34 Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 35

Precap: ashok finds out Devi is fine and searches for Kaurvaki. Sushim and his men, runs after her, trying to kill her. Now let’s continue

Chapter 35

Sushim and his men ran after Kaurvaki. Sushim told his soldiers to shoot her. Which they did, Kaurvaki was lucky enough to Dodge some of the arrow. But she wasnt lucky for the next. She turn to see sushim and his soldiers gaining on her, and turn to run, but was hit on her shoulder. She cried while holding her shoulder, sushim told them to try again. He told them this time she won’t be able to walk. The soldier direct his arrow, aiming for Kaurvaki foot.

When he got it, he let it go, and it hit her leg. Kaurvaki scream before falling. Sushim hault His men to stop. And signal them to get her. Kaurvaki tries removing the arrow while wimpering. ” well Kaurvaki, how unfortunate we met like this”

Kaurvaki glares at him ” if I wasn’t in so much pain, I would kill you my self.”

Sushim laughs, ” you could have been mine, back then, but you chose ashok. Now do you see your fate, how does it feel seeing me before you die”

” I am sadly disappointed, your face will surely hunt me, even in the after life.”

Some of the guards crack a smile, but sushim apparently didn’t get it. He thank her for her words and told her that’s exactly what he wants.

Meanwhile, bindu was searching for ashok. When he didn’t find him, charu came to him. ” what is it my king? ”

” it’s nothing, charu. Where is ashok and your son”

” I don’t know, but I need to talk to you”


” I want sushim to marry into a good family, that will benefit us. So I chose chanda. Her family is full of skilled craftsmen, and their land has many nutrition and food that we need.” She says

Bindu thought about it. He knew their people we’re running low on food, and their money wasn’t doing well. He could make an alliance with kalinga for trades, but he refuses. Being in good terms with Chanda family could safe us less money on food and we could get full supplies of weapons. ” I agree, we will get them married as soon as possi-“, he never finish when he fell on his knee. ” my king” charu says

She was about to touch bindu, but the guards block her way. Bindu told one of them to call a maid before fainting. It wasn’t long bindu was on his bed. Charu was outside, they told her she can’t step in. She says, she’s his wife, but they refuse saying it’s bindu order. Charu walk away all while smirking. ” didn’t I tell you before Bindu, that you will pay. Now it has started. Before you die, I will make sure you name sushim as the king ”

Bindu on the other hand, was breathing hard. One of his wife, who was also skilled with medicine told Bindu his pulse getting weak, she says he has a high fever which should go away with these medicine. Bindu told the fourth prince mother not lie, he told her besides Dharma he trust no other wife, but her. He said if he didn’t trust her, she wouldn’t be tending to him. ” tell me, what is really happening to me”

The fourth prince mother sadly looks at Bindu ” your heart my king. It seems like you have some sort of disease. I myself don’t know how to help heal or cleans it”

” your saying I’m dying ”

” yes my king ”

“Thank you” he says

He excuse her, and send word to Acharya to see him. When she left, she was cornered by charu who asks her if the king was well. She told charu his sick and should pray for his well being. Charu scoff, she told her the only thing she will pray for is sushim getting the throne. The fourth prince mother roll her eyes and walk away.

Elsewhere, ashok and chanda got off the horse when they saw three soldiers on the floor. ” who are these ashok?”

Ashok walk up to them and sigh ” these are my man’s well half of them.”

” do you think Kaurvaki did this?”

” I’m not sure”

They both stop when they heard noise. They turn to see a men crawling with his hand. Ashok draw his sword ” you are sushim men, what are you doing around here?”

The men looks at ashok begging him to help him. Ashok asks what happen. The men retold everything, how sushim killed his men after they left to protect Devi. How one of them disguise as his soldier to inform him about Devi in order to distract him from Kaurvaki. Ashok angry asks where Kaurvaki was, the men says she ran straight ahead. Chanda told ashok to go, she will help him. Ashok nod before leaving.

Ashok was on the run, he heard a scream and quickly speed up. When he got to the clearing, he saw Kaurvaki standing up, while bleeding. ” Kaurvaki” he mumbles, he saw sushim on his horse, standing far back watching. Then he saw one of the men pull the string of the arrow and shoot. Ashok waisted no time and cut the arrow into peices. Sushim smirk ” nice to see you ashok”

Ashok glares at sushim with hate. Sushim laughs ” do you hate me ashok? Do you want to strangle me to death” he says

Ashok stood in front of Kaurvaki protecting her. While Kaurvaki calls his name. He told her everything will be OK. Kaurvaki nod, ashok move back when the soldiers circle them. it soon starts to rain, Sushim told them to kill them, before turning to leave. The soldiers attack ashok, which he was able to defeat. Kaurvaki loosing energy was having a harder time. Before sushim left, he instructed two of his soldiers to focus on Kaurvaki. He told them if theirs an open chance to shoot her.

And so they waited secretly, while ashok moves back. Kaurvaki was near the cliff, panting. The rain was drentching her clothes making it hard for her to move. When ashok was away from her, they shoot, causing her to gasp. ” A..a..s….h..o… k” she says, another arrow hit her, this time on her stomach. Ashok turn when she drop the axe. Blood slipping from her mouth. Time seem to freeze, when another arrow zoom pass him, heading to Kaurvaki. Ashok ran trying to stop it, but it was to late.

The arrow hit her right on her chest, where her heart was. Kaurvaki move back. Gasping, reaching for ashok. Ashok wanted to cry, he was almost close to holding her, but she fell. Before she fell she said something with her mouth. Ashok eyes widen, before falling to the ground. He remisc. Everything that had happen to him. Up until his mother and Kaurvaki death.

The soldiers circle ashok some more. Ashok grab his sword, and lift himself of the ground. ” no one will leave here alive. Not even your body will be remain” he says with his hair clinging on his face.

  1. Wow superb please post regularly even in Saturday and Sunday….
    Well what did kaurvaki told ashoka at last before dying……. May be jai jannani !!
    Please make sure kvk has a valid reason to hate ASHOK before proceeding to kalinga war….

    1. Angelk1

      Their will be lol, now that kaurvaki is gone, ashok will become sushim worst nightmare. He will focus more on getting the thrown and building his army. I should call this season 2 of dangerous love lol since it will focus on revenge and action. I have to think first.

    2. Or may kaurwaki would have told to kill them….at her last convo with ashok….
      Now it Will be fun to see chand ashok….

      I think later kvk who will be alive… Will think ashok cheated her n never loved her n married her just to get kalinga as that was the most easiest way to achieve kalinga..
      As his ancestors never succeeded to win from kalinga so he used this trick…

    3. Angelk1

      Your theorie is vwy accurate lol, but I can’t spoil everything that will be coming. Maybe you can help me with some political ideas baste on ashok time line

  2. Aparaajita Rathore

    hey di,nice update.but u are not ending kaurvaki’s role,are u?and plz update farewell ff too,coz i am really waiting about next part..

    1. Angelk1

      I can’t say anything about Kaurvaki, but farewell ashok, I will update, soon.

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