Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Season Finale

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

3 weeks later, Radhika bids farewell to Mishti and cries that soon Pari will leave her. Pari tells Dadi she will first have to look for a good man to marry and leave her yet.

Radhika asks Rohan if the car/cab is here. Rohan asks why it is needed, they are moving nearby. Mishti and Pari hug Radhika together. Rohan comments that it’s a serial kind of emotional drama. Radhika complains that Rohan yet didn’t tell her about his new residence. Rohan looks around for his shoes. Arnav and Pari laugh, Radhika understands they are stolen. Rohan says alright, he would leave barefooted. Ansh places a demand of Rs. 50,000/- Arnav says its very little. Rohan asks if cheque would work. Rohan says he has Rs. 10,000 right now, and will have to credit the rest. Mishti assures she will leave his house if he doesn’t pay the money.

Later, everyone was excited. Rohan hands ‘Mishaan’ name plate outside the apartment. He opens the main door. There was a rice pot there. Rohan says he got a house in the same building, he couldn’t take Mishti away from Dadi. Radhika hugs Rohan. He speaks to Mishti ‘Welcome home my love’. Mishti holds Rohan’s hand and push the rice pot, then standing in the bowl of red-color, leaving her foot prints on the floor. They look around in the fully decorated apartment. One of the walls was decorated with their family pics.

At night, Mishti was blindfolded. Rohan carries her into a candle lit room. Mishti asks what the next surprise is, it might madden her otherwise. He unwinds her eyes. Mishti looks around at the decorated room. Rohan gets cozy with his wife, removes her bangles while he kiss her hands. Both lay together.

Later, in morning, Rohan comes out of the bath. Mishti shouts at him for not going on grocery shopping, there is no olive oil and he won’t get the food. Rohan says he can’t go grocery, he has a shoot. Mishti shouts that she works outside and completes house chores as well. Now only chilies are left. There was a delivery man at the door, and brought grocery for them. Rohan teases Mishti that its digital world, and she can easily order grocery at home. He gets playful with Mishti.

In the evening, Mishti was kneading in the kitchen. Rohan comes to hug her from behind, caressing her kneading hands. Mishti says she wouldn’t have come to kitchen had she known his passion of cooking. She resists the grip and says the food would be burnt. He turns the stove off, and brings Mishti to the couch. He says they can order the food anytime and gets cozy. Radhika comes with curry for them. Rohan holds Mishti’s hand now. Ansh comes from behind to study Accounting, then notices Rohan’s stare who signals him to leave. Mishti argues why he behaved so odd. Rohan pulls Mishti closer, complaining that her family always disturb them. There was doorbell once again, this time it’s Pari who hugs Mishti tightly. Rohan was offensive that its her fifth visit since morning, still such tight hugs. Pari jokes that he gets the time with her at night, how much time they need together then. Rohan boasts of being her lawful husband, and demands a similar hug as well. Mishti hugs Rohan. Mishti and Pari grab drinks and come to the room. Mishti tells Rohan its girl’s night, he must shut the door while leaving. Rohan was eager to join them. Mishti requests to let them spend some time. Arnav comes to convince Rohan that he will accompany him.

Outside in the hall, Rohan and Arnav have beer together. Rohan says he really likes hanging out with Arnav, but his mind and heart are both in the room. They wonder what’s going on between them.

In the room, Pari returns the shares papers to Mishti. She says there must be no monetary matters between siblings, and they can rightfully ask Mishti when needed. Mishti says Pari gave up a lot for her. Pari tells her to shut up, it was all past. Rohan and Arnav come inside saying they will be a part of the team as well. Ansh also comes over to join them, as he was bored. There was a door bell again. Pari signals Ansh to check at the door. It was Radhika who complains that they left her all alone at home. She makes everyone hold their ears, then suggests about a beer party. The kids were all excited. Rohan brings a Champagne bottle for celebration. Everyone cheer. Mishti holds her hand to Rohan, there was a Tattoo of ‘I love you’. Radhika suggests about a selfie together.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. DannyComments

    Aha! A much better send off! Thank you crazy writers and a Big THANK YOU TO SONA! always updating no matter how bad the story went. You are simply awesome.

    1. Sona

      🙂 Pleasure

  2. Such a frigged up ending.pari couldnt even get a good end.only focus on that shitarse couple

  3. Aha better now I thought it had ended yesterday nevertheless I am going to miss this series thanks Sona for the update.

    1. Sona

      🙂 Always Pleasure

  4. Finally happy ending.Love u Mishaan. I miss them n their romantic n sizzling moments… for mishaan nd silsila badalte riston ka sesson 2 finale…Writers c’d show many good things but failure to reach viewers expectation for worst storyline. Its ok with happy ending…I want to say about finishing moment is superb.Mishaan nameplate n Ruhaan s Word for Mishti during grihaprabash that “Welcome Home..My Love…”. Really romantic dil jeet liya Mishaan.

  5. Much better ending

  6. Actually the ending was not good..pari did so much so much to mishti. First she was ready to give her kidney to her and was ready to give ruhaan also…after mishti became okay she Just hugged her and just said few emotional sentences to pari. Huh what it means? If pari was not ready. She would have not become okay. Mishti should have to sacrifice and give ruhaan to pari. After all pari did so much and saved her. And even mauli came kissed and thanking pari for giving mishti her life and her happiness ( ruhaan ). It’s not good. At least mauli should think about pari and give ruhaan to her. So that both mishti and pari will get happiness ( I mean, mishti her life and pari her ruhaan ). Instead of it they showed mishti getting everything. And what about pari? After much sacrifice. Mishti was not ready to give ruhaan. I thought mishti would sacrifice. But I was wrong.???. Poor pari. Even though she is behaving happy. But she would be sad inside..???. And mishti got everything ?. A new house, ruhaan and her life. Now they will live together happy happy happy????.

    What about arnav too? Did he told radhika, mishti or ruhaan about he in love with pari. At least give a small happiness to pari. Feeling bad for arnav and pari.

    Their are two happy peoples ( ruhaan and mishti )
    Two heartbroken and sad ( pari and arnav )
    Even though they are behaving happy. But in their inside little sad will be there???

    Mishti = cruelty ?
    Did she don’t think to do anything to her sister ( pari ). So that she will also be happy as she is ..???

    So bad for ignoring pari

    She is the heroin and star of this serial

    1. Ruhaan is not toy or property mishti should give him to pari he too has feelings it would be better ending if pari-arnav both get married

    2. No, pari loved ruhaan not arnav. Her happiness is ruhaan not arnav. Even she told that to everyone so everyone knows about that..

      But ur right ruhaan also has feelings and emotions okay leave it
      Leave ruhaan. But should have once looked for a groom for pari.
      Or ask arnav about his feelings..They should ask her once and compromise everything between them. And unite?

      But… everything is over
      The serial is over

    3. But ending and this not good. Incomplete somewhere

  7. There should be some scene between Arnav and pari too, as pari was also 2nd female lead, it was must to show what happed of pari and arnav story ,I didn’t lyk the ending, she doesn’t deserve such a incomplete ending..

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