2612 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 3rd April 2013 Written Update


Randeep and Vidhi hear the name Musa from the shooters before he dies. Then they know that some one has leaked the information of Randeep following Musa. Hence a person was sent to kill him. Vidhi tells Randeep that they have to inform Jeddah about the mole in the organization.

Ritika and Succhi are leaving to London promising to come back after 3 months in time for Rashmi’s wedding. As they leave Rashmi informs Malthi Bhabi that she also has to go and she may be late. In the meantime Randeep comes there and offers to drop her. He asks why they are all standing down. Rashmi explains in the car about Ritika’s decision to go back and Randeep agrees with her.

The handler of NRI Exchange students give a bag to a student and informs to pass it on and tells to inform that 213 next step is on.

I have serious misgivings about showing such scenes as it may give ideas to people in the country.

Rashmi asks him about Vidhi and is curious to know who called her and he puts her of telling it’s a informer.

Randeep calls up Vidhi. He tells her that Musa is his Mission and to stick to her’s. He tells her that if she does not hurry she will be late to the office. She then runs to get ready.

Rashmi’s Day

Rashmi enters the collage She is greeted by the senior student. They think that she is a new student. By then a lady comes and calls her new name. Rashmi turns around and the student then realize their mistake.

The lady who meets her is another agent. She gives Rashmi a locker key in the Staff room and tells they will communicate only through that so that no one will be suspicious.

Rashmi then goes to the classroom, when she bumps into the NRI Exchange student. He apologizes and they enter the classroom. As he is going to take his seat he leaves the bag that handler gave him near another student. He then sit at the end of the class.

Rashmi will be taking attendance and she will ask the entire exchange students to stand up. 9 of them stand up and he tells I was informed there were 10. The 10th student gets up and shows great attitude. A visibly irritated Rashmi tells them to sit down and starts taking class.

After the class is over all the students will be leaving. She notices that the boy who came in with a bag in going out empty handed and another student carries the bag. Our Agent Rashmi switches on the camera and follows him. As they are going down the steps and into a unknown corridor her phone rings. Call it bad timing by Jeddah and he is alerted and he slowly turns around.


Randeep is sitting in the market and having tea with an informer and asking him to find out about Musa. The informer tells Randeep that Musa is very dangerous and difficult to find. He tells the informer that he needs the details as fast as possible.


Pradeep Parekh will be going to office and at a traffic signal the car stops. Vidhi get into the car much to his and his secretary’s surprise. She tells them she is new to town and this is her first day at office. She does not want to be late. She is going to Parekh Industries and she praises the company and the owner to the skies. They reach the office and Pradeep introduces himself. She pretends to be surprised. He tells her that he will interview her and takes her into the cabin. She enters the massive room and is looking around pretending to be awed. He receives a phone call. Vidhi using the opportunity and searches the whole room in his absence. But He will come back and he opens to see Vidhi at his desk. She is shocked.

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