50 shades of Kaanchi -part 8

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3 months after Saanchi left Kabir:

Saanchi lives in a village now. 4 hours away from Kabir… She still thinks of him, but she knew that their relation hasn`t a chance. She is one of 2 doctors in the village. Pragya, Veer and Isha tried to contact her but in vain. She promised herself not to look back.

One day she was invited to the art exhibition in the next city.  Her school friend and at the same time brother of her colleague doctor in the village is an artist. Both of them were her only contacts now. Rahul the artist liked saanchi already in school days, but it was always one way. So in the evening saanchi wore a gown and was very beautiful. She went to the exhibition. After entering the hall with the paintings she was first surprised of what she saw.

On every pic there was her photograph. Laughing, smiling, looking…

She also sensed many people staring at her. They were saying: Oh that`s the girl on the pictures. So beautiful.

Rahul came to her and kissed on her cheek.

Rahul: Surprise Saanchi. How do you like it?

Saanchi: I feel a bit uncomfortable.

Rahul: No need now. Your pics are just bought now. Every piece. For Millions. You are really lucky for me.

Saanchi: Wait What? My pics were bought for millions? (That must be some crazy guy?!)

Rahul looks on his phone:  Oh sry wait here. The art museum directors were asking for me.

Saanchi still stunned about these happenings turned around to go to another side, but she shrieked when she looked up.

Kabir was standing there. Looking at her intensely, lovely, but this time there was more love and care in his eyes than last time, when there was only desire.

Saanchi slowly came to him: You… I should`ve known earlier. Did you buy the pictures?

Kabir: Yes.

Saanchi: But why?

Kabir: I can`t bear the thought someone else hanging your pics in their rooms to stare on you.

Saanchi: But you think you have the right to stare at my pics or me?

Kabir: Saanchi please. One second hear me out. I am sorry for whatever happened. I want you back! Really!! Not in a contract or anything. I just want you as… as  my girlfriend! As the only woman I `ve ever loved. Saanchi I need you in my life.

Saanchi looked into his eyes… she could see his honesty, as his eyes were wet.

Kabir: Till now in my life I have never asked a woman to come back to my life. I have never asked any girl not to leave me. But Saanchi you are that one girl in my life, that I can`t live without. I wonder how I could live till you came. My whole life seems to have a sense after you came into my life.

Saanchi got wet eyes..

Kabir: Come. We could go to a restaurant now. And talk things out.

Saanchi didn´t say anything. She couldn`t in fact, because she knew, that if she tries to say anything she will cry. She will cry the tears out she has supressed for 3 months. She would cry out for every moment she didn`t cry although she missed him. She would cry for their broken relationship.

With so many feelings she just nod her head and went ahead. As she went before Kabir, he couldn`t see her drying her cheeks before she got into his car.

In the restaurant Saanchi relaxed a bit. She couldn`t say much but she also didn`t want to talk too much. She missed him, his voice, everything so much, that she was happy now hearing him talking.

After dinner Kabir wanted to drop her home. As Saanchi wasn`t very communicative he thought that she gave up on them. He almost lost hope and said: I love you Saanchi. You are my only love.

Saanchi was still going infront of him but then she turned back to him and kissed him passionately. She was kissing with all the passion she has missed in the last three months. Kabir was responding even more passionately and after they stopped to take breath:

Saanchi: I love you too Kabir! I love you too.

2 weeks later:

Saanchi is living with Pragya and Isha again. She works with Raghav and Kabir is now her real boyfriend. Every now and then she sleeps at his place, but there is no dominance now. Kabir made her meet his stepparents and his family.

Life was almost too perfect.That is when Saanchi felt somehow observed…

Every time she was with Kabir she could see a woman. Tall lightly brown, with long dark hairs.. she looked very poor, and almost like a drug addict with ghostly eyes.

One day Saanchi and Kabir were enjoying their breakfast in a coffee shop, when she saw that woman staring at them from the other side of the street. Kabir saw her distracted but when he looked out the woman was gone.

