“2gethr 4evr-Cocktail of Lov nd Destiny” CHAPTER 26


I was standing there looking at her..

She opened her mouth “I lo”

“No you better not say it” I cut in..I had to squeeze my eyes shut to stop the tears that were welling up in my eyes…”U can not just say u love me..If u loved me u wouldn’t have just left me for 17 years just believing in Fate..If u loved me u would have atleast come to see me..If u loved me u wouldn’t have waited for this moment till I turn 18..If u loved me no matter what u wouldn’t have left me..U have no right to say me Iove u..I m ur daughter but I hate u..” I could feel heat course through my veins..

“Twinkle are u okay” Kunj asked..I sat & looked up at him..Tears welling up in my eyes..Kunj wrapped his arms on my shoulders to support me while my newly found mother seemed worried about me..I looked at Kunj & spoke “Physically yes but Mentally I don’t even know what’s going on in my life” I put my head into my hands to hide the tears that were streaming down my face..I don’t like it when people see me crying but it is inevitable..A single sob left my lips & then the dam broke..I don’t know for how long I sobbed..but eventually my eyes went dry & there were no more tears left..

I looked down..self conscious of the ugly tear stains that were haunting my face..I pitifully shook my head & muttered “I m so Weak”

Kunj put his hand under my chin & lifted my face up “Miss Twinkle..U R NOT WEAK..U JUST HAVE BEEN STRONG FOR TOO LONG” Kunj implied

I was just shocked..I really needed time for everything to sink in & the puzzle pieces to fit together to make a Full Picture..

“Beta I know u r angry..& u r totally correct but atleast let me explain myself once..I will answer ur every question..ur every confusion will be sorted out & I also know that u r troubled right now facing such a big truth of ur life all of a sudden..& every thing seems soo confusing..But trust me every single moment spent without u were the same for me as u did..may be even more difficult because at least u were happy unaware of my existence..but every moment I was worried about u..Every night I slept on my bed..I had the thought of u..& I kept thinking for hours..I also did surprise visits disguised as a lady who wants to adopt couples just to have a look of urs..I sent presents to u on every birthday & even visit the temple that day without fail..Just please listen to my explanation once..” My mother spoke

I was even confused what to call her…Leela..Aunty..Mother..or Mumma :/ 🙁


Kunj spoke before me “Aunty ji I am Kunj..Twinkle’s college friend..we were about to go for lunch when we met u..but I think aunty ji this place is not correct for the discussion going on..People are staring & I think some quiet place would be better”

He was correct..Every one was watching us with a weird look..Probably because I was crying hard..& discussing such a topic here is not correct..

“Lets go back to the room..yehi paas mein hai aunty..mera PG” I spoke her aunty finally..I don’t know why but the word ‘Mumma’ did not make its way out of my mouth..She did not speak anything..probably she understood my situation..& the confusions I was dealing with in my mind & heart..I really wasn’t angry on her but this sudden revealing by God ji of everything hidden about my past was weird & this really was making it difficult for me..I held Anshika’s hand & started walking with Kunj..My mother was following us behind..

“Twinkiii didi will u meet my new pet ?? She is a puppy..I kept her name Princess” Anshika Spoke..finally breaking the silence & speaking something off the topic..

Kunj took her in his arms & spoke “Dekho to ur Twinkle di is crying..Ab kaun bataye inhe ki KHOOBSURAT LADKIYAA ROTE HUYE BILKUL ACCHI NAHI LAGTI”

I knew Kunj was trying to cheer me up..he very well realize the situation & my feelings & all he wanted was my Smile..but I couldn’t smile..so I just took my mobile & texted Mahi about our coming..


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  1. Lovely episode Di loved it and twinkle s emotions are on her correct place it will happen to every one but y has her mother returned now plss psot soon love u take care

  2. Awesome epi

  3. Superb episode
    Twinkle’s emotions??
    Kunj’s support??
    Excited for next
    Post soon
    Keep smiling??

  4. SSK

    Lovely episode, Twinkle’s emotions were absolutely genuine. Thankfully she has kunj next to her. It was a great episode. Plz post soon. 🙂

  5. fantastic …

  6. Sameera

    Fantabulous ????
    Twinkle is right at her place ..
    Loved the way kunj supported ..?

  7. Superb emotional episode awesome
    Plzzzzzzz post soon plzzzzzz

  8. Ananya_DSK

    Hello buddy!! You are doing a great job! Sincere apologies for the delay though… You’ve expressed Twinkle’s emotions so beautifully… Kunj trying to console her was absolutely priceless!! Amazing!

  9. Ramya

    Awesome amazing

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