8:30p.m. -The cursed time slot of star plus

The way Tom Riddle(Voldemort) had cursed the post of defence against dark arts teacher (DADA), I think the same way 8:30p.m. time slot of star plus has been cursed.

After being refused the post of DADA professor by current headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Riddle cursed the post so that no teacher could remain in the post for more than one year.
For example during years of Harry Potter -Quirrel in first, Lockhart in second, Lupin in third, Alastor Moody (Barty Crouch Jr) in fourth, Umbridge in fifth, Severus Snape in sixth and Carrow in seventh.
Well this curse was removed only after the death of Voldemort.

Mahabharat was one of the best shows of star plus airing at 8:30 p.m.

After that started Nisha aur uske cousins. This show was very popular among the the youth ,specially the leads -Aneri aka Nisha, Mishkat aka Kabir and Taher aka Viraj. Inspite good ratings , the channel decided to end it abruptly . Fans from everywhere India and outside protested against it through social media and by signing petitions.
But the channel didn’t listen at all, even the requests of change of time slot. Angered by this decision fans announced “no nauc no star plus”.Thus the show ended in eight months.

The show replacing NAUC was Badtameez dil, but the things didn’t go well even this time , it was shifted to hotstar just after four months of start.

It was replaced by Ekta Kapoor’s Tere Mere Darmiyaan. The ratings were so poor that the main leads were replaced. But the magic of Asha Negi and Aly couldn’t do anything and the show ran for four months.

Last but not the least -Silsila Pyaar Ka. Makers killed the male lead for trps but nothing happened and the show went off air after four months.

Let’s see for how much time the new show is going to run. The show will have to face a lot of competition from much better and long running shows like Udaan, Taarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah and Jamai Raja.

  1. My favourite serial was nisha aur uske cousins

  2. Ya… it was the best. I wish there was s2 of NAUC

  3. I also like d badtameez dil

  4. Silsila Pyar ka was one of the best shows. Hence it did not get TRP. It has ended is good, but not expected to end so drastically. Chhabi Pandey was very good. Shilpa Shirodkar was good.
    However all serial should have limited no. of episodes only.
    Stop these nonsense serials running for decades and then measure TRPs. Then it will be justice for all.

  5. Nauc was an awesome serial. Stopped watching anything in star plus after that…

  6. Manmarziyan was best.

  7. Nisha Aur Uske Cousins was the best
    Ending it was a very bad decision
    Try and get a season 2 with same cast and especially with NiBir

  8. i love silsila pyar ka my fav seriol. i love rajal vry muchi hope season2 will be come with same cast

  9. I absolutely love Badtameez dil. The chemistry of MehBir was superb. I wish they work together once again in the future. It was unfortunate that the show was taken off air. I miss it?

  10. I love bd a lottt waiting for s2.

  11. I miss Badtameez dil
    The ñew show which is hum ko tum saa ho gaya hai pyar kia kareiñ seems good añd interestiñg.

  12. Silsila pyar ka was my fav serial
    Am soooooooooooooooo shocked and upset
    Yar kyu band kiya ye serial

  13. Silsila pyar ka is the best serial.Plz bring season 2

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