Kabir touches her face with one hand and asks: Why are you looking so worried?

Saanchi: Nothing.. Just … I feel a bit paranoid, since that woman is everywhere when I am with you?

Kabir: Which woman?

Saanchi: Tall, brown, woman, with very long hair. She looks very poor and

Kabir got up immediately and took Saanchi with him

Saanchi: Do you know her.

Kabir: You could say so.

Saanchi: Who is she?

Kabir: Not now Saanchi. Come I will bring you home.

Without talking too much he dropped her home. He gave her a key before leaving and said: Come to me in the evening. We are going to a party. Love you

Saanchi: Oke dear.

But she still didn`t get for what he gave her a key. Just few minutes after he left a cool small red sportscar stopped infront of her house and the driver came out saying: Ms. Saanchi, here is your car.

Saanchi was stunned. It was her dream car…

In the evening she wore a black anarkali and she looked stunning.

She was so excited to drive her car. And she parked her car in the big parking lot of Kabir, where he had his car collection.

She was accompanied to his flat, where Kabir was already waiting. He was mesmerized by her beauty and together in his big car they drove to Kabir´s parent`s house. Saanchi could sense that something is different. Then she understood that infront of their and in the back of their car around 3 other same black cars were there. Kabir saw Saanchi looking back and forward and he took her hand softly saying: Calm down Saanchi. Don´t worry . They are just for our security.

Saanchi relaxed and leaned onto his shoulder.

The party was really cool. Saanchi liked Kabir´s parents, and they liked Saanchi  a lot, as she is the first girl the got to know.

As Saanchi has to change her dress because she spilt juice, Kabir took her to his room… His old room.

She changed and before Kabir came back to take her she looked at the old pictures hanging on the wall. On picture got her full attention. It was probably Kabir´s real mother. The woman he hated the most. She took the photo and hid it in her bag.

When Kabir came back Saanchi asked him one thing she wanted to ask the whole day.

Saanchi: Before we go back tell me first who that woman was.

Kabir: Which woman

Saanchi: You know whom I mean. Is she… you know… One of your girls?

Kabir: We had a relation.. but with contract.. she knew that I have no feelings towards her. But she madly liked me. After ending our relation she got married and got kids. But all of them except her died during a car accident. Then last month she came and infront of my maid she tried to commit suicide. She wants me back.

Saanchi: Is she… Is her name Catherine?

Kabir looked at her surprised: Yes. How do you know?

Saanchi: She is karan´s sister. Isha told me about it.

Kabir took her face in his hands: Saanchi look into my eyes. I know I have a horrible past. But I want to change. For you. You are my only future.

Saanchi put her hands on his and said: I know. That´s why I can´t give up on us. I love you too.

Both shared many more beautiful moments that evening and finally they went back to Kabir´s place. Saanchi was already very tired and she was leaning on Kabirs shoulder when the car stopped in the parking garage . But she saw that the security cars were queuing up, as if something happened. Kabir told Saanchi not to come out and he went out of the car.

The bodyguards and Kabir were standing infront of something, that saanchi couldn´t see.

She also went out and was shocked to see it.

Her car… was painted with black colour. It was ruined.

Kabir hold her arm and gently accompanied her back to the car.

Saanchi: But my car!… It was her… Kabir was is Catherine?

Kabir: We don´t know.. But yes. I think it was her.

Both were sitting in the car again

Saanchi: Were are we going?

Kabir: We can´t stay here. We have to go somewhere else.

Saanchi: But Kabir this is ridiculous! She can´t get into the flat!

Kabir: She shouldn´t have got into the garage too Saanchi!

Saanchi couldn´t reply to that and as she was sleepy she didn´t ask more. She fell asleep on his shoulder.

Precap: Kabir: Saanchi will you marry me?

              Catherine with a gun infront of Saanchi…

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