking birth, so the gods had to take a forced decision as paramavatar had to be the only one born from his mother’s womb and he should be the only kid his mother has so that you would get all the love, you had to be the first one. Indra dev had to take a forced decision and he went to nand and yashoda, with his powers he got the little child ekanga before she was born in a pot and then he closed it and left it in a river.
Rishi charbak found ekanga and then he let her live and took care of her, which made her dark and thus charbak put her against the gods saying they destroyed her life.
Mahadev says this way you were the only child yashoda and nand knew were born to them. Kanha says mahadev this is adharma done by the gods. Mahadev says prabhu, this decision had to be made because the paramavatar could be the only child of his parents so that he would get all their love, which would make him independent of taking decisions since he was a child.

Precap: Ekanga sends her evil power to attack vrindavan and kill all people. The evil power sends snakes all around vrindavan and the snakes bite nand and yashoda.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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