50 shades of Kaanchi -part 6

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Here comes the 6th part…

Kabir and Saanchi wake up.. it is Sunday and Saanchi got up earlier so that she can make him breakfast. It was one week ago, when she agreed to the contract, although she didn`t sign it yet.

Kabir came to the dinner hall..

Kabir: Good morning. Already up?

Saanchi: Just thought to make some breakfast….

Kabir: The maid?

Saanchi: I sent her home.. Afterall it`s Sunday Kabir!

Kabir: Oke Oke.. So what are your plans today? Going out or …

Saanchi: I wanted to talk to you.. I .. Next weekend I won`t be here…

Kabir: What?

Saanchi: I`m going to visit my mum.. On Friday I wil be officially graduating… And she won`t be able to come.. So to make her feel better I will be going to Kerala….

Kabir: What?? No way. I don`t allow you

Saanchi: Where does this come from Kabir? It´´s my mother!

Kabir: But I need you here. And I am dominant.. So you have to be obedient

Saanchi: Oh that’s too much Kabir.

Kabir: As I said if you aren`t obedient, then I will have to punish you…

Saanchi: You are crazy…

Kabir: I am just saying what stands in the contract

Saanchi: To hell with your contract.

She stood up and went into her room.. And after changing clothes she went back to isha and pragya..

They were already waiting impatiently for saanchi…

Isha: Finally ! I thought something happened  to you.

Saanchi: Why should something happen to me ? Girls relax!

Isha: I met Karan yesterday.. He wanted to talk with me.. And guess about what

Saanchi: No idea…

Isha: About your relation with Kabir

Saanchi: Are you serious..?

Isha: Yes.. His sister.. Catherine was head over heels in love with Kabir.. That was 2 years ago.. And he thought they were a couple for almost 4 months.. Catherine became more and more depressive and soon she told karan that Kabir wasn`t her bf but she was his toy.. and now he is tired of her and he left her…  She turned crazy… She is now under observation..

Saanchi couldn`t believe her ears… But it wasn`t the end..

Pragya continued to tell saanchi about the ex girlfriend of veer who turned crazy too.

Saanchi: Guys .. I know you want my best. But he … I mean I knew that he had many affairs before (she thought… I am just another one)  but he is not a complete psycho to turn them all crazy. He has conditions before the relation.. And they all knew that he would never have a real relationship with them.

Pragya: And you? Aren`t you guys in a relation? And what conditions are you talking about?

Saanchi forgot to stop speaking.. now they know about the conditions.. but she can`t tell more..

Isha: Just be careful with that psycho!

Saanchi: I got it guys!

So another week went and after the graduation party, where Kabir also did a speech and glared at saanchi, the 3 girls went home.. And she began to pack her things.

Normally Kabir would take her from home, as it`s Friday, but Saanchi lied to him that they will go to a graduation party…. And now she sits on a plane to Cochin.

There she was welcomed by her mother..As Saanchi didn`t sleep much she first slept a bit. Then at 11 they had a delicious breakfast.. with masala dosa. While they were eating they talked about Kabir. Saanchis Mum was very supportive but also a bit confused why she didn`t come with him, so that she can see him. While saanchi was drinking her chai, she looked on her phone and saw kabirs incoming call. She almost spit her chai and she took the call.

Kabir: I know where you are. But why didn`t you tell me?

Saanchi: You knew that I would come here ..

Kabir: I miss you..

Saanchi (waits for a second… and smiled): I miss you too..

Kabir: Really?

Saanchi: Yes? Any doubts?

Kabir: Yes…. What would you say If I stand infront of your dood right now?

Saanchi: I will kill you!

Kabir: That’s why I had my doubts..

Saanchi:  Oke  haha nice joke, but I have to stop now.. Mum is laughing at me

Kabir: Ok sweetheart.

Saanchi smiles

Kabir: Please open the door instead of smiling

Saanchi: What?

She got up quickly and ran to the door. Yes ! He was really standing there with flowers. Saanchis mum also came and Kabir gave her flowers and they immediately liked each other`s company.

After breakfast Kabir asked her mum if he can kidnap her for today. Of course Saanchi`s mother didn`t have any problems… and Kabir and Saanchi went on a longdrive. They went to Munnar, to the teafields. In the mid of so much greenery they talked.

Saanchi: It`s so beautiful here!

Kabir looks at her: Yes … very beautiful

Kabir: Saanchi… I wanted to say sorry for being so harsh to you..

Saanchi: It´s okay … but you have to tell me one thing

Kabir: What?

Saanchi: How did it all start?

Kabir: What?

Saanchi: What happened that you don`t value feleings, but only corporal excitements?

Kabir Looked down… They were both sitting at the top of a hill full of tea plants.. Then started to talk slowly:

I was 4 when I was adopted…. My mother was a drug addict.. She killed herself with the drugs… She was lying death in the kitchen.. I was the only one with her… For four days.. then the police and ambulance came… but I was 4 days alone with a dead body.. A woman  I hated…

Saanchi tooks his face with her hands and looked at him..

Saanchi: I am so sorry..

Kabir took her hands back down slowly.. and continued:

The new Mother I had was an angel… Her best friend Natalie came often.. and she did exactly what I am doing to you..

Saanchi: What? I mean .. but … No .. She raped you?

Kabir: For almost 10 years.. My stepmother would never believe me.. and I never told her…

But I am still friends with Natalie.. of course like a normal human friendship now…

Saanchi: That is when you..

Kabir: Yes…

After a while after getting emotionally stable again Kabir took saanchi to a river and they both spent the evening In a houseboat… After some time they went back and Kabir dropped saanchi at her home.

Precap: Saanchi and Kabir break up….

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