2612 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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2612 9th April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 9th April 2013 Written Update
A blast occurs in Pune .. And Rashmi learns from Bidisha that very powerful explosives are involved …..

Superior SIU officers blast Mr Swami … Not withstanding the fact he was shot in the chest and was lying on a hospital bed .. still a long way to recovery ….

Poor Jadda …

Jadda promptly calls all his subordinates … To drop what ever they were doing and to report to him immediately …his obedient officers/ agents present themselves at his bedside only to be given a dressing down left right and centre for their negligence of duties .. For not being able to gather intelligence information regarding the blasts and failing to prevent the blast which snubbed out 17 Puneites ….

He makes fun of Randeep by calling him a drug dealer .. And that he was so motivated by the profession that he was ready to kill his boss that is Mr Swami for proving himself to the Dreaded Musa … And he taunted Rashmi .. That being a newcomer she failed to ask for help and seek advise from her superior …..the very experienced Mr Swami ..

Randeep tries to be protective of Rashmi …but to no avail …. Mr Swami advises him not to be soft towards Rashmi …

All this screaming and shouting brings tears to Rashmi’s eyes .. And she reminds Mr Swami that she was the only one who can feel the pain of the citizens of Pune… having lost her own kin in a very similar blast … Swami orders her to be more motivated to act against such terrorist activities .. As this was her chance to avenge the death of her own kin…

There is a girl to girl conversation between Bidisha … Where in Bidishaa tries to show Rashmi how close she was to Randeep …. And she tries to make Ras jealous .. She also tries to feel sorry for RasDeep as they had to be away from each ohter for long hours during the course of their duties in the SIU …

Rashmi’s reply is brief and to the point .. She refuses to bite the bait and tells her that neither was she interested in knowing about Bidisha’s past… nor was she willing to share anything about her own closeness to Randeep .. .. And that Bidisha should not expect an answer from her in future …Good reply Rashmi ….

Update Credit to: sumana

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