50 shades of Kaanchi -part 10

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Part 10

Saanchi wakes up and doesn´t find Kabir next to her. She get´s up and goes to the gym room. There Kabir was lifting weights.

When he saw Saanchi he smiled.

Kabir: Good morning Saanchi

Saanchi: Good morning… Did you sleep well?

Kabir: Yes why?

Saanchi: So you don´t remember anything?

Kabir: No.

Saanchi: Aha oke.

Kabir I don´t remember anything… except that I asked you to marry me… (he smiled)

Saanchi: (blushing): Kabir this is not a joke…

Kabir: Of course it is not. I love you. And yes I want you to be my wife.

Saanchi put her hand on his cheek: I need some time.

Kabir: Take all the time you want dear. I will wait.

In the following days Saanchi completely moved into Kabir´s appartement and she loved it.

She also started to work at christina´s college, as they both lived on the top of the building. Both were enjoying being together. The next week it was Kabir´s birthday, but he had a meeting right on the day before. As he didn´t want a party, Saanchi had to think a bit to get an idea what to gift him.

She finally buyed a small key chain.

She gave it packed to Kabir.

Saanchi: I know it´s early but I want you to open it only n your birthday. Promise

Kabir: Promise.

Kabir went on to go to his meeting, and as it was quite far away he had to take the helicopter.

In the evening Saanchi was sitting on the couch watching the News while waiting for Kabir to come. Then she suddenly saw his pic on the TV and she panicked. The news was: Famous businessman and doctor Kabir Malhotra is missing. The helicopter he flew suddenly vanished from the radar systems, and his present situation is unknown.

Saanchi cried and soon the bell rang and the whole family gathered in the apartement hoping Kabir would come safely.

Later in the night, while everyone was still glued to to TV Kabir came into the appartement.

Saanchi breath out, and all the family members rushed to him to hug him.

Kabir had a scratch on his head, but he was fine.

Saanchi wasn´t even able to stand up. Kabir came to her and when he took her in his arms she started to cry.

Saanchi: I was so worried. What if you… In that helicopter.

Kabir: Shhh … Saanchi.. Calm down. Nothing happened.  I am here. I won´t leave you alone.

After Kabir´s family members went back home, Saanchi hugged Kabir saying:

Happy birthday Kabir

Kabir: Thank you.

Saanchi: Do you still have the present I gave you?

Kabir: Oh that. Yes  I have it.

Saanchi: Take I now .. and open it

He took it out of his pocket and opened it. He saw the key chain. On one side there was a pic of taj mahal. On the other side it was written : YES

Kabir looked puzzled at Saanchi: You mean Yes Yes?

Saanchi: Yes. Yes Yes

He lifted her up and kissed her passionately.

Kabir: That means I had the answer in my pocket the whole time?

Saanchi laughed: Yes

Kabir:  Oh Saanchi what should I do with you?

He lifted her brought her to the bedroom and they made out.

The next day there was a party by Kabir´s parents, in which Kabir and Saanchi make their wedding plans public.

Kabir: Now my dear guests, I want to announce that this woman, next to me, called Saanchi Mishra has made me the happiest man alive. We are very happy to say that we are going to marry. And saanchi I promise you that I will love you till my last breath. I will be a good husband and I promise you that we will overcome everything together.

Saanchi kissed him.

Saanchi: I love you Kabir.


Both hugged and they thought of their long way together… Their first meet, their crazy contract relation, their breakup, their real relationship, Catherine´s and Raghav´s influence on their relation,.. and finally the proposal.


(of Season 1.. there is still enough story to write 2-3 episodes.. but as I have more exams now coming, I won´t be able to continue.. Sry. As soon as possible.. (probably after easter) I will upload the new ff)

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