3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-10)

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Hello guys i am back with ur fav ff. Thank u all for your response guys. U all have supported me very much guys thanks again for understanding my situation. So lets start now.


Half reveal of flash back. Aaru & aryan decides to help ragini & Sanskaar to get them together.

Today’s episode

Screen starts with showing aryan & laksh playing tennis in their garden.

Laksh: Aryan have u seen bhai?

Aryan: Ha bhai i saw him leaving early today to office.

Laksh: Don’t know when bhai will get fine. I am worried for him.

Aryan: Don’t worry bhai we are there na. I have a plan from that way we can get some clue regarding past.

Laksh: What was that?

Aryan : No bhai until it gets successful i cannot tell u.

Here again shows ragini in her house getting ready to go office. She thinks ” y god y r u doing this to me? I can’t lose either swara or sanskaar. I have to know what happened exactly on that day but for that i cannot ask swara because her health condition is not such good. How can i solve this alone?

Then one person enters her room & says “u are not alone i am with u”.

She turns back to see who is he. He is aryan.

Ragz : Aryan….

Aryan : Ha bhabi your devar aryan will be with u to solve this problem.

Then aaru enters.

Aaru: Not only aryan i am also with u di.

Aryan: Yes our 2 feet dinosaur also will be with us.

Aaru: Shut up u duffer.

Ragz : Aaru what is this?

Aaru: Sorry for our fight di. But we have decided to find true.

Then fb shows.

Aryan & aaru meets each other at a place.

Aryan : i need to talk to u.

Aaru : of course me too.

Aryan : i want to know truth for my brother & prove him innocent.

Aaru: I want to know truth to find real culprits of my parents death.

Aryan: For this we have to be together.

Aaru: But only for few days.

Then they both together says “this is only for love”

They stops & shares an eyelock. A soft music plays in bg.

Aaru: I mean for di & jiju’s love.

Aryan: Yes i meant same.

They both shakes hand.

Fb ends.

Ragini: but how?

Aryan : dnt know bhabi but for that once we should talk to swara.

Ragini : no its risky i will not allow this.

Aaru: please di just we will try once if we fails we will stop this. Atleast for jiju.

Ragz : ok fine i will try.

They all goes to swara’s room. There swara will be seen sitting near window holding a photo frame of swara, ragini & aaru. She is looking deeply into it.

Ragini goes in & aara will stops out.

Ragini: Shona…

Swara: ha di please come.

Ragini: are u okay? She hugs her.

Swara: ha di i am fine. And i am sorry for the last night. Every thing is spoiled because of me.

Ragini : no shona nothing is important to me than u….

Swara: is sanskaar also not important to u?

Ragini stops saying & got tears from her eyes.

Swara: I am sorry di. I don’t want to see you hurt. I don’t know that u r still loving him.

Ragini stands in silent.

Swara: i know i did mistake by slapping him. But what to do di after all he is the reason for our parents death. So i cannot control my anger. Aaru is right i am getting selfish.

Ragini : No swara dnt say that. Aaru loves u a lot she is a kid. Don’t take her words seriously.

Here aaru cries by hearing swara.

Aaru: di i love u too. Sorry to hurt u by my words.

Aryan holds her hand & says ” dnt cry every thing will be fine”.

Swara: i love her too di. But just i don’twant to see him again.

Ragini : Swara can i ask u something?

Swara : Ha di please tell me.

Ragini : What happened on that day that u hate sanskaar this much?

Swara: I will say di but promise me after knowing truth u will support me.

Ragini : u are my sister shona i will be with u at anytime.

Swara: Di when we got news that our parents are kidnapped i got very tensed. Suddenly one day i got a call from sanskaar’s number.

Swara : Hello jiju did u got any info about my parents?

Caller: Swara i got a clue at the seaport please come urgent i have informed ragini also come soon.

Swara: ok jiju i will be there.

At that time u & aaru are not at home so i thought u two are already left. So i left from there & went to seaport.

After going there i have seen sanskaar standing facing backward. I thought to go to him but suddenly two persons came to me & covered my face & kidnapped me.

The trio ragini, aaru & aryan are shocked.

Swara continues.

They took me to an isolated place fully dark. Then one person enters & sits beside swara. Her face is covered & only she can hear.

Person : Poor swara u have trapped in our plan. The first step is succeeded.

Swara: jiju is that u.

Person: brilliant swara u have remembered me just by my voice. Well done.

Swara: jiju what happened to u? Y u kidnapped me? And where are my parents?

Then one girl enters.

Girl: Your parents are in next room swara.

Swara: Who are u again?

Girl: I am sanskaar’s would be wife.

Swara get shocked by hearing that. Two evil smiles will be heard.

Screen ends on shocked faces of ragini, aaru & aryan.

So guys how is it? Interesting right. I hope u all like it. Please like & comment. Love u all & today’s topic is FRIEND. Who is your closest friend in your life that u can share your every secret without any hesitation. Please dnt forget to share your feelings.

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  1. Crystal089

    awesoomee intersting

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  5. osmmmm wtng fr nxt prt updt sn plz nd its 2shrt yr bt i lve it

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  7. Moni_ragz

    Nice one

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  8. Awesome epi…full of shocks…pls don’t create sanskar as a culprit….I hope u will make everything fine….coming to today’s topic..my best frnd name is nasrin….she is so understanding….we share everything…if i hear the word frnd ,first name come in my mind is my close frnd nasrin…..keep rocking…take care…

    1. Mounika

      Nice to know about ur frnd nasrin fira thsnq ???

  9. Nice wpiosde…aaryan scenes are super…plz make it long..I think the blaikmailer is chirag..just guess.. Waiting for next part soon…

    1. Mounika

      Nice guess suhani thanks for the comment ???

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  11. A.xx

    fab loved it and i think the kidnapper’s are lovers of ragsan …..
    loved it and can’t wait for next part.xx

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    awesome dear…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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