2612 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 30th May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 30th May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Rashmi ordering her SIU subordinates to look for supposed links between the phone calls …. between Shahana.. Jadda and AL …the team find none. But indirectly all three phones are found to be connected to the fourth phone booked on the name of a certain fake identity …Rupesh/Mukesh …..

Rashmi along with her subordinates plan to look for clues and unearth the back up plan or plan B for mission 2613 …

Randeep is successfully defusing RDX bombs placed by the terrorists at various locations ..

Rashmi look for clues at the residence of Jadda /Mr Swami .. And discover that the bills for the fourth phone which belonged to Mukesh are all paid by Mr Swami …sumana of Dhwani forum the writer of this update is surprised ..

They also discover one lap top which opens with the password Professor ….

Else where Randeep os defusing another bomb when Jadda comes and fires at him .. ..He discloses to Randeep the HE was none other than PROFESSOR himself ….

Randeep manages to save himself form firing ..and a verbal confrontation ensues … They challenge eachother ….as to who will succeede . The terrorists or the SIU ….

Ramdeep defuses the bomb but professor slips away

At the SIU Rashmi tries to impress upon Mr Kashyap thast Jadda/Mr Swami was the mastermind /professor of mission 2613 .. but he refuses to believe her ..Randeep then plays the recorded voice of Jadda confessing/ claiming to be the professor in his own voice … the SIU chief is shocked …

Precap Mr Kashyap, Randeep, Rashmi, SIU team plan how to trap the professor ..

Update Credit to: sumana

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