Swaragini- A Beautiful Knot- 9

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Guys this episode I dedicated to Swasan and the next episode is for Raglak. I am not able to give in one chappy so there will be one chappy

dedicated to Swasan and the next chappie for raglak.

Kavsan were waiting for swara to wake up. Sanky was again going through the pics .

Kav: Here is your juice.

San: Sips, and continues to stare at pics. I dnt see you in any of these pics.

Kav: I did nt study with them.

San: Pointing to sahil who is he

Kav: With a faint smile Sahil, SahilGadodia.

San: Thinks to himself Gadodia may be her brother, where is he y he is not here.

Kav: if he would have been here, swara would not be in this condition. He is no more while tears brimmed in her eyes.

San: I am sorry

Kav: No its ok , he passed 2 years back. Wait I will be back. She goes inside and brings an album. U will get to know everything.

San smiles and takes the album while kav went to kitchen. He keeps the glass on the nearby table and start to turn the pages of the album.

First few pictures contained Swara’s pic, sahil’s pics raglak all fully dressed in traditional attire.

All were looking very beautiful and happy. When he was about to turn the next page where Sahil ties mangalsutra and fills Swara’s hairline San hears sound from Swara’s room and runs to her. kav too follows him.

Kav: Swara you ok na

Swara: slowly ya I am fine I just tried to drink water and the glass slipped with a pout.

Kav : was scolding her in all good words possible with tears and hugged her.

San who was standing in the corner was enjoying their bond. Swara sees him and her smile vanishes remembering the taunts.

Sanky can clearly see that she was no pleased with his presence from her facial expression, he feels sad but compose himself.

San: Hi swara, h r u

Swara: Ya feeling better sir.

Sanky wanted to talk but Swara interrupts

Swara: kav I am leaving to London tomorrow.

Kavsan were shocked at her statement. Sanky could not take it as his new born love wants to leave him, he did not know how to tackle his

Kav: But y suddenly that too so soon. Is everything fine, or aunty uncle is anything bothering you

Swara: Arre stop stop how much questions you are asking like express train give me some moment to reply at least and giggles.

I am missing mom and dad badly. I wanted to go there for some days. Even mom and dad are missing me so we gave a thought about this and dad immediately booked my tickets.

Sanky could not take it anymore so he just like that left the place. Both Swakav were bewildered by his reaction but ignores and continue with their work. Sanky was feeling like his heart was bleeding, his hands trembling and finding difficult to breath. He just closed to his eyes letting out a complete breath and moved to car quickly.

Kav: Ok you lie down I will arrange all the things

Swara: Just listens like a obedient child and lies on the bed reminiscing what all happened in her life.

Sanky was driving the vehicle at top speed not paying attention to the road or the happening around him. He was just in his own world thinking
about swara, their first meet, how he got attracted to her eyes, till the words she spoke few mns ago.

He somehow managed to reach his house safely. By the time Raglak and his parents were also present. They came early because Ragini
wanted to reach early. All were shocked to see him in this state.

DP: With concern Sanky come here. You ok.

Sanky did not pay any heed and was walking leaving everyone worried.

Laksh; sanky, sanskar, sanskar he kept on calling but there was no response. He went to his room and locked the door.

DP: What happened to him.

Lak: Nothing dad he would have lost the race or bet nothing much. You dnt take tension I will check him and leaves. He only knows how tensed he is seeing sanky in this state.

Sanky went to his room. He was just pushing all the things hurting him to bleed. He takes the box which he wrote chits about swara and threw it with full force making all the chit to fall here and there.

After half an hour making the mess of the whole room he sat down with a thud while crying vigorously. Laksh enters the room and shocked to see the room and sanky.

He sat in front of him. Sanky immediately hugged him. Bro I lost my love bro. I lost her he was telling this repeatedly and crying. Laksh was consoling him and he saw the chit and shocked to read about Swara.

Ragini; Sanky came with anger and slapped him. What mess you have created in Swara’s life. I told you to stay away right. She was holding his shirt with blood shot eyes who will burst like a volcano at the very moment.

Sanky angrily pushes Ragini. What the hell ragini. What is your problem. Y are you back of me everytime. Yes I love Swara and I will marry her do you have any problem in that.

Ragini: Still crying you can’t love her, you can’t marry her. No you can’t and sits down in the bed.

Sanky: Oh shut up ragini. I will love her and I will marry her no matter what you got that

Ragini: with a smirk even after knowing that she is a widow.

Sanky gets the biggest shock of his life. First his love is leaving him, second truth about Swara. This moment he feels like his head is spinning and does not want to listen to anything, he takes his baby steps while moving backwards.

Laksh: Hugs sanky, this is the truth sanskar, she got married with Sahil, My best friend but he is no more now.

Sanky remembers all the pictures in swara’s home. When Laksh was about to tell him the story. He stops him.

San: I dnt want to know anything plz……. Plz leave me alone. I am too tired and don’t want to listen to anything. Plz with his pleading eyes. I will not be able to take anything now. I hopw u understand with a pleading voice.

Laksh; sanky, sanky

Sanky pushes both Raglak outside and closed his door. Raglak went to their room and cried their heat out. The next day Swara went to London and Sanky was so confused. One week passed and this is the marriage day for Raglak.


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